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Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Canceling Thousands of Surgeries to Bridge Budget Gap

Vancouver Coastal Health proclaims on its website that it "delivers quality health services to the people and communities we serve." It would be funny if it weren't such a gross inaccuracy. We are learning that the system is canceling thousands of surgeries in order to bridge a budget gap. If you have any family members who live in Vancouver and they have a brain or vascular surgery scheduled after September 1st, they may very well be waiting for that surgery until March 31st of next year:

The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is planning to shut down nearly one-quarter of its operating rooms and cancel thousands of elective surgeries between Sept. 1 and March 31 in a bid to bridge a $90-million budget gap, NDP health critic Adrian Dix charged yesterday.

Mr. Dix, MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway, said documents leaked to him by "health authority sources" propose cutting 6,250 surgeries, about 24 per cent of all scheduled procedures, to the end of fiscal 2009-10.

"What they're doing is deferring these surgeries until the next fiscal year to save money. It's going to increase wait times for people, and thousands of medically necessary procedures won't be performed," he said.

The plan targets cataract operations, coronary bypasses, joint replacements, certain types of neurosurgery and a variety of elective procedures, Mr. Dix said.

Yikes! That list sounds pretty ominous. Coronary bypasses? How many people will die of heart disease as they languish even longer on wait lists? Neurosurgery? That creates a whole host of awful images of people with brain tumors being forced to wait even longer for medically necessary surgeries. What a nightmare.

In my most recent AIP column that was out on Thursday, I wrote about the stealth private health care system that is growing in Canada, which is a result of the public system's failures. This system is so far growing primarily in Quebec as the result of a 2005 Canadian Supreme Court ruling:

Technically, private clinics and hospitals are illegal in Canada. The point of Canada's health care system is fairness. No one is supposed to have better care than anyone else. This idea is nice in theory, but the inevitable result of government run "fairness" is rationing and limiting access to doctors and procedures in order to control skyrocketing costs. Consequently, patients sometimes die as they wait their turn for life saving procedures. Perhaps not surprisingly, Canadians sued the government in order to force changes, and in 2005 Canada's Supreme Court ruled that citizens in Quebec who face unreasonable wait times can go to private health care providers. This ruling has resulted in a stealth, private health care system that acts as a kind of support system for the government system by taking on the procedures the government system can no longer perform. This private system has worked so well that at the end of September of this year the role that private clinics play in Quebec will dramatically expand. The number of procedures the government will send to be performed in private hospitals and clinics will increase from three to fifty-six. In fact, some elective surgeries such as hip replacements and bariatric surgeries will be performed exclusively at private clinics that have contracted with the government. Another bold change taking place is that doctors who work in Canada's government system will also be able to work in the private clinics as well, offering their patients more choices. Patients can choose to wait in the government system for whatever number of weeks for a procedure or pay out of pocket and have the procedure done immediately in the private clinic. These changes are dramatic and sweeping. However, Quebec is not alone. British Columbia and Alberta are also moving in this direction as well.

The Canadian Medical Association supports the infusion of private health care into the government system. In a report on Monday, the president of the CMA announced that Canada's health care system is "sick" and the nation's doctors need to work on finding a "cure". Dr. Robert Ouellet, CMA's current director believes Canadians would be best served if there were a private option in order to offer patients alternatives to the country's government run system. It seems that the Canadian Medical Association has realized that the stealth private health clinics are working well alongside the government system and are just acknowledging what is already a reality. Single payer, government run health care systems do not work. They eventually collapse under their own weight, as is happening right now in Canada. In order to relieve the pressure of increasing demand, the private sector is not only an aid but a necessity.

Vancouver's decision to cut medically necessary surgeries to save money proves the point that private industry is absolutely necessary. And it seems the CEO of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority agrees as she has decided to find employment in greener pastures:

Vancouver Coastal Health CEO Ida Goodreau jumped ship in February for a job in private-sector health care.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?


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If the GOP had any sense, t... (Below threshold)

If the GOP had any sense, this story would be made into an ad hitting every TV network tonight. If the GOP had any sense.

Well this just goes to show... (Below threshold)

Well this just goes to show that 'the public option' is just the way to go in health care. By golly we'll force those evil health insurance companies to lower their costs by providing the most modern, most efficient, most cost-effective health care ever. We have Obama's word on that!

No problem. Obama will just... (Below threshold)

No problem. Obama will just give them all a pill!

