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Rep. Sue Myrick Schedules Town Hall Meetings

For my fellow North Carolinians...Sue Myrick will be holding the following town hall meetings (via Under the Dome):

- August 25 at Weddington High School Auditorium, 4901 Monroe Weddington Road, Matthews, 6:30 p.m.

- August 26 at J.V. Washam Elementary School Gymnasium, 9611 Westmoreland Road Cornelius, 7 p.m.

- August 27 at Gaston Day School Auditorium, 2001 Gaston Day School Road, Gastonia, 7 p.m.


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Comments (17)

RUSH and grab Your ditto ca... (Below threshold)

RUSH and grab Your ditto cams.. This is going to be priceless.

Hi Lorie, Being from the st... (Below threshold)

Hi Lorie, Being from the state of Washington I didn't have so much as a scrap of information in my head concerning Sue Myrick so, I "Bing-ed" her.

I learned in just a few minutes that she has very strong support in her district, winning her last election with 70% of the vote and the one before that with 67%.

And then I learned a couple of things that made me smile. When Dubai was set to buy operational control of 6 U.S. ports on the East Coast in 2006 she took an adamant stand against such a dumb ass idea with a strongly worded letter to President Bush saying, "not just NO, but Hell No."

As if that wasn't enough, I learned that the Islamic Society of North America had taken time out of their busy schedule of...well, whatever those guys do that we should be looking into, to express their displeasure with the Congresswoman.

The lady was just rising like a rocket in my estimation of her, but the capper came when I learned that from the floor of the House in April 2008, she called for the revocation of Jimmy Carter's passport, noting that he was continually working against the foreign policy of the United States and was now meeting directly with the leaders of Hamas which was in direct defiance of their current listing as a terrorist organization by the United States.

These are all great things and I have to say that they endeared the woman to me. But I got a bit of confusion going upon learning that though she voted against the House version of the $700 billion bailout package, less than a week later she voted in support of the measure passed by the Senate. I would guess her district might shared confusion at that.

Now, I know nothing of her stand on the whole Health Care debacle, though I am inclined toward the idea that she is against it, but that vote of hers on the Porkulus bill sticks in my mind. I guess it's one of those "what've you done for me lately" things and with constituents, past glories can fade fast in the face of current misfires.

Not having much more time to devote to the research into the Honorable Cong. Myrick, I will await your follow up on these Town Hall meetings. I must admit my curiosity is piqued.

I like the way Myrick got i... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I like the way Myrick got into politics. She was angry over a property dispute and decided to run for city council, then later mayor, then congress. I like stories about citizens who get into politics because they don't like the way things are going and decide to jump in to make things better.

I won't be going to any of these since they are a few hours away from me, but wanted to post the info for those who are in that part of the state.

For my fellow North Carolin... (Below threshold)

For my fellow North Carolinians...Sue Myrick will be holding the following town hall meetings

You racist, un-American, teabagger.

The leftists have figured o... (Below threshold)

The leftists have figured out that the town hall meetings were attended by a lot of angry citizens who didn't like the socialist health care plan, so they've come up with a game plan.

You'll see lots of people with pre-printed signs, all of which support single payer health care. At the town hall meeting in Colorado that I attended, a large lady got up and started chanting about health care, leading the crowd with "What do we want?" "Single payer health care!" They know the Congress are nervous about these town hall meeting so they're trying to stuff them with lefties. They have ACORN money, and in my district it worked like a charm for them.

This is turning into an orc... (Below threshold)

This is turning into an orchestrated Kabuki theater piece by the Democrats. They can pack Town Hall meetings with union thugs and Lefty agitators, hold invitation-only stage managed events, or cancel their public appearances completely. I don't care. We have listened to what they propose, read the legislation, and drawn our own conclusions about what this legislative scheme is all about, and we have drawn our own conclusions. We don't want this proposal to be enacted into law. Period. And the public opinion surveys are getting clearer every day.

Our politicians can listen to the American people now, or they can listen to us next November.

Or both.

Sue speaks on health care b... (Below threshold)
So it's the Dems who are pa... (Below threshold)

So it's the Dems who are packing town hall meetings with thugs and agitators, uh-huh. Love the humor.

Sieg heil, baby.

At least your congresswoman... (Below threshold)
Iowaright wife:

At least your congresswoman was good enough to schedule town hall meetings when those that work and pay taxes can actually attend, but my congressman, Bruce Braley, apparently feels that working people of his district do not have a need to attend his meetings as there are none scheduled for a weekend or later than 4pm. It must be nice to be able to completely avoid the people that actually pay taxes, but still claim you held meeting to "listen" to the people.

OMG, return of the absolute... (Below threshold)

OMG, return of the absolutely stupendously troll idiot gone all foolishly agog.

"So its the Dems who are... (Below threshold)

"So its the Dems who are packing townhall meetings with thugs and agitators, uh-huh, love the humor."

No, those are just Obama's inlaws.

For all You rightwing nutca... (Below threshold)

For all You rightwing nutcases out there, I apologize for blasphemizing Limbaughs sacred patented "ditto cam" theology.

"Sue Myrick will be holding... (Below threshold)

"Sue Myrick will be holding the following town hall meetings"-lb

WILL be? All three of MY congressmen have been holding town hall meetings for the last couple of weeks. So THERE! [sticking out tongue]

"A large Lady got up and st... (Below threshold)

"A large Lady got up and started chanting"

Whoopi Goldberg??

So it's the Dems who are pa... (Below threshold)

So it's the Dems who are packing town hall meetings with thugs and agitators.....

Yeah, remember the SEIU thugs videotaped about a week ago? Or did that slip your little mind?

How to cut Health Care Cost... (Below threshold)

How to cut Health Care Costs; or "Nothing but the best for our Vets".


Don't forget to pack heat. ... (Below threshold)

Don't forget to pack heat. Those universal health care advocates are a mean bunch.






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