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Will Kennedy's Death Bring About a Wellstone Spectacle for Health Care?

As Kevin noted below Ted Kennedy died. My condolences to the Kennedy family.

It seems the left is intent on debasing Kennedy's death with a concerted effort to manipulate the American people into supporting Obama's health care reform. Will it work or will it turn into a Paul Wellstone spectacle with similar results? Considering how pissed the American people are at the left and the Democrats for trying to shove this down their thoats, I have a feeling they won't appreciate this new push for a government take-over of health care recycled and presented to them in Kennedy wrapping. It's crass, cynical, and simply disgusting.

But Kennedy was not above crass, cynical, and disgusting politics himself. The Democrats in Massachusetts are already a bit embarrassed because Kennedy asked them, again, to change the state laws to suit him and his wishes:

In the letter, dated July 2, Mr. Kennedy asked lawmakers to amend the state's rules and grant the governor the power to appoint his successor until a special election could be held.

"It is vital for this Commonwealth to have two voices speaking for the needs of its citizens and two votes in the Senate during the approximately five months between a vacancy and a special election," he wrote.

While Massachusetts voters would probably vote in another Democratic senator, any delays caused by a special election could hinder efforts by the party to corral the 60 votes needed in the United States Senate to move health care legislation forward.

But the effort to find a quick replacement for Mr. Kennedy may prove complicated. In the week before his death, reaction in Boston to his request ranged from muted to hostile. The state's Democrats found themselves in the awkward position of being asked to reverse their own 2004 initiative calling for special elections in such instances.

Until that year, Massachusetts law had called for the governor to appoint a temporary replacement if a Senate seat became vacant. But when Senator John Kerry, a Democrat, was running for president in 2004, the Democrat-controlled State Legislature wanted to deny the governor at the time -- Mitt Romney, a Republican -- the power to name a successor if Mr. Kerry won. The resulting law requires a special election within 145 to 160 days after the vacancy occurs.

"The hypocrisy is astounding," the state House minority leader, Bradley H. Jones Jr., told The Boston Globe on Thursday. "If we had a Republican governor right now, would we be getting the same letter?"

The hypocrisy, hubris, and entitlement are all astounding. Kennedy expected the Massachusetts legislature to bow obligingly and fulfill his wishes as if they were his servants. Bow obligingly is what Obama and the Democrats want the American people to do regarding health care. It's nothing short of monarchical, but I predict the American people will resist the "we know what's better for you" elitist push once again.

The Anchoress has much to say about Kennedy's death and purgatory.


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Comments (71)

"...democrats are embarrass... (Below threshold)

"...democrats are embarrassed..."

Sorry, but if democrats were capable of embarrassment, they would not be able to leave their HOMES in the morning. Remember the 2 absolute requirements for being a leftist: utter hypocrisy and thorough shamelessness.

He was a Kennedy by God the... (Below threshold)

He was a Kennedy by God they were his servants and should have immediately obeyed his request, at least in his mind. Would be great if a health bill lost by one vote in the senate now, don't ya think. mpw

This just shows that, in de... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

This just shows that, in death -- just as in life -- hate lives in the hearts of many of our fellow Americans.


Theater? Of course it will,... (Below threshold)

Theater? Of course it will, dims are all about style, never substance.

Let the moron libs try...it... (Below threshold)

Let the moron libs try...it is not going to work...and will probably have the opposite effect. Americans care about their own healthcare not about a crass, hateful man..

Senator Kennedy has assumed... (Below threshold)

Senator Kennedy has assumed room temperature and is now facing the incorruptible and final Judge. M.J. Kopechne is on the jury!

You confuse hate with disli... (Below threshold)

You confuse hate with dislike or disagreement, Vic. But then, you've never been taught otherwise, have you?

" The most unethical of ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

" The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means....the end justifies almost any means" -Alinski Rules for Radicals p25, 29

For the Dems to not use his death for political ends would be immoral in their own view. The only moral/ethical rule is this: It doesn't matter what you do as long as you get what you want. Other than that there are no rules for Obama and the Dems.

#3. "This just shows that, ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

#3. "This just shows that, in death -- just as in life -- hate lives in the hearts of many of our fellow Americans."