But at least our congressme... (Below threshold)

But at least our congressmen and other public servants will never be on waiting lists or get subpar treatment. After all, without our leaders, where would we be? The problem is, Congreemen will never be subject to the same limitations we are. They wnat a public plan? Force them onto it. If employers have the right to drop their employees to a public plan to save money, then WE AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE THESE SCUMBAGS ONTO THE PUBLIC PLAN SO WE CAN SAVE ON TAXES!!! They work for us, don't they? Then every state should give their citiziens the right to force EVERY public worker onto the public plan to save us money.
Lets see how quick they'll b to support such a plan if they have to be on it with all of the peons

The problem with "fairness"... (Below threshold)

The problem with "fairness" is that it cuts everybody down to the lowest common denominator. In other words, we can only be "fair" if we strangle the system to the point where nobody gets good healthcare because we can't give everybody good healthcare. We would rather see everybody suffer than only some people suffer because that's "fair".

I'm with Brad on this one. ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I'm with Brad on this one. If the Dems insist on this they have the votes required within their own caucus. The Repubs don't have enough seats in either house to prevent them from doing this.

But if they insist we must also insist. Insist that all federal government workers, every damn one of them, are the first enrolled in the "public option".

And then we must all insist that the elected officials that voted for this pig, or signed it into law, are retired in their next election. We won't be able to do anything about their pensions, but we can see to it that their health insurance, for the rest of their lives, is the "public option" they foisted upon us.

This is all a 'vast right-w... (Below threshold)

This is all a 'vast right-wing conspiracy' on the part of the Canadian Health Care System to make Obama look bad! Those $%#& Leftest will do anything to sabotage health care reform in the US. After all, they have so much invested in the status quo!

Adrian, Vic and Bruce Henry... (Below threshold)

Adrian, Vic and Bruce Henry will be by any minute now...wait for it...

"Adrian, Vic and Bruce Henr... (Below threshold)

"Adrian, Vic and Bruce Henry will be by any minute now...wait for it..."

Their silence is very telling.

Oh where, Oh where is Hyper... (Below threshold)

Oh where, Oh where is Hyperbolist. The very no it all canadian? ww

"Their silence is very tell... (Below threshold)

"Their silence is very telling."

Probably on speed dial to the DNC, Howard Dean and David Axelrod. "Whata we say, whata we do?" Whatever it is, it probably involves namecalling.

Oh, and here's part of the 'un-American mob':


This is a chronic situation... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is a chronic situation with the Canadian system. They run out of money for surgery or cancer treatment or whatever and you just have to wait till next year. That of course assumes that you will still be alive next year and not so far gone that you can still benefit from the treatment.

The flip side of this problem is what they did a number of years ago: contract out to US hospitals for open heart surgeries because they lacked enough doctors to perform the procedures and they were so backed up it was becoming a national scandal.

I doubt we'll hear from any of the apologists. It's easier to ignore the truth than to deal with it honestly.

WW - Hyperbolist loves thei... (Below threshold)
jim m:

WW - Hyperbolist loves their system but then he probably hasn't had anyone close to him killed by the wait list yet.

No mention from him how they had to completely reorganize the Canadian Red Cross because their blood supply was so dodgy.

Long waits for shaky quality. Yeah, they love it so much they've sued their own government over it.

Abigail -I'm remin... (Below threshold)

Abigail -

I'm reminded of an old quote from the movie "Princess Bride" whenever the left starts going on about 'fairness'.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

In the US we have equality of opportunity - but the left seems to see that as mandating equality of outcome. Thus, the guy who screwed off in school should have the same lifestyle 20 years later as the guy who applied himself, built a business or worked his way up, who saved his money instead of spending every dime he got and then some.

It's not FAIR one's got a better lifestyle - they should both have the same!

It's starting to take on the connotations of an obscenity. "Fair" in a game is when everyone plays by the rules, not when everyone 'wins' at the end. "Fair" in life is making sure you've got a chance to get over the obstacles - not when someone goes in with a bulldozer and flattens them for everyone, then handicaps those who seem better so everyone gets the same result.

You have to understand that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You have to understand that in Obama's Marxist vocabulary freedom is economic freedom. So fairness to him really does mean redistributing income so everyone comes out the same.

Once everyone has an equally crappy lifestyle we have achieved fairness and we are economically free because our income is not dependent any longer on our ability to earn.

For my part I can't wait for my government issue 500 square foot apartment in the cinder-block high rise.

