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Torture Prosecutor Appointment Is A Monumental Blunder By Obama

Today's announcement that Attorney General Holder has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate alleged anti torture law violations by the CIA is a monumental blunder by the Obama administration. As the cynical among us (including me) point to the obvious distraction value that this special prosecutor appointment will provide for a vacationing president during a failed healthcare debate, real proponents of national security see a President hoisting himself on a political petard that could ruin his presidency. In short, there is no political traction to be gained by prosecuting individuals that were told their actions were protected by carefully considered legal opinions from the White House Office of Legal Counsel.

The cynicism of this decision by the Obama White House is breathtaking in its timing and obtuseness. This administration truly believes it can walk this announcement by an unsuspecting electorate in the midst of the most contentious political debate in fifteen years and yet avoid the obvious comparisons to "Wagging the Dog". As I've said before, the ruling elites in Washington think voters are stupid not just some of the time, but all of the time. The blatant transparency of the prosecutor appointment is a bone that may well satisfy the rabid Left's base but it will infuriate a far bigger constituency that values national security more than any other issue. In his attempt to escape the uncomfortable frying pan of a robust health care debate the President has jumped, along with many far Left Congressmen, straight into the fire. So be it. Let the subpoenas fly. The public needs to know the facts about what men like Vice President Dick Cheney have been unable to say for years.

Another element of this story is that President Obama has done untold damage to the power of the Office of the President. Since the demise of the Nixon administration there has been a power struggle of literally constitutional proportions waged between the Executive and the Legislative Branch. In a single stroke, by allowing the appointment of this Special prosecutor, President Obama has forfeited years of mandates and precedents that protected his Office from the encroachments of Congress. God help him if he ever faces a real crisis that requires decisive Executive action.

Cue the music. What a fool believes....


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Comments (22)

I'm with Charles Krauthamme... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I'm with Charles Krauthammer on this, it's a distraction to take attention away from the 2 trillion dollar additional deficit that was announced Friday and also away from Obama's disastrous handling of healthcare reform.

Unfortunately for Obama he has misread public opinion once again in thinking the public wants to coddle terrorists. Then there's the nonsense about this being a nation of laws and if laws have been broken then they must be investigated and prosecuted. It becomes nonsense in light of the reaction of the same people making that argument when the subject turns to illegal immigration; then they think sanctuary cities are ok.

Coddling terrorists to ease the sensibilities of some liberals risks the lives of Americans. Obama and the democrats will be toast if they fail to keep America safe now that they have declared open season on the CIA.

Obama has also walked out o... (Below threshold)

Obama has also walked out on a limb with saw in hand when he arranged for the White House to be directly involved in future interrogations of terrorists. Barry doesn't 'connect the dots' and something happens, he can kiss his political ass goodbye.

The problem is that his 'most intelligent administration ever' actually believes it's own bullshit. Terrorists are going to slice them and dice them.

Obama is the goose that wi... (Below threshold)

Obama is the goose that will blowout all dem rotten eggs in 2010.

When announcements of this ... (Below threshold)

When announcements of this magnitude come when Obama is outside the Beltway (this time sequestered away on vacation) it leads me to believe he is at his essence a coward. I am sure that no matter how detached Obama seems publically from this decision he tacitly approves of Holder's actions 100%. Whether he or his minions call it's Bush's fault, cry racism, call tea partiers terrorists, etc., this peevish man seems always in need of creating strawmen/bogeymen of any kind to attempt to muddy the true goals of his agenda. I am praying that as with the resignation of Nixon in 1973, in 2012 we can say that 'our long national nightmare is over'. We have to remain tirelessly vigilant until that time because a very grave mistake was made in November of 2008.

Every time this young, arro... (Below threshold)

Every time this young, arrogant, self-deluded president opens his mouth I cringe. Citizens are brutally killed in the streets of Iran, and hardly a peep. Yet Honduras follows the law of the executive, legal and military branches of government, and Obama is all wee-weed up. Obama goes to Cairo and tells the world, we don't hate Islam, and we need a partnership. Then he tells Israel what they need to give up to have peace with the greater Middle East that is sworn to wipe it off the map. He yuks it up with Chavez, who has systematically stripped the citizens of Venezuela of any basic freedoms, and then invites Iran to join him. He resets the button with Russia who immediately gives us the middle finger.