I don't know by what means Vic is able to see into the deceased T. Kennedy's heart, but it's quite a special ability.

In which other dead Americans are you seeing living hate, Vic?

Jim's right again. He's ide... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Jim's right again. He's identified a corollary of the Dem rule "Never let an emergency to to waste."

Poor VIC, if you don't wors... (Below threshold)

Poor VIC, if you don't worship at the House Of Kennedy you must be filled with hate. Nice try, what's next when the guilt trip doesn't work?

Kennedy was a pompous ass. Kennedy was 'all for the little guy', as long as it didn't cost him anything. He used his political connections and family money to cover up a felony DUI and manslaughter case. The Kopechne family was essentially told "This is Massachusetts, you won't see him convicted of anything (other than failing to report an accident), so take the money and shut up".

Yeah VIC, I'm all broken up. America has lost so much. Now if Sheets Byrd would just shuffle off it would round out an outstanding week, especially given the economic numbers coming out of the White House after a month of embargo.

Grinding your teeth yet, VIC? "Best and brightest administration ever". Haven't been right on one economic estimate yet.

Go back and get some more 'talking point's from Howie Dean.

Vic - it's not about hate. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Vic - it's not about hate. But it is about the vulgar attempt to use absolutely anything for political gain.

It is about the American people not being fooled by some sop to emotionality to accept a health care plan they are deeply against. If anything I believe that the public is savvy enough to see this as the callous ploy that it is.

American distrust of politicians is arguably at an all time high. They are seeing through the machinations of the pols.

Oh, and VIC, I sent a lette... (Below threshold)

Oh, and VIC, I sent a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, suggesting that the state change the Senatorial Succession Law as follows:

"To avoid repeatedly having to change the succession law to please the Kennedy family, in future succession will be whatever the Kennedy family says it is."

Speaking of succession, which Kennedy family member will now be elevated to the ancestral Senate seat?

Hey let's look at he bright... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hey let's look at he bright side: Now that Kennedy has passed, maybe Massachusetts can get that wind farm and clean green energy they've been wanting that Kennedy blocked because it might affect his view from his beach home.

Liberalism for thee, but not for me must be the Kennedy credo.

Couple of points.T... (Below threshold)

Couple of points.

The dems never ever miss an opportunity to employ emotion when trying to sway public opinion or pass legislation. For dems, the death of Ted Kennedy is indeed tragic, but more so, it's a chance to use this event for political gain.

Ted would approve.

As to the Ma Law. As Kim points points out, it is hypocrisy of the highest order. Screw the law (that Ted lead the charge to change), there's politics to be played. And for the dems in Ma., and nationally, nothing trumps politics. Power is all that matters to them, laws, principles and integrity be damned.

Ted Kennedy has by now alre... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy has by now already received his final judgement. I cannot imagine that judgement being to Teddy's liking, but I won't presume to know the Lodr's mind on this.

On the subject of the Dems using this as a combination Michael Jackson distraction, and Paul Wellstone hootenanny...I believe they will indeed do both. Shameless? Sure. But that won't slow them down.

This is from the post at Th... (Below threshold)

This is from the post at The Anchoress that was linked by Kim:

And already on Twitter, the Obamacare proponents are insisting that Kennedy's death will "give Obama the push he needs, to pass his plan."

Well...maybe. But Kennedy's death -outside of the coastal enclaves- will not have the drama and sentimental heft some might expect. Given a grim diagnosis in May of 2008, Kennedy managed, with the help of some of the best care available, to see another Christmas, another spring and even another summer. It's entirely possible that what Kennedy's death will really do is bring into stark relief the fact that under Obamacare, this overweight 77 year-old man with liking for the drink would probably have faced treatment rationing and an offer for "physician aid-in-dying". Kennedy's death will emphasize yet again that our elected "public servants" enjoy one of the best health insurance plans in the world, while they are trying to force something much less comprehensive (and life-affirming) onto their constituents.

I think she nailed it. Ted Kennedy is not widely loved by mainstream America. There won't be an outpouring of tears like we saw with the tragic deaths (now 40+ years ago, anyway) of JFK and RFK. And we should not be afraid to directly ask any Democrat who tries to push a "Kennedy Memorial Health Bill" -- what kind of treatment would Senator Kennedy himself, 77 years old, overweight, with a history of alcoholism and related health issues, have been given under the provisions of your bill?

