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Memorial Immemorial


Byrd: Rename health care bill for Kennedy

Ailing Senator Robert Byrd, one of only two to have served longer than Kennedy, suggests in an emotional statement renaming the pending health care legislation for the late Massachusetts Senator:

Does anybody else see any symbolism in the Democrats renaming their Health Care plan after a guy who just died?


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Now that's symbolism I can ... (Below threshold)

Now that's symbolism I can get my head around... just like Sisyphus leaving his boulder as a legacy to the American people.

I think it is even more iro... (Below threshold)
Bill Long:

I think it is even more ironic that under Obamacare, Kennedy would likely NOT have been able to receive the cancer surgery and treatment that he received -- he would have been too old and the cost/benefit ratio too high.

Bill Long.. not quite accur... (Below threshold)

Bill Long.. not quite accurate. Kennedy would have received the care because he was politically connected. It's the rest of us that would be affected under ObamaGovernmentCare(TM).

Hey, remember that John Edw... (Below threshold)

Hey, remember that John Edwards tried to use Christopher Reeve during the '04 election re: embryonic stem cell research. It's only one small step from that to this sort of pandering.

Maybe it is good symbolism.... (Below threshold)

Maybe it is good symbolism. Maybe Obamacare is being re-named because it is dead too.

Well, naming a POS legislat... (Below threshold)

Well, naming a POS legislation for a POS politician sounds about right.

What's the new name then?</... (Below threshold)

What's the new name then?

Care for Clunkers?

Mary Jo Kopechne had no com... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Mary Jo Kopechne had no comment on the matter.

The 92 year old Byrd also b... (Below threshold)

The 92 year old Byrd also believes it is 1929 and calls Michelle Obama "mommy."

Let's bury the Hero of Chap... (Below threshold)

Let's bury the Hero of Chappaquiddick and the Deathcare Bill at the same time.
Two Cremations on one Furnace charge. Good for the Environment.

Here in Oklahoma City, our ... (Below threshold)

Here in Oklahoma City, our major airports are named after Will Rogers (commercial traffic) and Wiley Post (private aircraft/FAA-designated relief airport) -- both of whom died together in a tragic 1935 airplane crash. That's something to think about the next time you fly into, or out of, OKC.

wasn't there a comment some... (Below threshold)

wasn't there a comment somewhere last year
by one of our high quality dems about putting lipstick on a pig?

The democrat's would prop T... (Below threshold)

The democrat's would prop Ted Kennedy's remains up for display if it would raise money or pass their legistation. They have no class and are very crass. ww

"The democrat's would prop ... (Below threshold)

"The democrat's would prop Ted Kennedy's remains up for display if it would raise money or pass their legislation."

Don't see why not, he self-pickled years ago. Just hang an air freshner nearby to kill the booze fumes.

A failed plan for a failed ... (Below threshold)

A failed plan for a failed Man..

Yeah, sounds about right.

What the heck..From now on ... (Below threshold)

What the heck..From now on I will refer to Him as...Mr. Pickle.

I think there should be Ken... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

I think there should be Kennedy memorial law. Perhaps an infrastructure bill to strengthen the guard rails on the nations bridges.

Now I see the reason for so... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Now I see the reason for so many articles here regarding the Kennedy memorial, etc.

You guys haven't used up all the hilarious "jokes" you've been saving up ever since you heard the man was terminal. Classy.






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