Then he sets off to "fundamentally" change American society so that the rich are poorer and poor are richer. Thatcher explained to the British Parliament in the 1980's why that would never work. But of course those capitalists were just stupid compared to Obama and his crack shot team. After all if we take from the producers and give to the non-producers everybody ends up with, more OR LESS. I'm not even an economist, but I've tried this experiment with my own children and got some money spent and a stretched out hand the next week.

Does Obama have a plan to fix health care, NO. Not even a piece of paper in his hand to pretend. Congress has a plan, but Obama doesn't talk to what is in that plan, he keeps talking about what is in his mind, I wonder if an idea, not written down can become law? He denigrates Sarah Palin for talking about 'death panels" because they aren't in his plan. Well in the stimulus bill there are billions to set up a panel or panels in the White house to tell the Doctors what is "best practice". If you are a parent you know about best practice every-time you make a decision that involves money. Do I take the children to Mac Donald's for dinner or pay the water bill? Something looses or someone looses, and something or someone gains. Not a hard concept to grasp, unless you are of superior intellect and think that the masses can't figure it out.

If health care doesn't put the final death nail in liberties, choice or the economy we always have "Cap and Trade" to finally kill off this great country of the free and the brave. But not to worry about what you are going to put in your gas tank, the $2 billion we gave to Brazil will come in a boat back to some of us.

So we are going broke, and the government gives away $3 billion dollars for cars, CARS, for CARS. Can you imagine, how those who don't have enough food for more then one meal a day, look at us? A great country going broke, and we give money away for CARS, not for food, or to help the poor, not for cancer research, but cars.

And now Obama and his team are going to investigate George Bush and his CIA. A President and a CIA that tackled the most difficult assignment since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. There was no road map, no precedent that applied to anything that we have ever seen. Obama had better put on a black arm band, because the public is already as mad as a hatter and are not likely to look kindly on this witch hunt.

Remember, Holder and Obama ... (Below threshold)

Remember, Holder and Obama has started and stopped this twice before. They may literally do this just for a week...then magnanimously decide to "Focus on the Future" [barf]

Still, if they DO go forward with this, then I do truly believe Obama is cokking his own goose. Sadly, he will cook ours in the same oven!

This is less about Obama's ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is less about Obama's policy on terrorism than it is about creating something to get health care and the economy off the front page and out of leading the nightly news broadcast.

Obama's position on terrorism is solely motivated by PR and he really doesn't care one way or another about them or what they do. They can kill thousands as long as the PR doesn't hurt him.

But this used to mobilize his base and he thinks that it will do so again. He's wrong though.

The truth is that the base ceased to be mobilized once Bush left office. They don't give a rip about the war on terror and protesting it ow that Obama is in office. Evidence his ability to make increasing commitments in Afghanistan and there is nary a peep on the news.

The truth is that the ba... (Below threshold)

The truth is that the base ceased to be mobilized once Bush left office. They don't give a rip about the war on terror and protesting it [n]ow that Obama is in office. Evidence his ability to make increasing commitments in Afghanistan and there is nary a peep on the news.

jim m

A good point, which Michael posted about here.

Not even a year into... (Below threshold)

Not even a year into and BHO has created Soviet Style Political officers.
He is doing Banana republic in trying to imprison former administration officials. (less anyone think they intend to stop at lowly CIA personal)

My own psyche is telling as... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

My own psyche is telling as, one year ago, I was spitting with rage at this whole idea, and genuinely frightened by it manifest drawbacks.

But now, I'm like... eh. I mean, there is no possible way this can do Obama an ounce of good. It will make the screaming nutjobs happy, who mean nothing to him politically. Meanwhile.....

-- It won't even begin to "distract" anybody from anything. Please. But it looks like it is an attempt to do so (even if maybe it isn't). Nice insult, Bub. Again!

-- It will infuriate huge numbers of already infuriated Americans, and ratchet up the mis-trust even higher.

-- It will set the CIA and other National Security organs against him, overtly and covertly. (It would not surprise me to see a high-ranking military or CIA officer resigning, and then publicly take after the administration with all guns blazing. Think THAT would get some press?)

-- It will be evidence #4,879 of his quasi-Marxist outlook on the world.

-- It will mean that every single dead body of any possible future attack will be laid at the White House door. ("White House handling top interrogations now? WTF??)