Sentiment and fear are probably the two worst reasons to support legislation. Liberals ripped George W. Bush a new one for supposedly using fear to force the Patriot Act through Congress. We should call them out if they try to use sentiment to drum up support for a deeply flawed, poorly understood health reform bill that will have a far greater negative impact on Americans than anything that ever came out of the Bush Administration.

A liberal circle jerk of We... (Below threshold)

A liberal circle jerk of Wellstonian proportions, with Pelosi as the pivot queen.

In reverence to and in ligh... (Below threshold)

In reverence to and in light of the events surrounding Senator Kennedy's death. We are renaming this bill the Edward Kennedy Healthcare Initiative.

In reverence to an... (Below threshold)
In reverence to and in light of the events surrounding Senator Kennedy's death. We are renaming this bill the Edward Kennedy Healthcare Initiative.
...and constructing a new health facility made entirely out of Oldmobile 88's obtained through the Cash for Clunkers program.
This just shows th... (Below threshold)
This just shows that, in death -- just as in life -- hate lives in the hearts of many of our fellow Americans.

You think this is bad? You must be easily offended. If it's hate you're looking for, just wait until Dick Cheney or George Bush pass away. Your butt buddies over at Kos are going to make Wizbang look like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood -- just like they did when Tony Snow and Ronald Reagan died.

Kennedy crossed the aisle a... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Kennedy crossed the aisle and forged legislation that crossed political boundaries and helped all Americans.

This answers Priestap's question.

"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." -Ted Kennedy

That's his legacy, and your hate won't strip that away -- it just makes our resolve that much stronger.


This is like the perfect st... (Below threshold)

This is like the perfect storm. Obamalala sinking like a swamped ship on the water and a liberal icon passing with country recoiling from social fascism. I hope they keep it up it's working great.

I very strongly dislike pri... (Below threshold)

I very strongly dislike privilidged, corrupt people of power no matter what their political bent. Obviously Vic doesn't mind. I strongly dislike people in power who use their power for personal wealth and expect the governed to live by different laws then those that govern. I am sure Vic does not mind. I am against people of power abusing, hurting or even killing woman with no consequences, but I suppose Vic doesn't mind that.

It is obviously certain that the left doesn't care what harm comes to people as long as they are democrat. Nice. Vic, who is the hater? ww

When you are able to sit on... (Below threshold)

When you are able to sit on a thrown of wealth, not of your own making, ordering unobtrusive vistas through inherited power and influence, it is easy to look at the struggling masses, working long hours, making very difficult, heartbreaking decisions, wishing that they had more.

As a friend I understand he was generous, thoughtful and kind. As a politician, other then his stand on civil rights, he was very good at giving away other peoples hard earned dollars to acquire a compassionate legislative label for himself.

Robert "KKK" Bryd wants Oba... (Below threshold)

Robert "KKK" Bryd wants Obamacare to become Teddycare. I like Teddybearcare. Not feeling well? Here's a Teddybear. That's about all you will get because, we have all these people to take care of. We have to "spread" it around a little more. Feeling better now?

Ted Kennedy has WAY too muc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Ted Kennedy has WAY too much baggage to hope to tie health care to his death and hope that it will pass on some swelling of emotion.

Kennedy couldn't get the nomination for president years ago because of that baggage and it hasn't lessened appreciably since.

The public saw the Wellstone memorial as the crass manipulation that it was. This will be no different either in its crassness or in the public seeing it that way.

The attempt to circumvent the law in Massachusetts has already generated a storm of protest. If anything, the nonstop grasping for power by the Dems has severely damaged their ability to crassly exploit this event.

Vic - You may choose to rem... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Vic - You may choose to remember Kennedy that way. There is much in his legacy that is not as lofty sounding or as pretty. That's the nature of the world I'm afraid and none escape it being universally loved.

I would hazard to guess that even some of the liberal persuasion are less grieved by his passing as they are thrilled by the opportunity to exploit his death for political gain.