"For my part I can't wait f... (Below threshold)

"For my part I can't wait for my government issue 500 square foot apartment in the cinder-block high rise."

Not to worry though. Barry will get to keep his mansion in Chicago, and Pelsoi her's adjacent to her vineyard. After all, some animal are more equal than others. Every notice when limo liberals 'spread the wealth', they're never talking about THEIR WEALTH?

Obama announces today that ... (Below threshold)

Obama announces today that he wants "honest" debate on health care reform; then proceeds to lie through his teeth:


I'm twitching over here wit... (Below threshold)

I'm twitching over here without my dose of progressive spin...

So let me see here... This example from the Canadian System is exactly why we need a public option in America. As the bill's are currently written; even with a completely public option the private option still exists.

The bill as stands does not make hospitals and clinics in America public institutions like those in Canada. So if the waiting list is too long on the public plan you are still able to pay out of pocket.

You know, until the government mandates that privately paid or privately insured individuals are not allowed to get "preferential treatment" at any facility. In which case...

Sorry folks I couldn't keep it up, I tried and again I failed. I simply cannot lie to myself or others about the policies that an Obama government will follow. And I cannot even pretend to deceive you on the off chance that you didn't understand that I was writing in paradoy.

Willie: know... no... diffe... (Below threshold)

Willie: know... no... different words. Any adult who doesn't know how to use them properly should avoid posting his or her thoughts on the internet.

I don't love the Canadian system. I have said umpteen hundred fucking times that there is a document that explains what needs to happen in order for it to be fixed. Our Prime Minister is a piece of shit who is allowing the system to fail in order to drum up support for private health care. And I don't know many people who have a problem with a private option--I myself have taken advantage of this and gone to a private clinic to have a hernia repaired, and the government paid for all but a couple hundred dollars of it. What we would have a problem with is non-universal care, where everyone does not have a right to good healthcare. I'm well aware that that right is not currently being upheld in my country and I'm not happy about it, so don't pretend that you understand what I'm thinking. You especially, Willie, as you tend to embarrass yourself more often than not when trying to start an argument with people who are a lot smarter than you.

jim, no, I don't have any personal experience with people being denied care, but I'm aware that it happens. My personal experience with the system--and my family and friends--has been incredibly positive, but in that respect I suppose we're lucky. My grandfather has had countless surgeries and medications paid for to treat several different cancers and at no point has any bureaucrat or physician ever suggested that his care be rationed. My father received excellent care for prostate cancer this spring and is doing fine--waited about a month for surgery, but could have waited longer as they found it very early. Didn't have to. When I moved to Toronto from Seoul it took me a day to find a general practitioner, and I actually had a choice of about five within a ten minute walk from my office. Living in a densely populated city will of course make that easier, but most new Canadians live in densely populated cities and as such have access to decent walk-in clinics at the very least.

If/when Michael Ignatieff becomes PM, I'm hopeful that wait times and funding will improve very quickly. Publicly funded healthcare works better when the person responsible for allocating funds to it doesn't have a pathological dislike of publicly funded healthcare.

| > | | > | Vancouve... (Below threshold)

| > |
| > | Vancouver Coastal Health proclaims on its website that it "delivers
| > | quality health services to the people and communities we serve." It
| > | would be funny if it weren't such a gross inaccuracy. We are learning
| > | that the system is canceling thousands of surgeries in order to bridge
| > | budget gap. If you have any family members who live in Vancouver and
| > | they have a brain or vascular surgery scheduled after September 1st,
| > | they may very well be waiting for that surgery until March 31st of
| > | year:
| > |
| >
| > Yes I heard that. Had something to do with derivative traders and
| > Wall Street Bankers killing the economy.
| So, you're dependent on tax revenues for your health? Funny that ...

How so? I make my medical payments to the government. The government funds health care. The government takes money out of compulsory things like Canada Pension and Unenployment Insurance funds and puts it into general revenues. It's called underfunding...The government invests money in the stocks and bonds. Stock markets are minupilated and fail and projected royalty payments decrease. Governments cut spending...

