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Sure It's Funny, But It's Probably A Fake

Yes, someone was out in Tyson's Corner this morning claiming to be paying penance for cheating on his wife. The story is making the rounds on cable news and the wires.

Something just feels fake about the story. So far things aren't off to a good start for William Taylor of Centerville, VA, as there's no phone listing for a William or Bill Taylor in Centerville. I'm pretty certain this will eventually turn out to have been a stunt for some company or radio program.

Scorned Wife Exacts Revenge on Hubby, Entertains Us [NBC4]


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Comments (6)

This reminds me of shots of... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of shots of kids with signs saying "I Stole" or "I smoked pot" sitting outside of moms work.

I would do it to win back my wife, but I agree that this looks fake.

This is far off topic, unle... (Below threshold)

This is far off topic, unless the topic is "fake."

"1 suspect in custody following Dem HQ vandalism in Denver."

The lefty blogs and forums - not to mention State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak - were oh soooo quick to place blame for this vandalism of some gun toting, bible thumping repub/conservative.

It JUST has to be a "mobster" right?

Sorry, it was a card carrying dem and member of Colorado Citizens Coalition.

FWIW, the guy was on the ra... (Below threshold)

FWIW, the guy was on the radio here this morning and said that the name "William Taylor" was a fake name and that he didn't want to reveal his identity.

It was in the Fredericksbur... (Below threshold)

It was in the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star newspaper this morning. I am starting to believe that it is true.

Its too bad they didnt make... (Below threshold)

Its too bad they didnt make BILL CLINTON do this for being a adulterer and a traitor

The SCARLET LETTER for all ... (Below threshold)

The SCARLET LETTER for all liberals like BILL CLINTON






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