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Will You Still Call Me Superman?

I have a new column up at Townhall.com, Obama's Kryptonite. In it I discuss some of the reasons Obama's approval numbers have taken a dive.

The Travel Channel had an "extreme" marathon this weekend - Extreme Waterparks, Extreme Terror Rides, Extreme Restaurants, etc. In the Extreme Towns episode, there was a segment on the town of Metropolis, Illionois, featuring a picture of Barack Obama standing in the Superman pose in front of the town's 15-foot tall, 2-ton bronze Superman statue. The image reminded me of the superhero status the President had enjoyed as recently as eight months ago and it made me think about the kryptonite that brought him down to earth.

Is it true that, as Obama's supporters claim, "special interests with a stake in the status quo" have acted as the kryptonite that has weakened the once seemingly invincible Obama? Or are the American people, organized into "angry mobs" across the country, responsible for his fall to earth?

The kryptonite that has caused Obama's approval numbers to drop 20 points since his inauguration is not a group of people or powerful interests. Truth has been Obama's kryptonite - truth and reality.

John Hawkins has a great column at Townhall today about five liberal lies about Obamacare. There is lots of other good stuff there too, including one of my favorite columnists -- David Limbaugh.  Check it out.


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Judging by the economic num... (Below threshold)

Judging by the economic numbers finally released by Barry's administration today, I was struck by this:

"By 2011, the economy would be well on its way to recovery, growing at a 3.8 percent annual rate, according to the administration's mid-year economic review, released this morning."

Sorry, but 'the best, brightest, most intelligent administration, ever' has BLOWN every forecast they've made so far. Why the hell should we believe their tea leaf readings for 2011?

GarandFan: "Sorry, but '... (Below threshold)

GarandFan: "Sorry, but 'the best, brightest, most intelligent administration, ever' has BLOWN every forecast they've made so far. Why the hell should we believe their tea leaf readings for 2011?"

If you won't drink your Government provided (FREE!) KoolAid allottment willingly...I'm afraid it will be necessary for us to insist!

but the media continues to ... (Below threshold)

but the media continues to try and heft that water for the Obama regime. Yahoo has been running THIS on their top "news" page all day:

Survey: Majority of Americans believe health care reform 'myths'

Nothing like an unbiased "news" article...eh?

Truth is a good candidate.<... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Truth is a good candidate.

Obama's administration runs on a belief that they can control the media like the old Soviet Union. It doesn't matter what reality is as long as what's reported is the party line.

Obama expected a supine media to accept all his pronouncements as true and to a great extent this has happened. We are starting to hear complaints from the media that he treats them like crap, but their response so far seems to be to try and suck up even more (if that is possible).

With the media in he tank he can extol how great his stimulus package is and they parrot the press release without thinking about it. He can deny his recorded comments about socialized medicine from a year or two ago and the media accepts his statements that he never supported such a plan. The media will do whatever he wants because he is dangling tax exempt status and bailout cash in front of them. They know that their business model no longer works and it is a matter of time before they all go out of business so they will jump at state control and state media jobs in exchange for job security that the market no longer provides.

Obama doesn't want to be questioned. He doesn't want to be held to any standard of success. He wants to do whatever it is he desires and have the media and the public accept as gospel anything he says even if it is in complete contradiction to all evidence before them.

Obama wants to be a soviet style dictator, the Dems want him to be one and so does the media.

Justrand- Yahoo News is es... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Justrand- Yahoo News is essentially an AP direct feed. The AP cannot compete in the internet age. They are headed for oblivion and they know it. The only hope for these organizations is a government who chooses who wins and loses in the market place.

Without a command economy these news organizations are all doomed. They will advocate any steps in that direction and will cover for Obama in any way they can as long as they believe that he will take them into a state controlled arrangement.

Obama's kryptonite? Freedom... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama's kryptonite? Freedom. For Obama to succeed he must destroy it.

"By 2011, the economy would... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"By 2011, the economy would be well on its way to recovery, growing at a 3.8 percent annual rate, according to the administration's mid-year economic review, released this morning."

So the administration is asking us to believe that the economy will grow faster than the long term average of 3.4% and will do so with the largest deficit ever and with the government taking over 17% of the economy (health care) and holding it to zero or even negative growth.

Fat chance.

I'd take Lex Luthor any day... (Below threshold)

I'd take Lex Luthor any day over this Superidiot!

Pretty reactionary stuff. ... (Below threshold)
Jack Noxious:

Pretty reactionary stuff. I bet you can't tell me in 100 words or less why you resort to name-calling where substance would be more useful.

I think Obama's kryptonite ... (Below threshold)

I think Obama's kryptonite is looking back at him in the mirror.

He's in over his head. He's charming and reads well. He knows how to employ Chicago style politics. Other than that, he's an empty suit and this is becoming increasingly apparent to more and more americans every day.

Just to clarify - that "myt... (Below threshold)

Just to clarify - that "myths" article is from something called "livescience" that Yahoo pulls from occasionally. Livescience is, in turn, some sort of subset of something called 'Imaginova'.

Most of Yahoo's news comes straight from the AP, but this one isn't. They also have reuters and AFP from time to time, which puts the lie to their claim that they have no control over what headlines show up on their front page (which is what they've told me when I've contacted them in the past).