Oh ya. We are 'hosting' the Olympics this winter. The government has turned out the lights until the 'guests' arrive. Then all the lights will go on til they leave. Then they are turning them off for good. Well,except those who have government pensions and medical plans. They will be doing ok at the private clinics.....

| >
| > You know, one of the reasons these cuts are being made is that BINGO
| > revenues are down with the down turn of the economy and the Govt. funds many
| > things from the proceeds of gambling. They should go into Loan Sharking
| > next.
| >
| > These private clinics are siphoning off health care providers which is
| > forcing administrators to close down operating rooms and wards.
| > And who gets to use these private clinics? People with private insurance
| > that's who. Private insurance lots of the time means those who work for the
| > government. It means Government insurance. I.e. Politicians, the RCMP, the
| > Military, the Workers Compensation Board, The government owned socialistic
| > ICBC - the Insurance Corporation of BC. Those kinds of private groups
| > the ones using private clinics....
| >
| > It's not good.
| >
| > And we don't really need these private clinics here diluting the pie as
| > can always use yours.
| Hope that continues to be true. Few things are certain ...
| Did I understand that the government is outsourcing work to the private
| clinics? Does the following mean the government pays?

Yes Anything that might cost the 'government' money if their clients had to stand in line they pay to que jump at the private clinics.. That's why ICBC, the WCB et all have patients at the private clinics. To get them back on
their feet and out the door off compo ASAP. And as for the Government MP's and MPP's themselves, well after getting a fully indexed pension after only 7 years in office why wouldn't they want the best in private medical care. They are just as bad as all the other well connected people in you country.
Same shit, different pile that's all.

Still BC Medical is a good deal for me, even on a bad day. I don't have much money, no pension and I can afford to go to the doctor when I need to. Too many people go to the doctor or the hospital when they don't Need Too.

| > some elective surgeries such as hip replacements and bariatric surgeries
| > will be performed exclusively at private clinics that have contracted
| > with the government.

So they say. Private medicine proponants are a big lobby group here. Orthopeaedic Surgeons work at the public hospitals a couple of days a week and then spend the rest of the week turning out government work at the private clinic. They are like contractors. You Americans understand contractors don't you? Like Blackwater and Kellogg, Brown and Root. You know good private enterprise types that charge you $1000 dollars a toilet seat.
| If so, will they also pay for them to come to the U.S.?

Well this I know for sure. if you are having an neo natal emergency and there are no beds in Alberta or BC they well send you the Washington State at the drop of a hat. No questions asked.


If we must have a public he... (Below threshold)

If we must have a public health care system it has to be 100%. If there is wiggle room then there is room for fraud.

So...Large govt run Hospitals and Clinics where everyone can go for free or cheap. Physicians, Nurses and staff are paid a salary not per procedure, but with a "best effort" clause which means they are expected to see a certain number of patients per hour if patients are available, but not to give less attention due to overflowing waiting rooms.

In 11th and 12th grade they would need to give a class which explains how and when to use the healthcare system correctly. You do not call an ambulance and get taken to the hospital because you get the Flu. If you think you broke your toe or your finger you are welcome to come to the emergency room. But if you go to the emergency room for stupid normal appointment type reasons you need to lose the privelege, or better, be forced to pay the government back for the expense.

let me introduce all of America to the US Navy's #1 favorite medication, given to everyone, for every problem. We called it Vitamin 'M' and it was 800mg of Motrin.

That's it! Motrin solved all the worlds problem according to Govt healthcare. I had a broken leg get refractured after they took my cast off. I sat in the waiting room for 4 hours before they brought me a Motrin, then another hour before an x-ray. At which point they scheduled a surgery to put titanium rod in my leg in a week.

Then they sent me home with a big bottle of Motrin.

But I digress... So learn when it is a good idea to go to the emergency room and when you should make an appointment. And the fact that it will now be three months before an appointment is available doesn't make it okay to go to the emergency room. "But I want help NOW" is not a good reason.

Also america, learn to ignore your pain. I mean jeez! I broke 4 or 5 toes on my right foot sliding into a fence in bare feet on a dewey morning (long story) it was black and purple and ugly. But I put my boots on and went to work anyway because I didn't feel like waiting in medical for 3 hours for them to shrug and give me vitamin 'M', instead I went to the store and bought a bottle of the stuff and kept it on me.

You know what? I will save the US a buttload of money right now. We dont need universal healthcare, just send every citizen a large bottle of extra strength Ibuprofen every month and tell them to suck it up.

Same difference in the end.

Just Russ - FYI Nurses and ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just Russ - FYI Nurses and staff are not paid by procedure. They are salaried employees. Doctor's often also get a salary for services (filling administrative positions like dept chairman etc) done for the hospital in addition to getting paid per procedure.