You may find the criticism of him to be sick. I find the other equally if not more distasteful.

"The thing I find hardest t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"The thing I find hardest to tolerate is hypocrisy, especially when it takes the form of a sentimental regard for the dead just because they *are* dead. To hear some people talk, you'd think dying was limited to the chosen few. " -- Howarth from "To Serve Them All My Days"

"In reverence to and in lig... (Below threshold)

"In reverence to and in light of the events surrounding Senator Kennedy's death. We are renaming this bill the Edward Kennedy Healthcare Initiative."

Why not. A POS legislation, named in honor of a POS.

Sorry, VIC, but as your pal Michael Moore likes to say "The truth often hurts".

Victory is Ours wrote:... (Below threshold)

Victory is Ours wrote:

That's his legacy, and your hate won't strip that away -- it just makes our resolve that much stronger.

Waaa, waaa, waaa. His legacy was forged when, faced with a crisis of his own making at Chappaquiddick, he bravely ran away, leaving his passenger to die. That was his defining moment, and it doesn't matter how well he managed to take other people's money away through taxes to fund his left wing agenda over the years after that. He was a letch and a cheat.

A perfect model for a liberal hero. No wonder you're so choked up.

Hey VIC:And no one... (Below threshold)

Hey VIC:

And no one's even brought up the cheating scandal at Harvard, which resulted in his expulsion. But he got back in, I'm sure on his own merit....not his name or family money.

Then there's the brief period when someone kept the ancestral family Senate seat warm for two years until young Teddy was old enough to move up from the house.

Yep, just a hard working guy all his life.

Yep, just a hard working... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yep, just a hard working guy all his life.--

Except for the fact that he never actually held a real job and only ever ran for office.

I'm curious as to how the f... (Below threshold)

I'm curious as to how the funeral of a "man" that killed a woman, used his connections to avoid responsibility, and turned his life into a constant affront to justice, could possibly be "debased."

The Anchoress has much t... (Below threshold)

The Anchoress has much to say about Kennedy's death and purgatory.

Queen Koo-Koo-Bananas wants to tell you all about a magical place that isn't hot, but isn't cold; isn't happy, but isn't sad...

Any other links to superstitious bloggers explaining their pet superstitions that you'd care to share?

Talk about chutzpah. Now th... (Below threshold)

Talk about chutzpah. Now the Kennedy family wants to bury Swimmer in Arlington National Cemetery, alongside his three brothers. Jeez isn't Arlington supposed to be reserved for the veterans and soldiers who served with valor? Swimmer did not even serve in the reserves. Can you imagine the squall, if George W Bush was to be buried there? The left would go totally ballistic.

I guess asking that people ... (Below threshold)

I guess asking that people of Massachusettes strap him in a 1969 Oldsmobile and push him off a bridge would be asking too much, huh?

Still, it does have a poetic justice feel to it.

Arlington is a place to hon... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Arlington is a place to honor our soldiers. If we start letting in anyone who has good connections the honor is meaningless.

But then again, liberals don't think serving your nation in the military is honorable so perhaps that IS their point.

seagrams is gettin hit hard... (Below threshold)

seagrams is gettin hit hard today

Hyperbolist - typical liber... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hyperbolist - typical liberal. You can criticize Christianity in the vulgarest of ways, but you won't say word one against islam. You know they would just as soon slit your throat in the street like they did to Theo Van Gogh if you did.

You have courage when insulting those who will forgive, but you are a coward otherwise.

hyper, Are you alw... (Below threshold)


Are you always a religous bigot or just today?

But, since you asked, here's another link http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/278298 from a true believer.

Never let a crisis/tragedy/... (Below threshold)

Never let a crisis/tragedy/useful media coverage/convenient death go to waste.

Hyperbolist translated: I ... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist translated: I don't care what the Anchoress said and I have nothing to offer in regard to the actual subject. I'm just here to remind you that I'm still here and still an asshole.

the SCREECHING from the Lef... (Below threshold)

the SCREECHING from the Left to "Pass ObamaCare for Teddy!" is already reaching obscene levels.

Chris Mathews linked the mood of the country now, to the mood of the country when JFK was shot. Splendid! Of course, JFK was shot by an awowed Communist...but nothing is going to keep Mathews from suggesting that those who oppose HellCare are DANGEROUS!

