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"Shouting Match" In The White House

Looks like there's plenty of drama in the Obama White House...

A "profanity-laced screaming match" at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of another damning internal investigation, has administration officials worrying about the direction of its newly-appoint intelligence team, current and former senior intelligence officials tell ABC News.com. Read the rest.

Looks like Leon Panetta is on the way out.


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Comments (31)

Now we've got the media rep... (Below threshold)

Now we've got the media reporting stuff like this?

Obama better watch his back. They made him, they could ruin him. With the current gathering doubt, all they'd need to do is start covering the tea parties positively - and he'd be screwed.

Let's see, Hillary thinks s... (Below threshold)

Let's see, Hillary thinks she's being "used". Panetta now thinks he's being "used". Anyone else see a pattern here?

As for the 'presstitutes', Rahm will whip them back into line. Gibbs will raise an eyebrow and the MSM will fall to their knees in supplication for forgiveness and committing the sin of 'doubting The One'.

Join the other 99.9 percent... (Below threshold)

Join the other 99.9 percent of us under Obamas magic bus Panetta.

Actually, I'm all for Eric ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I'm all for Eric 'Black Panther' Holder going this route. It's sure to increase the popularity of the DOJ and Obama. For some reason, Obama believes the left is the MAJORITY in this country.

If Panetta does resign, Oba... (Below threshold)

If Panetta does resign, Obama should just go ahead and appoint Vladimir Putin to head the CIA, and have done with it!

"It would be a sha... (Below threshold)
"It would be a shame if such as talented a Washington hand as Panetta were to leave after one year," said Richard Clarke, an ABC News consultant who worked on the national security team for the Clinton and Bush administrations and served as an adviser to President-elect Obama.

"It takes that long for any senior bureaucrat to begin to understand what needs to get done and how to do it, "said Clarke. "The CIA needs some stability."

Hmm does anyone besides me, think this guy is kind of angling for the CIA job? We all know that he tried to sabotage the War On Terror during the Bush Administration. What is keeping him from sticking his nose deep into "Walks On Water's" ass?

Go forward with prosecuting... (Below threshold)

Go forward with prosecuting our brave cia operatives. It can only convince more and more people what an empty suit, inexperienced hack in the oval office. Go for it. Favor the terrorists over our agents. I double dare you. ww

Is Obama and company trying... (Below threshold)

Is Obama and company trying very hard to turn America into something like some Africian third world country????
His administration seems to be a total mess.

I feel like I am in a plane with a cocky 16 year who never flew, trying to do the piloting.

Good Lord...if Leon Panetta... (Below threshold)

Good Lord...if Leon Panetta is too "honest" to be trusted by this Whitey House, we are in even more trouble than I realized.

"Whitey House" lol... (Below threshold)

"Whitey House" lol

CIA Director Leon Panetta..... (Below threshold)

CIA Director Leon Panetta..Step. Away. From. The. Curb.

That next bus is aimed at your ass.

#6Yeah, Clark would ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Clark would be a great pick! I can see all the 'early retirements' at CIA the day he walks in the front door.

hmmm...apparently they are ... (Below threshold)

hmmm...apparently they are THREATENING to prosecute them. Which would ultimately harm their FAMILIES. Which thus means they are THREATENING their families!!!

And they are threatening to prosecute them because they allegedly threatened the mutt who planned 9/11. Is that about it?

Every single day, in every city in this country some Public Defender says to some hood:
"If you don't take this plea bargain you're going to be in prison a much longer time...and that will be hard on your family"


Its getting so bad Obama is... (Below threshold)

Its getting so bad Obama is having to bus more tax cheats in to staff His ship of fools.

Whos next? Willie Nelson?

Look, this is obama/panetta... (Below threshold)

Look, this is obama/panetta's way out. Panetta served his party, at a great cost to the USA security, when he testified before congress about "assassination squads" that did not exist. The CIA will not follow him, know him for a democrat hack and have no use for him. He has known for a while he will have to go, now he can leave and look like a man of principle (not). With the balls cut off our CIA and obama taking over the interrogation (snicker)can't wait to see how this fairy tale ends.

Looks like Obama is giving ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Obama is giving Holder some cover; or himself cover from the left "Hey, I tried, but Holder let me down":

From Reich Minister for Information Gibbs:

"The President has said repeatedly that he wants to look forward, not back, and the President agrees with the Attorney General that those who acted in good faith and within the scope of legal guidance should not be prosecuted. Ultimately, determinations about whether someone broke the law are made independently by the Attorney General."

Wow! Holder will make the 'determinations'.
Just like he did on the Black Panther voter intimidation.

If terrorists pull off a hu... (Below threshold)

If terrorists pull off a huge attack on the US Obama has been pounding a nail in his own coffin.

Obama has been so soft on terrorists, has changed interrogation so it is "gentle", and has been so totally ineffective that there is no way that he will be able to sucessfully defend himself. With all the changes he has made and his indifference toward national security he OWNS national security. And when/if it fails it will be his fault, and his alone (And the appeasing Democrats wull be just as much at fault.).