Now while you are technically correct that the present bill will not nationalize all the hospitals it will set up a system where the government becomes the sole payer for medical procedures (doubt that? read HR3200 where it prohibits enrollment in private plans starting 1/1/13). Once government is the sole payer it will determine how much any hospital makes and there for how many procedures of a given type they can do. Government already decides where hospitals can be built and what services they can offer. Determining payment for services will just extend that to determining how many procedures a hospital can do.

Medicare does not allow physicians to take out of pocket payment for services not covered by the program nor does it allow doctors to inform patients of services not covered. The notion that a government program will allow you to get around it is foolish. Private hospitals don't exist in Canada.

Hyper- you say that no one in your family has experienced rationing? No one has had to wait more that a week or so for surgery? Waiting IS rationing.

Jacksmith - Your lunatic ra... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Jacksmith - Your lunatic rant was special thanks!

1) Saint FDR made loads of mistakes. first he extended the depression not ended it. Second the depression was caused not by a corrupt Republican president. Hoover was considered a progressive (SURPRISE!) and was big on government regulation. His administration was not marked by significant corruption.

2) BCBS was not founded by FDR Dumbass! It was started by Justin Ford Kimball out of Baylor University in Texas in 1929. Gee, now let me think...FDR became president in what year...1932! So it predates both the depression AND FDR.

So according to your lunatic rant FDR set up BCBS as a federal program to provide insurance 3 years before being elected to office in what must have been some shadow presidency that understood that the great depression was coming and something needed to be done about it. Brilliant!

Government run health care has been a disaster in EVERY country it has been tried. If you would bother to look at the programs of other countries you would see that. You would also see that more and more of these countries are struggling to find ways out of it. Few if any significant advances in health care have been made by socialized medicine systems and virtually none by comparison to our system. Ranked by the quality of care provided (not BS social fairness measures) the US ranks #1 far and above any other nation on earth. WHO acknowledges this in their (now outdated) 2000 report that ranks the US low because we don't have a socialized medical delivery program. If we had socialized medicine we would have ranked higher.

Your rant was fun to read, but so full of BS that one wonders if you've ever looked into the matter for yourself or are just parroting Democrat talking points that you've misheard.

A CRITIC of the current sys... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

A CRITIC of the current system, an MLA from Vancouver-Kingsway (I presume that's an equivalent to one of our state legislators), CHARGES that ANONYMOUS SOURCES have LEAKED this news of impending surgery cancellations.

Ms Priestap conflates this allegation by a critic, based on anonymous leaks of documents he doesn't show us, into the "decision" by Vancouver health authorities to "cancel thousands of medically necessary surgeries."

This is dishonest and misleading. And all you me-tooers fell for it.

I heard it broadcast on the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I heard it broadcast on the radio yesterday morning here in Chicago. And not talk radio, but the ALL NEWS CHANNEL.

So regular media is falling for it as well, if falling for it is really the case.

In my experience, since I have talked to Canadian physicians who claimed that they had to stop doing bone marrow transplants on children with Acute Leukemia (the only curative therapy at that time) 6 months into the year. This sounds very believable. Why should surgery be all that different from cancer therapy?

"More than two thirds of th... (Below threshold)

"More than two thirds of the American people want a single payer health care system. And if they cant have a single payer system 77% of all Americans want a strong government-run public option on day one (86% of democrats, 75% of independents, and 72% republicans). Basically everyone."


FDR a Democrat, was then elected to save the nation and the American people from the unbridled GREED and profiteering, of the unregulated predatory self-interest of the banking industry and Wallstreet. Just like now.

And proceeded to spend MILLIONS, accomplishing NOTHING. In 1939, Henry Morgenthau, Sec Treasury said 'We spent all that money and gained nothing.' So much for your Savior.

Reading the rest of your tripe, I'm beginning to think your full of bull shit Jacksmith.

A CRITIC of the current sys... (Below threshold)

A CRITIC of the current system, an MLA from Vancouver-Kingsway, CHARGES that ANONYMOUS SOURCES have LEAKED this news of impending surgery cancellations.

Okay. Is the leak true or not?

In Brucie's little lib worl... (Below threshold)

In Brucie's little lib world a truthful leak that hurts his side is dishonest. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

So they say. Private med... (Below threshold)
jim m:

So they say. Private medicine proponants are a big lobby group here. Orthopeaedic Surgeons work at the public hospitals a couple of days a week and then spend the rest of the week turning out government work at the private clinic. They are like contractors. You Americans understand contractors don't you? Like Blackwater and Kellogg, Brown and Root. You know good private enterprise types that charge you $1000 dollars a toilet seat.

