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Obama's Coattails Are Getting Shorter

From Political Wire:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) [is] tied with three potential Republican challengers who have essentially non-existent name recognition.

Analysis: "The numbers of course are more a reflection on Lincoln's standing than that of the Republicans. Her approval rating is now 36%, with 44% of voters in the state disapproving of the job she's doing. That's a 13 point downward shift in her net approval rating, from 45/40 when we measured it in March. That largely tracks the 18 point decline in the President's popularity over that time."


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Comments (13)

But..but...but Barry wants ... (Below threshold)

But..but...but Barry wants them to line up "and take one for the Gipper."

Leadership is all about thinking of yourself first. Priorities, ya know.

I think this is part of the... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I think this is part of the first signs of an incredible run of bad news for the democrats.
People like Lincoln have to put some space between them and Obama. How do you do this? The easiest way is to start disavowing this current fiasco of a health care bill.

Well, there's a simple left... (Below threshold)
Dr. Carlo Lombardi:

Well, there's a simple lefty explanation for this.We all know that those Arkansas rednecks are racists.End of discussion.

Why, Kevin must be a racist... (Below threshold)

Why, Kevin must be a racist for even reporting this article, Carlo. They're everywhere, you know.

Yours in Obamitude,


Well, well.....Granny is a ... (Below threshold)

Well, well.....Granny is a gonna get her revenge! WTF! Racist rednecks vote? Unwashed peons just don't understand what's good for them. Let's join the Tea Party and advance democratic unemployment in 2010!

It would be Un-American not... (Below threshold)

It would be Un-American not to support Lincoln's opponent in 2010.

If being from Arkansas make... (Below threshold)

If being from Arkansas makes me a Redneck and a racist I will wear the titles proudly.

I have sent emails and letters to both my senators on several occasions. I always receive a reply from Senator Pryor that is somewhat related to the topic I was communicating about. Most of the time when I write to BL I either don't get any response at all or all I get is a blanket email totally unrelated to the subject.

Blanche Lincoln has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate, not far behind Bambi's record. The only reason she gets re-elected is because the Arkansas Republican party never offers any viable option in an opposing candidate.

She is the mother of twins. At the risk of sounding anti-feminist, I think it is time she stayed home to take care of her children.

(From a Razorback bitterly clinging to my guns, religion and healthcare)

If these Democrats suddenly... (Below threshold)

If these Democrats suddenly "see the light" and u-turn on health care I hope that people still vote them out. Too little too late, they already showed their true colors when they pushed for it in the beginning; those colors were mostly Red.

Too late to turn back now o... (Below threshold)

Too late to turn back now on health scare and every other so called stimulis plan ( code word for lobbyist payoffs )that these greedy politicians like LB crammed down our throats.

We have no use for the rhinos either. In fact they are worse.

Contrary to your post's tit... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

Contrary to your post's title, Obama's coattails are still quite long.

As he plunges over the popularity cliff, he's taking all the other Democrats down with him.

Big O! that was brilliant r... (Below threshold)

Big O! that was brilliant reasoning.

I have just about had it with the condescending and smarmy reporting being produced by the so-called mainstream media. My cat has a more neutral point of view than they do! All us "little people" are supposed to just quietly genuflect and go along with a program they have so carefully crafted for us. Horse manure. Unlike these so-called lawmakers who don't remember that they serve at OUR pleasure, I have complete faith in the American people. Once aroused, there is nothing taming their fury.

I think part of the problem... (Below threshold)

I think part of the problem the left is having (aside from the obvious, that this is a total mess of a 'plan') is that they've lost the trust of the people.

We'll put up with a heck of a lot of sacrifice IF WE HAVE TO. And you've got to admit, the left is doing its level best to convince us we MUST pass this... mess.

But the reasons simply aren't compelling, and the projected cost is WAY too high for the projected nebulous benefit. "We'll save money if we do this." is met with a "How?" - and the answer usually is on the order of "Oh, look! Something shiny over there!"

And then you get rampant demonstrations of government ineptitude - the problems with the Stimulus bill, the problems with Cash for Clunkers - and you get to a point where you're seriously thinking "They can't even handle something like C4C without making it insanely complicated, terribly slow, and VERY paperwork intensive - what possibility do we have of getting a rational health care system out of these people?"

But Obama doesn't really have a choice, does he? He's committed to trying to push this through - and if he fails, he's going to have a heck of a time with any further 'emergencies' down the line.

We'll sacrifice if we have to - but there's been too many calls for too much money for too little good. Support is waning - and I don't think things will be getting better for Obama.

Tom Cotton may run.<p... (Below threshold)

Tom Cotton may run.

You should read about Tom Cotton.






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