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Headline Of The Day - Conspiracy Theory Edition

White House sets up interrogation unit - [AP]

I guess that whole report "fishy" stuff via e-mail wasn't enough...

(That's snark folks, I read the article)


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Snark, Kevin? Absolutely!</... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Snark, Kevin? Absolutely!

Elsewhere, and at the same time, Teddie Kennedy wants to change the rules for replacing the state's Senators, again. In 2004, with a Repub governor and John (Effing) Kerry running for President, he "suggested" to the state legislature that they change the long standing rule allowing the Governor to name a replacement until the next regularly scheduled election. The change he "suggested" was that they hold a special election instead.

Suddenly the terminal Kennedy has all concerned over MA not having two Senators while the special election is scheduled and run. Now he wants the legislature to change the rules again so that the Governor, now a Dem, can appoint an interim Senator to serve until the special election has been held.

Great concern for the people of the state? Hardly, Teddie is trying to arrange it so that he can effectively vote from beyond the grave in favor of the upcoming health care reform bill.

Pretty sure this qualifies as analysis, and not snark... but when it comes to my thoughts regarding Senator Kennedy it's hard to sort that all out.

The Kremlin had the KGB. An... (Below threshold)

The Kremlin had the KGB. And it was used very effectively. If Obamalala is the Czar of Czars it makes sense this was coming.

Oh come on, next thing you ... (Below threshold)

Oh come on, next thing you know you are going to start spewing the Glenn Beck or Michael Savage garbage about Obama using the energy bill and mandatory volunteerism for out youth to create an army of Green Shirts that answer only to him and his Green Czar...

Wait...this just in...it seems that there are men with Green Shirts and pistols telling me this whole post is a waste of energy and that...whats that...


Ah, but THIS interrogation ... (Below threshold)

Ah, but THIS interrogation unit uses even MORE fearsome methods!

The Comfy Chair and CUSHIONS!

Since everything Barry has ... (Below threshold)

Since everything Barry has touched up to now has turned to shit, why am I not impressed with his new "interrogation unit"?

Kinda explains why Holder pulled all those lawyers off the Black Panther case. Probably going to assign them to represent anyone being questioned. Priorities.

And right wing conservative... (Below threshold)

And right wing conservatives will be among the ones most urgently in need of interrogation tactics by this SS squad.

If these idiots are so sure... (Below threshold)

If these idiots are so sure they can get the "truth" from these poor suspects I've got "truth" for them. I'll volunteer for it. They won't have to water board me to spill the beans on why after being a liberal, registered Democrat I am no longer. But, after hearing why, they would probably release me for being able to withstand all their efforts of getting the truth out of me.

Looks like another shake-up... (Below threshold)

Looks like another shake-up coming at the CIA:


Hey Barry, looks like your political stooge can't take the heat. Maybe you should appoint Richard Helms as Director.

This is simply the distract... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is simply the distraction that everyone has been expecting. Obama is in a polling free fall and needs to do something to get the economy and health care debacles off the news.

The MSM will be more than happy to lead off every major newscast with a story about the Atty Gen investigating CIA/military abuses. It's all about Bush and Iraq. It's in hope that he can rouse his lethargic base.

But the majority of Americans are already energized about health care and about the economy and the deficit. I believe that the public will see this for the side show that it really is. If anything he has managed to return to a subject that the overwhelming majority of Americans simply do not want to hear about anymore. Bush is gone. Al Queda has been quiet for 9 years. The public has moved on to resume their lives, they have no interest in wallowing in the past and pointless recriminations. Furthermore a growing portion see this as vindictively punishing political enemies and worse yet punishing hard working people who committed no crimes but were trying to protect the rest of us. People will see this as a politically motivated witch hunt. Especially so since he initially dismissed taking this action and now that he needs political cover he is bringing it up.

My guess is the distraction fails and he only drags his polling numbers down further.

Only one reason this is hap... (Below threshold)

Only one reason this is happening now; healthcare failure. They Obamabots are trying to stop the negative momentum of their miserable plan. ww

~Teddycare in despair, bloo... (Below threshold)

~Teddycare in despair, bloody failure everywhere

Michelle resorts to a pair of shorts

Chicago machine under the gun

The won vacations in the sun~

Why does this like so many ... (Below threshold)

Why does this like so many things Obama has done make me feel that this country is even more vulnerable to another attack?

"I believe that the public ... (Below threshold)

"I believe that the public will see this for the side show that it really is."

Yeah, can you imagine His response when the public tells him 'this is all so distracting'.
To make it perfectly clear, nothing like having your own words crammed down your throat.

You can comment hyperbolist... (Below threshold)

You can comment hyperbolist? I promise not to bring up Canadas marvelous healthcare system..

This looks to be a bad week... (Below threshold)

This looks to be a bad week for Barry to have taken a vacation. Holder's CIA investigation, Panetta blowing up, the VA sending out false letters of fatal disease, and it's only Monday!






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