True to an extent. I have seen doctors change hospital affiliations for the simple fact that a hospital with too many Medicare/medicaid patients means that doctors don't make any money. Medicare does not fully reimburse cost (that's not that is doesn't reimburse the full charge but that people actually lose money on medicare patients) and some states, like Illinois, are often months and months behind in reimbursement.

Yes doctors can make really good money, but they also have children to feed and put through college etc. I don't begrudge them their success, nor do I feel that their success is coming at my expense. If you prevent doctors from making a wage that they feel they deserve they will leave the field.

The new VP of R&D at my last company is a neurosurgeon from Great Britain. Why did he quit and go into corporate research? Because he could not earn a living being a neurosurgeon in the UK that's why. He earns more now than he did then. In the US he would make more money practicing, but Obama will soon see to that. We are short of doctors already and this will do nothing but make them more scarce.

This whole argument is about class hatred of people who make a decent living. Doctors make too much, insurers make too much, nurses make too much.

Maybe you could spent half as much time trying to make for yourself a better living as you do trying to tear down everyone else's. Then you might be happier with your own lot or realize that other people work for what they have too.

"Maybe you could spent half... (Below threshold)

"Maybe you could spent half as much time trying to make for yourself a better living as you do trying to tear down everyone else's. Then you might be happier with your own lot or realize that other people work for what they have too.'

But jim m, Obama says "that's not FAIR." The guy who sat next to you in high school and did nothing, leaned nothing; now wants a 'decent paying job', health insurance, a home. He can't get that at the car wash where he's working now. The government that promised you during the Reagan pardon/amnesty: "we'll secure the borders, no more amnesty" - LIED. The borders were not secured and businesses decided to enjoy unprotected labor. Hispanics coming up from Mexico are not here to 'establish a new life and identity'. They're hear to send money home to Mexico, and they send BILLIONS back each year. It's Mexico's SECOND biggest source of income after oil. We have people who are essentially "unskilled labor" and they want 'skilled labor' prices. Ain't gonna happen, not only that, see who's competing for those jobs. Even the skilled labor market is gutted with illegals outbidding each other TO LOWER AND LOWER PRICES to get a job. Bush was full of shit when he said "They're doing jobs Americans won't do." No, their doing jobs Americans won't do AT THAT PRICE.
Now, with a major recession going, we've got an idiot president who has suddenly decided that a health care system (with an 85% approval rating) needs to be totally revamped RIGHT NOW. Like I said, idiot. Instead of fixing the underlying problems of the economy, Barry wants to sail into new areas to screw up. Next comes immigration "reform" and "education". This guy is nothing more that THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE all rolled into one.

GarandFan - you see Obama's... (Below threshold)
jim m:

GarandFan - you see Obama's trying to fix all that. He's got government controlling pay in the banking sector, he's going to have government set pay for health care workers. Soon we can all have jobs with government approved pay scales and we can all be happy with what we get.

Once you come to the realization that the government owns the product of your labor and not you (you selfish capitalist swine!) you will have taken the first step toward enlightenment. Then you will be happy to receive from the government what you need.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. That's what the founding fathers believed...the founding fathers of the Soviet Union.

# 28: OK, is the leak true ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

# 28: OK, is the leak true or not?

What difference does it make to you? As long as it helps your side it doesn't matter. Even after it gets debunked (if it does), your side will keep repeating it.

My point was that the MeTooChorus here rushed to jump on the "I told-you-so" train on the strength of an allegation by a critic based on anonymously leaked documents that we haven't seen.

Michael Moore says John Boe... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Michael Moore says John Boehner blows goats. He bases his charge on pictures he says he received from anonymous sources.

Brucie...seek help.... (Below threshold)

Brucie...seek help.

BH, Looks to me lik... (Below threshold)

Looks to me like you've jumped on the Lefts'
"MeToBandwagon". Can we call you the Echo
Canyon of the Left?

BH, If Ms.Priestep i... (Below threshold)

If Ms.Priestep is incorrect in her post, you fell for it too, by making the effort to refute it.

Wow, you got me there, Miss... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Wow, you got me there, Miss Maggie. Boy, is my face red or what?!

BH, How quaint, your... (Below threshold)

How quaint, your facial coloring is the same
as your ideologue.

I think you mean my "ideolo... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I think you mean my "ideology."

Who would my "idealogue" be?

Leftiste.... (Below threshold)







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