I'd be cheering his downfall, however WE will be the ones paying the price for his "compassion" for the poor misunderstood terrorists.

sheeeshh. Sorry for the ty... (Below threshold)

sheeeshh. Sorry for the typo. I guess I should have read it over first.

Absolutely amazing. Obama i... (Below threshold)
John S:

Absolutely amazing. Obama inherited an mess from W. but he's determined to make it his own. If he replaces Bernanke with one of his hacks, he owns inevitable economic disaster from too much spending and debt. By castrating the CIA, Obama becomes solely responsible for the next terrorist attack. And he's about to learn first hand about waging a large-scale war in Afghanistan, the same as the Russians and the British before them.

He owns the economic disast... (Below threshold)

He owns the economic disaster period.. All 7 months or 12 trillion worth John.

"And he's about to learn fi... (Below threshold)

"And he's about to learn first hand...."

Barry doesn't 'learn' anything, He knows everything about everything.

On a brighter note, Barry r... (Below threshold)

On a brighter note, Barry released a terrorist today who'd been detained on the battlefield for throwing a hand grenade at US troops.

Guess Holder doesn't have time to prosecute this guy, seeing as he has his sights set HIGHER, like on CIA personnel.

Panetta should be pissed of... (Below threshold)

Panetta should be pissed off. I'm pissed off. Obama's compromising the capabilities and very future of the CIA with this damn dog and pony show he's ordered AG Holder to put on today--over something Congress knew every inch about 5 effin' years ago!

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

This administration is sooo... (Below threshold)

This administration is soooo done...and I LOVE IT!!!!

Penetta's response in <a hr... (Below threshold)

Penetta's response in a letter to his staff:

The report, prepared five years ago, noted both the effectiveness of the interrogation program and concerns about how it had been run early on. Several Agency components, including the Office of General Counsel and the Directorate of Operations, disagreed with some of the findings and conclusions

The CIA referred allegations of abuse to the Department of Justice for potential prosecution. This Agency made no excuses for behavior, however rare, that went beyond the formal guidelines on counterterrorism. The Department of Justice has had the complete IG report since 2004. Its career prosecutors have examined that document-and other incidents from Iraq and Afghanistan-for legal accountability. They worked carefully and thoroughly, sometimes taking years to decide if prosecution was warranted or not. In one case, the Department obtained a criminal conviction of a CIA contractor. In other instances, after Justice chose not to pursue action in court, the Agency took disciplinary steps of its own.

The CIA provided the complete, unredacted IG report to the Congress. It was made available to the leadership of the Congressional intelligence committees in 2004 and to the full committees in 2006. All of the material in the document has been subject to Congressional oversight and reviewed for legal accountability.

I make no judgments on the accuracy of the 2004 IG report or the various views expressed about it. Nor am I eager to enter the debate, already politicized, over the ultimate utility of the Agency's past detention and interrogation effort. But this much is clear: The CIA obtained intelligence from high-value detainees when inside information on al-Qa'ida was in short supply./strong> Whether this was the only way to obtain that information will remain a legitimate area of dispute, with Americans holding a range of views on the methods used. The CIA requested and received legal guidance and referred allegations of abuse to the Department of Justice. President Obama has established new policies for interrogation.

Can you spell D.I.V.E.R.S.I.O.N?

Wonder what The Chosen One ... (Below threshold)

Wonder what The Chosen One will do when he suddenly finds all other foreign intelligence agencies are no longer willing to deal with the CIA?

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi ha... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with this?

Screaming match, eh? Who w... (Below threshold)

Screaming match, eh? Who was using profanity? Who was screaming besides Panetta? Not one other person named. Only Panetta. Hey, I have a great idea. Let's write a story making one person look like an unreasonable screaming banshee and don't name anyone else so that only that one person's face and name are in the minds of the readers. Then let's make sure to quote the calm words of one failed presidential candidate who has no problem inserting politics into everything.

Shoving his nose into "Walks On Water's" ass? Fer cryin' out loud, he's inspecting his colon.

Then let's make su... (Below threshold)
Then let's make sure to quote the calm words of one failed presidential candidate who has no problem inserting politics into everything.

You have the wrong Clark.The failed presidential candidate was Gen. Wesley (Ashley Wilkes) Clark. Richard Clarke, that was mentioned in the article was in the NSA under Clintoon and Bush until 911, when he was forced to submit his resignation, because of sheer incompetence. Wesley (Ashley Wilkes) Clark was the one that was in command of Ft Hood, when the military set the Branch Davidian compound on fire, killing 80 some odd innocent civilians.

"Wesley (Ashley Wilkes)... (Below threshold)

"Wesley (Ashley Wilkes) Clark was the one that was in command of Ft Hood, when the military set the Branch Davidian compound on fire, killing 80 some odd innocent civilians."

He was also fired - go ahead assholes, point out he was "retired early" - by Clinton as Supreme NATO Commander for taking orders from the pres. then turning around and telling the NATO chain of command something different than what was directed by Clinton.

"What will the chosen One d... (Below threshold)

"What will the chosen One do when he finds that no foreign intelligence agencys will work with the CIA"

Easy, blame it on Bush and torture, because the rest of the world would never stoop so low.






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