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A "Miracle Child" Mom's Health Care Plea

If you have been reading my blogging since 2004 you might remember "Miracle Child" Molly Kate. Her mom tells her story and her reasons for opposing any form of government run health care system in an open letter to President Obama (posted at Hot Air). Here is an excerpt:

Our daughter has hydrocephalus and this chronic and incurable condition has required 58 surgeries and numerous tests and hospitalizations through out her 22 years. I can speak to the current controversy over "health care reform" with our long experience with American health care and insurance.

I believe our current health care system, even while riddled with imperfections and purposeful corruption (mostly done by the government), is the absolute best in the world. I would not trade one second of our experience for any other alternative system here, or anywhere else on the planet. And I'd pay again every cent of the hundreds of thousands of dollars we (and our insurance company, a private company we contracted with by choice) paid to keep our daughter alive. No one ever questioned our choice to do everything possible to save our daughter. We did not have to answer to any bureaucrat why she was less valuable or viable than any other child or debate the merits or costs of countless surgeries for a condition that would certainly require more. When she needed care, she got it immediately, without applying to an office for approval. When we ran out of insurance (at surgery 37), we fought for another way and got it through a group healthcare plan for our business. Which had the advantage of giving our 15 employees health care too...there are silver linings even in the worse situations. We gave up many things for the rest of our family and our future to ensure her health care. But, really, we would do it all again.

Read the rest at Hot Air.

Update: If you are under 50, find out why you have a bigger stake in the health care debate than the senior citizens who are making their voices heard so loudly.

Bookworm has some examples of government run health care featuring British dental care.


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Don't these people KNOW our... (Below threshold)

Don't these people KNOW our health care system is "broken" and that people are dying all over? After all, Obama said so. That makes it FACT!


I agree with this woman, wh... (Below threshold)

I agree with this woman, while our health care payment system needs some fixing it still is the best in the world. I do see a lot of flaws, mostly because of the onset of HMO's and there is a lot of waste and fraud ( especailly in Medicare & Medicaid both GOVERNMENT health paying programs)
I was saying this long before Obama came into the picture, that national care could only be in place by rationing. Which means the elderly and especially the very sick elderly, people with disabilities would suffer the most. Some people might think rationing if fine, until it hits them or someone they love.
But I can state this as a fact, the least of us in this nation gets as good care as the richest of us. I have seen it time and time again. And I can recite examples after examples.
Of course, I sure the demos would love to spend a lot of money on illegal aliens and druggies etc. to show how compassionate they are.
In fact to do so they will have to take it away from hard working tax paying elderly Americans, now isn't that nice.

Obama's reform proposals wo... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Obama's reform proposals would not provide a "government run health system" - it provides health insurance,not health care.

Maybe if you cared about Molly Kate and other Americans you'd quit posting misinformation about health care reform... just a thought.

But you seem more concerned with getting Republicans back in power.

Why can't you just be honest about that?


VA hospitals is an example ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

VA hospitals is an example of "government run health care" services. The government owns the hospitals and the staff and doctors are government-paid employees.

The health care reform package not being promoted is not "government run health care". It's health insurance. You use your own doctor, the hospital they recommend, etc. These aren't government doctors nor are they government owned hospitals.


I was in the Navy and I now... (Below threshold)

I was in the Navy and I now go to the VA for certain problems. The VA if you try to go to an "approved" provider is a nightmare.

However Government Run as the military members are used to actually works. Mostly because providers are paid a salary not paid per patient. They have no interest in making money for performing some surgery or what not. I understand how that could work well on a large scale.

However that being said, while on active duty I once sat in an emergency waiting room for 4.5 hours with two bones broken in my leg because of the HUGE line of people in front of me. If it is free then people will use it!

If you give free health care / insurance to people they will use it. That means long lines for everything, people who before would have just dealt at home with that boil on their butt from sitting on the couch 10 hours a day will now go to get it taken care of. (I have said boil on my butt from working IT so it happens to everybody)

There is no way that the system used for the Military can work on a large scale in the US. Calling it Health Insurace Reform (instead of Healthcare reform) is a misdirection!

Insurance implies you are paying with the hope of never using it. That is why you can't get Insurance if you already have cancer. Just like you can't crash your car or get robbed and expect to claim it on Auto or Renters insurance the day after.

What the poster mentioned was Health Care Plans through work, not health insurance (which may be included in those plans.)

Basically a Coop where you and others pay into a savings type account and you are all able to draw on it when needed.

However call me cold-hearted but if you get cancer or get in a car wreck and didn't have insurance of some sort that is YOUR FAULT, NOT MINE. Why should I have to pay for your healthcare?

We don't have people dying of cancer left and right in this country because they can't afford it either. Hospitals write it off as bad debt just like any other company. What needs to chance in healthcare is the companies that make the machines and drugs making exorbitant profits by building in "per-use" fee's that hospitals pay on top of purchase price. Things like that drive up costs and if A hospital owns the equipment they would be able to write off the electricity and drugs used much more cheaply than the multi-thousand dollar bill they charge.

I know, they need to pay for the equipment, and they have to be allowed to make a profit. But before Govt health programs and interference we had Charity hospitals all over the country that did just that. They were charity that was able to write off the expense. There are only a few like them left because people are required to pay higher taxes for Medicare/caid so no longer feel they should donate to charity.

Progressives would have you believe these people are evil for doing so. But the truth is rich people do give back more in charity than any other group in America. They would likely do more if they didn't have to pay 50% taxes. But when Govt charges them taxes for "programs" they then direct their donations to other areas that the Govt isn't involved.

Governtment doesn't need to be involved in everything. American people including the rich are not evil and greedy so we don't need to "force" them to pay for anything.

Why would anyone work hard to make a million dollars a year if they were just going to see half of it go to taxes anyway. Why would I want to make 250k a year and half my taxes double when I could get lazy and make 249k a year and have more of MY money to do what I please?

The whole problem people describe with Republicans lying is that they are not looking at the bills specifically. They are taking what Obama says and applying it to the language in the bills to come to conclusions such as Elderly and Children meeting with "Death Panels" and what not. When the bills are looked at through the "Obama Prism" they look decidedly evil.


Obama's reform proposals wo... (Below threshold)

Obama's reform proposals would not provide a "government run health system"

Keep repeating that talking point Vic. Unfortunately, two people deeply involved in "the public option" were caught on tape saying just the opposite. Guess in 'their moment of truth' it never occurred to them that their words would come back to haunt them. I suppose now you'll claim the tapes were 'edited'?






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