When Kennedy crossed the ai... (Below threshold)

When Kennedy crossed the aisle it was never to lessen his Progressive ideals, it was reaching out to Republicans that had no morals and were willing to prostitute themselves for political favor/gain.

Sorry, again I am sorry that his family has lost one of their own. That is where my empathy ends; I do not hold the man himself in any regard, however I am trying desperately not to spit on his grave by posting vile remarks about the man.

Let the dead lye, there is no reason for me to speak badly about him any longer because those who do not like him never will, and those that do will never admit to his faults and quasi-evil acts.

We are not his judges now, though I suppose many Progressives don't believe he will be judged in an afterlife at all.

"Kennedy was a pompous a... (Below threshold)
914 Mary jo We love You:

"Kennedy was a pompous ass"

Right GarandFan.. Now Hes just a Pompous memory.

"Never let a good crisis go... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"

Hmmmm, just wondering, is it just a coincidence that the POTUS is vacationing at Martha's Vinyard when old Ted crosses over? What perfect timing and setting for Obama to make a passionate pitch for Obamacare to "go and win one for the Teddy"

krkrjak, it would not surpr... (Below threshold)

krkrjak, it would not surprise me in the slightest if Teddy decided to go the assisted-suicide route as part of this. By all accounts he had only a few days, weeks at the most, to live. Stage-managing his death would be just like the Dems.

We will NEVER know.

For those still wondering a... (Below threshold)

For those still wondering about the answer to the post title - the answer is 'yes'. MoveOn has just sent out the following:

Tomorrow, let's re-commit ourselves to achieving the thing that mattered most to him: Quality, affordable health care for every single American.

Moseby, you own me a monito... (Below threshold)

Moseby, you own me a monitor. I spit my iced tea out after reading your comment. Very funny. ww

"Tomorrow, let's re-commit ... (Below threshold)

"Tomorrow, let's re-commit ourselves to achieving the thing that mattered most to him."

Finding a drink, getting laid, and spending taxpayer money. But not necessarily in that order.


Its so sad that he died he ... (Below threshold)

Its so sad that he died he was such a great person..

Its so sad that he died ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Its so sad that he died he was such a great person..

This just in... Breaking news....

Death rate remains at 100%. Rich and Powerful still mortal

For many Ted Kennedy embodied corruption and the abuse of power. If he was great any such greatness was equaled if not overshadowed by his corruption. Ironic that of the 4 Kennedy brothers the one with arguably the least talent should be the one who would be given the most opportunity and do the least with it.

WSJ also noting that the an... (Below threshold)

WSJ also noting that the answer to this question is an unequivocal 'yes':

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office sent an email to reporters at around 2:30 a.m. today, just hours after his death, calling for the passage of health care overhaul. "Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration," the statement read.

Reuters says it ain't gonna... (Below threshold)
jim m:
Would good does health care... (Below threshold)
914 Mary jo We love You:

Would good does health care do if Your the victim of a drunken Kennedy? Nancy You hypocrite..

"Kennedy was 'all for t... (Below threshold)

"Kennedy was 'all for the little guy', as long as it didn't cost him anything."

He was also "all for" wind farms for us peons, but not so much for those proposed for Cape Cod.

"Ted Kennedy's dream of qua... (Below threshold)

"Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration,"

Earth to Nancy, earth to Nancy....the peon's aren't buying it.....go home to your mansion and vineyard and STFU!

"Ted Kennedy's dream of qua... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration,"

Is Nancy saying that he's a better leader now than he was before he died? Sounds like it.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Co... (Below threshold)

Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn on Teddy's death, "You know, I hope it would remind people to calm down," Dodd said. "This screaming that's going on is not helpful." Dodd added that he hopes Kennedy's passing will "cause people to take a breath, step back, and start talking with each other again in -- in more civil tones about what needs to be done, because that's what Teddy would do." He added, "my hope is that those who have strong feelings on this issue will not allow their strong feelings to turn into demagoguery, to turn into, sort of, scathing, blisteral rantings that don't contribute to the ultimate debate and the conclusion, and that is that we as a country need to do better."