All this and more...... and for what? To try to get prosecutions that likely won't even fly, and if they DO have legs, they will earn far more rage against Obama and sympathy for the accused than Obama can even imagine.

A distraction. Right.

Say, I see that you are investigating the fact that I have been embezzling from your company. I'd better "distract" you...... by molesting your daughter. Hey, ya forgot about all that embezzlement stuff now, hey?

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Of course, this CIA witch h... (Below threshold)

Of course, this CIA witch hunt is a gigantic red herring to distract from Obama's plummeting poll numbers. Why not investigate Holder for his malfeasance in recommending pardoning Marc Rich to BJ for a pardon? Isn't White House supervision of a special "interrogations unit" that will play pattycake with suspects rather than subject them to the same conditions they put upon innocent people even more ridiculous than BJ's "pardon" of Rich, for services rendered by his pliant spouse Denise to BJ's short white appendage? Holder specializes in criminal activity for POTUSs.

We know where this entire bogus snipe hunt---both the specious "investigation" and the new "interrogation units" will go, with "revelations" coming out in dribs and drabs to distract the public from this POTUS's socialist agenda. Obama wants to change the public discourse with factitious detours away from his ObamaCare as it heads down the toilet into the sewage tank where it belongs. He's "flooding the zone" with distractions to keep whack-jobs on the left from pillorying him in the press.

And "Green Czar" Van Jones is a self-proclaimed Maoist subversive traitor whose Color of Change is a version of ACORN or SEIU, dedicated to looting the public treasury following the rules of Chicago "Early and Often" political rules.

Obama has the all time wors... (Below threshold)

Obama has the all time worse cabnet of rougues and scoundrels ever

Dont forget the Rubes and B... (Below threshold)

Dont forget the Rubes and Bryzantines Flu-Bird..

Barry doesn't 'connect t... (Below threshold)

Barry doesn't 'connect the dots' and something happens, he can kiss his political ass goodbye.

2. Posted by GarandFan

Scratch the political part, and I'm with you.

Sorry for the double post. ... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the double post. I received a posting error.

Look for full throttle beau... (Below threshold)

Look for full throttle beautification of Obama in the main stream press. Of course, You can put a high sheen on a fecal dollop( read: liberal agenda), but it's still a shiny turd in the end...

Talk about auspicious timin... (Below threshold)

Talk about auspicious timing - as soon as Obumbles floats this turd, an idiot lefty (BIRM) judge in Scotland lets the Lockerbie bomber go home to a hero's welcome. And now Teh Messiah is shocked that Khaddaffi would lie to him.

Wait a second! It looks li... (Below threshold)

Wait a second! It looks like Michael Jackson was actually murdered! Don't you all want to pay attention to THAT? And ignore all the stuff about the CIA? And the $2 Trillion in ADDITIONAL debt the OMB's saying is headed our way?

You don't? Shit. Worked last time...

But it's MICHAEL JACKSON! (Frantically waves hands.) HE WAS A START! THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT!!!!

(Oh, hell. They're not falling for it. What else can we use as a decoy?)

What will be interesting wi... (Below threshold)

What will be interesting will be the leaks that come out of the CIA for the next 3 1/2 years. Does anyone really think that this will not go unchallenged by the CIA? The skeletons will come tumbling out of the closet. I don't think Obama is wise enough to know not to go to war with the CIA.

"In short, there is no poli... (Below threshold)

"In short, there is no political traction to be gained by prosecuting individuals that were told their actions were protected by carefully considered legal opinions from the White House Office of Legal Counsel."

I agree. So I assume you'd support those who set these policies in the first place?

Oh that's right, Wizbang supports a platform of self-preservation over ruling any legal or moral considerations. Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out, right?
notiz=Do you know what this is?

I don't think that 99% of p... (Below threshold)

I don't think that 99% of people using Enhanced Interrogation crossed the line. However, if it were somehow proved that the EI tactic was true torture (again I disagree) then I would lay the blame at the feet of those who gave the orders and came up with the policy.

Not the Agents themselves like P.BO is apparently doing.

I agree this is a total dis... (Below threshold)

I agree this is a total distraction to get the public's eye's off what's happening with Obama care and on a different screaming match about something else conservatives care about. They are gonna try and out flank and runaround to the goal.






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