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David S. Broder - Concern Troll

concern troll

  1. (Internet slang) Someone who posts to an internet forum or newsgroup, claiming to share its goals while deliberately working against those goals, typically, by claiming "concern" about group plans to engage in productive activity, urging members instead to attempt some activity that would damage the group's credibility, or alternatively to give up on group projects entirely.

Washington Post columnist David S. Broder is worried for Republicans. If you find that laughable, then you'll LOL over his rambling piece in which he worries that those evil, swastika wearing health care protesters could be a big problem for Republicans. The problem for Republicans isn't people attending town hall meetings to tell their Representatives that they're off their rocker for supporting H.R. 3200, it's how to get those people to pull the lever for the person with the (R) beside their name next year.

Stroking Rage Over Health Reform Could Prove Dangerous for Republicans - [Washington Post]


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Broder's had his nose so fa... (Below threshold)

Broder's had his nose so far up The One's rear, it's a wonder he can still breathe.

Right. We are supposed to p... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Right. We are supposed to politely sit on our hands and watch the left dismantle the country. Great strategy. Of course, having a conversation with David Broder is like talking to a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it.

"David S. Broder is worried... (Below threshold)

"David S. Broder is worried for Republicans"

"I have this bridge for sale, its a special one day..."

See any correlation between those two statements? He has as much interest in 'helping the Republicans' as I have in supporting any of the "Won's" policies. And if he was a diligent reporter he would know that the people showing up at the TH's with Nazi apparel are LaRouche fanbois that have no connection to the Republican Party.

Well, it's not like the GOP... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, it's not like the GOP leadership is showing much passion or gumption. Somebody has to do it.
There were over 7000 at the TeaParty held yesterday in Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. Broder doesn't realize just how many people are fed up with the govt.

Perhaps we should email Bro... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we should email Broder and let him know just how touched we are by his "concern." As I remember, David was also "concerned" that marine "murderers" would escape justice for their frenzy of killing at Haditha! Gee, how nice David is to be so concerned all the time.

How dare that a**hole decla... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

How dare that a**hole declare the right wing is being dragged down by a bunch of rage-aholics.

We ought to take that mother f***er and string him up.


Kevin, can you re-negotiate... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Kevin, can you re-negotiate with your Troll provider? The some of the latest ones are just boring.

The problem the Dems have, ... (Below threshold)

The problem the Dems have, and of course their butt-buddies the media, is that they SCREAM about the "evil", "hate-filled", "swastika-wearing", "violent" anti-ObamaCare protesters...and then show video clips of Bermuda shorts clad Senior citizens with lawn chairs.

The American public looks at the video, and then recalls how the people in it were described and concludes (rightly): the Dems and the media are full of shit!

When the people Pelosi, Reid and Obama declare to be "evil" turn out to look like everybody's Father, Mother , Grandmother or Grandfather...the credibility of those who claim to be terrified goes through the floor!!!

Funny, liberal bloggers bit... (Below threshold)

Funny, liberal bloggers bitch about David Broder and the other Villagers ad nauseum for being 'centrist', 'bi-partisan' hacks, but now you guys have problems with him too?

Seems as though Fred Hiatt confuses running a 'moderate' editorial page with 'giving column space to people who are good at pissing off everybody who isn't part of the establishment Washington press corps'.

Looks like Broder gets all ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Broder gets all of his news from the MSM outlets or perhaps only MSNBC.

As far as so-called muscular tactics are involved, he should talk to Ken Gladney or Kimberly King.

Sort of like a Moby... (Below threshold)

Sort of like a Moby

Just take a look at who is ... (Below threshold)

Just take a look at who is paying his salary. He knows exactly on which side his bread is buttered. Notice too, that his show on Fox News was very short lived. Could it be that his bullshit, only resonates with people like Colin Powell?

"We ought to take that moth... (Below threshold)

"We ought to take that mother f***er and string him up."

A little 'projection' there, Vic? No one else mentioned anything about physical assault.

We ought to take that mo... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

We ought to take that mother f***er and string him up.

Right. Just like this. Two-faced twit.

Jeff, it's "different" when... (Below threshold)

Jeff, it's "different" when liberals do something like that. Something about "nuance". If a conservative does something similar, it's 'hate speech'.