Dodd, do you mean like "evil mongers?" "Racists?" "Mobs?" and "Astortuffers?"

Oh, wait.. that be your side, and it damn sure started before Fat Boy's death.

I think the most offensive ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think the most offensive thing is he left's immediate assumption that the rest of us will just roll over and let them pass whatever legislation they want because it will be in Kennedy's name.

It's called principles you dolts. And a normal person doesn't give up their principles at the drop of a hat (or a senator). The left doesn't understand that because they don't hold principled positions. Everything is conditioned on their need for advantage and power.

One wonders by the rapidity... (Below threshold)
jim m:

One wonders by the rapidity with which Pelosi and Reid came out with statements proclaiming a renewed push for the health care bill if they did not have this whole effort prescripted in anticipation of Kennedy's demise.

Harry the mortician and Nan... (Below threshold)

Harry the mortician and Nancy the skank anticipate how much tax dollar theivery they can connive out of any given occurence..So yes they anticipated with baited breath and now can bottom feed off their saints sacrifice and never ending need for government growth.

Sorry for the typo your ska... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the typo your skankness nancy, that was meant to read "tax dollar revenue" Not thievery. ha ha ha

"Will Kennedy's Death Bring... (Below threshold)

"Will Kennedy's Death Bring About a Wellstone Spectacle for Healthcare?"

Do fat babies fart?

"Fat Boy"? Marc: you're a h... (Below threshold)

"Fat Boy"? Marc: you're a horrible person, but as an atheist, I'm glad you're taking every advantage of your fleeting time on this sorry planet to do and say whatever the fuck you feel like. Seriously, kudos for that. Just don't eat any baby penguins in front of your kids, yeah? Society can only sustain so many sociopaths.

Whos "Fat Boy"? Lo... (Below threshold)

Whos "Fat Boy"?

Lookie , if you take dodd the dodo's wikipedia searched and tele approved insertion of "blisteral" and rearrange the letters just so.. you get? Thats right "liberals".. With an extra T left over just for teddy.

Thats so touching of him.

"Marc, your a horrible person. But as an atheist"

If your an atheist there is no one above us.. And that means no rules , no moral authority and no right or wrong. Because each person is his own god. There is no ultimate accountability. At least, you pray there is not. So I can call you a horrible person and it carries the same weight.

"If your an atheist ther... (Below threshold)

"If your an atheist there is no one above us.. And that means no rules , no moral authority and no right or wrong. Because each person is his own god."

That about sums it up. And in the words of Gagdad Bob: a man who is his own god has a fool for a worshipper.

If your an atheist there... (Below threshold)

If your an atheist there is no one above us.. And that means no rules , no moral authority and no right or wrong.

Stupidest thing I've read all day. Not entirely surprising, though I would expect someone who acts as though she's at least halfway intelligent--Oyster--not to buy into this idiotic caricature.

You two are aware that we have laws, right? Just because they are prescribed by man, does not make them any less "real" than those you imagine to have been scrawled upon the fabric of the universe by [insert your deity/deities of choice]. Some atheists might be moral relativists, but then so too are some Christians (though they claim not to be). You're talking about nihilism, though, 914, and conflating that with atheism. They're very different, and now you know!

Would have thought that Oyster would have known better, but I guess that shows that you can be witty and articulate but still have no idea what they hell you're talking about from time to time.

hyper - ""Fat Boy"? Mar... (Below threshold)

hyper - ""Fat Boy"? Marc: you're a horrible person, but as an atheist, I'm glad you're taking every advantage of your fleeting time on this sorry planet to do and say whatever the fuck you feel like."

Thanks for noticing, but as you know I'm not just "horrible" I'm a full-blown asshole.

hyper - "Seriously, kudos for that. Just don't eat any baby penguins in front of your kids, yeah? Society can only sustain so many sociopaths."

Sorry my supply of penguins is running low, I'm headed up north the club so of your seals. After I buy the kids new clubs of course.

This just shows that, in... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

This just shows that, in death -- just as in life -- hate lives in the hearts of many of our fellow Americans.

Yeah, I think the past eight years pretty much defined that. Thanks for your input, now fuck off.






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