Hank: you might think that,... (Below threshold)

Hank: you might think that, and yet, the Republicans are still a rudderless joke of a party with no prospects heading into 2010.

Not the first time I've asked: how many kittens would Obama have to eat on TV before John Boehner and Michael Steele would look appealing by comparison to non-wingnuts? I'd put the over/under at 9.

Hyper, your own healthcare ... (Below threshold)

Hyper, your own healthcare is imploding. Why don't you help them instead of pestering the grown ups. Also, you will never know the congressional republicans running, which there are many because Obama made the campaign easy. ww

Hyper - funny then how the ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hyper - funny then how the GOP leads the Dems in nearly every generic race across the country.

You're right there is no clear leader, but then again midway til an off year election they really don't need one and having one could at his point be a big negative in another year. We can ee how well it's working for the Dems.

Re: .."the Republicans are ... (Below threshold)

Re: .."the Republicans are still a rudderless joke of a party with no prospects heading into 2010."

Not sure about 2010 but as far as being rudderless, that may be a good thing right now. The dems are flailing about, unable to lead, and they'd like nothing better than to designate a new villain and go after them. Right now it's better for the repubs to step back and let Obama lead the dems off the cliff.

Only problem being that Obama can't lead.

hyper -Simply put,... (Below threshold)

hyper -

Simply put, the adults that SHOULD be running the country will never look appealing next those articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking morons actually destroying the country.

The adult-hating teen-agers in the US have been duped, and they (and their kids) will be the ones paying the tab; the culpability of Democrap media drones at foisting this mess on them should not be understated.

If they want OBAMA as SUPER... (Below threshold)

If they want OBAMA as SUPERMAN then where the RED KRYPTONITE?

HyperAs Jim M has ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


As Jim M has already pointed out, lots and lots of poles just now show Dems losing in generic races with Repub candidates. Given that reality, right now it's sufficient to just "not be a Democrat." It's still more than a year before we actually vote. Only the most threatened Democrats (such as Chris Dodd) are actively campaigning now.

Given all that, I just can't understand your abiding concern over the leadership of the Republican party. But I do find your thoughtfulness touching.

As it becomes more and more... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As it becomes more and more obvious that Obama has surrounded himself with a bunch of communists (his jobs czar is a self described 'radical marxist' and he himself has indicated that he does not believe capitalism works), and it will because why does he have advisers other than to take their advice, his popularity will plummet. Along with that the Dems hopes for sustaining or advancing their majority.

I do not believe that they will lose their majorities in either the House or Senate, but it will get closer.

I think your kryptonite ana... (Below threshold)

I think your kryptonite anallogy might be slightly off. Kryptonite was chunks of the plant krypton irriadiated by a huge explosion that sent Superman to Earth.
If Superman = Obama then
Huge Explosion = Ongoing Liberal Lies then
Krypton = Chicago politics.

Therefore Obama's Kryptonite is the mutation of Chicago politics on a national scale fueled by the Liberal lying media. If the Chicago politics had not gone national, there woould be no danger, if the liberal lying media hadn't kept repeating lies, Obama couldn't have made it to the white house.

Kryptonite is not the opposite of Superman's nature, it is where he came from, but more powerful than before.

A comic geek setting things straight.

Dwayne's got a point... e... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dwayne's got a point... everybody go read Alinski!

Right, but RED kryptonite d... (Below threshold)

Right, but RED kryptonite dies exist and has varying effects on Superman including complete loss of power. However it only works the once.

From wikipedia:

Superman has suffered the following random effects upon exposure to various pieces of red kryptonite: being turned into a dragon[volume & issue needed], a non-powered giant,[14] a dwarf[volume & issue needed], an ant-headed humanoid,[15] a lunatic[volume & issue needed], and an amnesiac[volume & issue needed]; being made unable to see anything colored green[volume & issue needed]; growing incredibly long hair, nails, and beard[8]; being rendered totally powerless[volume & issue needed]; growing fat[volume & issue needed]; gaining the ability to read thoughts[volume & issue needed]; growing a third eye in the back of his head[volume & issue needed]; losing his invulnerability along the left side of his body;[16] being split into an evil Superman and a good Clark Kent;[17] being split into young and old forms (Superboy and Superman)[volume & issue needed]; being rendered unable to speak or write anything but Kryptonese[volume & issue needed]; growing an extra set of arms[volume & issue needed]; becoming clumsy[volume & issue needed]; swapping bodies with the person nearest him upon exposure to it[18][volume & issue needed]; transferring his powers[volume & issue needed]; rapidly aging[volume & issue needed]; multiple personality changes[volume & issue needed]; and having his skin rendered transparent, overloading him with solar power.[volume & issue needed]

"the Republicans are still ... (Below threshold)

"the Republicans are still a rudderless joke of a party with no prospects heading into 2010."

For a 'rudderless joke of a party" Obama and the rest of the leftists all seem to be making a big deal of "Republican obstructionism".

So which is it? "Rudderless joke" or "Serious threat?" You must live in Obamaland where opposites can exist in the same time and place, and one can speak out of both sides of their mouth.

barry hussien being the fir... (Below threshold)

barry hussien being the first black prez is in fact historical...but Jackie Robinson he ain't!!

And then theres a certian M... (Below threshold)

And then theres a certian MILD MANNRED REPORTER working for the DAILY PLANET






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