Funny, liberal blo... (Below threshold)
Funny, liberal bloggers bitch about David Broder and the other Villagers ad nauseum for being 'centrist', 'bi-partisan' hacks, but now you guys have problems with him too?

Broder is pretty much the epitome of the Washington establishment. Which means that he is moderately to the left of center on the issues, and views conservatives with the same elitist disdain he has for truck-drivers and vagrants. It's easy to see why the Kostards hate him; he's obviously not demented enough for their tastes. And being no friend of Republicans, we're not going to have much use for him, either.

Can someone please help us?... (Below threshold)

Can someone please help us?

We all know the proper Care and Feeding of a Troll is to ignore them, but for some reason none of us seems to be able to resist offering scraps to them, enjoying their antics but somehow thinking that our efforts are in their and our best interests.

Maybe there's a 12 Step group somehwere?

No, left-liberals hate Davi... (Below threshold)

No, left-liberals hate David Broder because he values civility over accuracy; was a fluffer for George W. Bush until his approval ratings dropped below 40%; and views any internet-based journalist as categorically beneath him.

He really did write a column complaining that bloggers should not be taken seriously because they swear too much. (I am not going to waste five minutes of my life trying to find and link to it.) He's also a creepy looking fucker. I would guess, though, that his show on Fox News didn't do so well because he sounds too much like one o' them book-learned types.

David Broder is merely doin... (Below threshold)
jim m:

David Broder is merely doing what those in the media do.

He is a liberal and he considers himself as being gracious in offering advice to the GOP that they should be more like the Democrats, for certainly if everyone thinks just like he does then the world will be a perfect place. It doesn't occur to him that conservatives have a valid point of view nor does it occur to him that the vocal expression of their is far more mild and less offensive than what the far left exhibited in protesting Bush's policies.

It's just more of the MSM telling conservatives to shut up and go away.

I say let David prattle on.... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

I say let David prattle on. If Broder is convinced the GOP is driving the bus on this, than he is more clueless than the rest of the Malfeasant Media; give a dog some leash, will ya?

Oh, the price one pays to be Liberal-Elite; to be so much smarter than the peasantry, and yet to be so embarrassingly out-of-touch.

Oh f.f.s....HE'S N... (Below threshold)

Oh f.f.s....

HE'S NOT A LIBERAL. Socially liberal, probably: he does live in D.C. and does enjoy going to elitist cocktail parties, and you can't do that if you're a social conservative. However, his political views are basically mud, in that he is of the Beltway mindset that the best view is John McCain's or Ben Nelson's--otherwise known as being moderate only for the sake of gaining the love of David Broder and Fred Hiatt. Of course, these retards still believe that liberals are dirty fucking hippies and ought to be marginalized, because apparently they slept through the '08 election.

Anyway... yes. David Broder, Dean of the Washington Press Corps, Douche Extraordinaire.

David Broder...was... (Below threshold)
David Broder...was a fluffer for George W. Bush

Like I said, apparently Broder is not demented enough for your tastes. Thank you for confirming my point.

And even if he was, hell, pretty much all the rest of the DC punditry has been gobbling Obama's cock for months now, so what's the big deal? You really think the main problem with the DC press corps is that they're not blowing Obama enough?

I would guess, though, that his show on Fox News didn't do so well because he sounds too much like one o' them book-learned types.

He's also not consumed with spittle-flecked hate, a fact which makes him unacceptable among the Kos kiddies and other progressive circles.

HE'S NOT A LIBERAL... (Below threshold)

Really. Please submit an example of one of his policy positions views that isn't at least center-left.

Broder is a kissin' cuzzin ... (Below threshold)

Broder is a kissin' cuzzin to David "marble
mouth"Gergin. Both constantly put down the
Right, and warn of its incipient downfall.
Gergin has been spouting this,non-stop, since
Billy Jeff pulled him to the WH to help
with his outta-control administration. Gergin
had been, so it's said, a conservative before
that. I know what he is today, and watch him
toe-dance around controversy on CNN. Broder
is a Dem ass-kisser and has been for 50+ years.
His nickname "the Dean" has nothing to do
with neutrality of prose.






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