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The Most Horrible Thing You'll Read All Day

This quote by Phillip Garrido, the man (along with his wife) who was arrested for kidnapping and confining Jaycee Dugard in his backyard for 18 years. In addition to kidnapping her, he raped her and sired two children who were also kept in confinement.

"In the end, this is going to be a powerful, heartwarming story. My life has been straightened out" in recent years, he said. "Wait till you hear the story of what took place at this house. You're going to be absolutely impressed. It's a disgusting thing that took place with me at the beginning, but I turned my life completely around."

The only way the story turns out heartwarming is if it ends with 50,000 volts of electricity...

Gawker links to the Google Maps of the compound.


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Comments (42)

If you switch to street vie... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If you switch to street view you can take a virtual drive around the block. What a shit hole of a neighborhood, but still you got to wonder how could someone live in that backyard with two children of their own with no neighbor ever seeing them? It turns out at least one neighbor was suspicious.

Robinson [a neighbor of the Garridos for three years] also said he thought people were living in the Garridos' back yard. Other neighbors shared the same suspicions, and all of them don't remember anyone resembling Dugard being seen around the house.

While he wouldn't speculate on the situation, Robinson said he called the Sheriff's Office to investigate what he considered suspicious circumstances. Nothing came out of the sheriff's visit, he said.

Now I suspect the deputies that made that visit are going to be given the 5th degree and maybe even be exposed to second hand smoke (a CIA torture technique) to figure out how they missed three people living in tents in the back yard. Apparently, the Sheriff's Office doesn't use Google in such investigations.

Get this...

Robinson recalled that Phillip Garrido once told him that "he had a machine that can hear the voices in your head."

Of course it only works with Phillip Garrido.

Least anyone think Garrido's wife is a victim herself, Garrido was in prison for about 5 months in 1993, two years after Dugard was kidnapped. If she were a victim herself she could have called the cops while her husband was in jail and he would have never seen the light of day again.

But he took care of her for... (Below threshold)
retired military:

But he took care of her for 18 years. Gave her a place to live, health care, food. I mean he is a saint according to the liberal mind set.

All that other stuff shouldnt matter. I mean after all she got free health care.

If anybody wants to read Ph... (Below threshold)

If anybody wants to read Phillip Garrido's blog, here it is.


But he took care of her ... (Below threshold)

But he took care of her for 18 years. Gave her a place to live, health care, food. I mean he is a saint according to the liberal mind set.

No but he has one thing in common with the right. He is a religous fanatic.

Tina,What an assho... (Below threshold)


What an asshole thing to say.

No but he has one ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
No but he has one thing in common with the right. He is a religous fanatic.

Sorry, but since Jeremiah Wright came on the scene as Obama's mentor and spiritual advisor the term "religious fanatic" is wholly owned by the left.

Brad,Did I say som... (Below threshold)


Did I say something that was not true or just point out something you don't want to hear.

Tina doesn't care, Brad. Sh... (Below threshold)

Tina doesn't care, Brad. She's been well indoctrinated and has her talking points memorized. The right, to her, is one monolithic block that believes all the same things - so one 'religious nut' means all the folks who AREN'T firm adherents to her beliefs believe the same way.

It makes things much easier for her - after all, individual responsibility is just SO passe', and she certainly doesn't have the TIME to actually think about what she spews!

By the way, Tina - thanks f... (Below threshold)

By the way, Tina - thanks for that link. He's a friggin' nutcase - and here I thought it'd be hard to find someone more crazy than the 9/111 truthers and the 'free energy' and UFO believers.

Sorry, but since Jeremia... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but since Jeremiah Wright came on the scene as Obama's mentor and spiritual advisor the term "religious fanatic" is wholly owned by the left.

Mac Lorry,

A major difference is that republican politicians pander to religous fantatics and attempt to legislate Christianity.

It is useful Tina to unders... (Below threshold)

It is useful Tina to understand the man wasn't
"religious" when he took the girl. Probably had Clinton memorabilia in the car. After all, he was also a sex abuser. ww

TinaSo you have a ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


So you have a nutcase posting something on a blog for a fly by night "church" and you associate him with the religous right.

Yet you mention nothing of Obama's association with fruitcakes like Rev Wright whose church he went to for 20 years but apparantly never heard anything he said in sermons even though Rev Wright was his mentor.

Then you state this

"A major difference is that republican politicians pander to religous fantatics and attempt to legislate Christianity."

When you see Obama, Hillary, Kerry , Edwards, and Bill Clinton all using churches as backdrops in political speeches. In addition, noone has tried to "Legislate christianity". If anything the opposite is true and you have the left trying to legislate God out of existence.

Give us a break. You are making crap up. You had Nancy Pelosi and Kerry trying to clarify the Catholic churches views on Abortion. You had Ted Kennedy and his brothers loudly proclaimed as having to go through trials and tribulations due to being Catholics, etc.

As usual what you present as facts are nothing more than liberal blatherings and DNC talking points.

I was wrong for grouping re... (Below threshold)

I was wrong for grouping religous people on the right with Phillip Garrido. I went too far in doing so, I appologize.

A major difference... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
A major difference is that republican politicians pander to religous fantatics and attempt to legislate Christianity.

No doubt you consider every true Christian a religious fanatic, but in doing so you become a religious bigot. Of course that's the kind of bigots that democratic politicians pander to.

This man is so narcissitic ... (Below threshold)

This man is so narcissitic and evil, I am suprised he doesn't have a cabinet post already!

50,000 volts of electricity really isn't enough for this man, he should be turned over to the dugard family for 18 years.

TinaS thank you for apologi... (Below threshold)

TinaS thank you for apologizing! Do you have any idea how much credit you just gained in my eyes? I wish more from your side could admit when they made mistakes and do so with humility.

Even though I still don't agree with your politics, I will no longer be dismissing your comments offhand. Please pass on to your friends what a difference it makes to think before posting and admiting when you went too far.

I try to do the same when I get too worked up and post something wrongly. I am still apologizing for anything I might have said about TK when all I meant to do was say I was praying for his family and friends.

Back on topic: Nutcase plain and simple, unfortunately that means he wont be getting anything near the punishment he deserves. Just because someone is crazy doesn't mean they should get away with things that would put normal men in prison. If they are insane enough to commit the crime with no remorse, then they should not be locked in a mental facility...

Bloody hell, did this threa... (Below threshold)

Bloody hell, did this thread seriously devolve into a liberal vs. conservative shit-chucking contest? That's fucked up, people. Seriously: retired military, Tina, it's beyond the pale.

Mac: lunatic preachers are not "owned" by liberals. Unless you are so good at conceptual gymnastics that you can somehow describe this guy as liberal.

All the soap in the world wouldn't wash the stink off of this thread. Well done, people.

Gotta agree with hyper.<br ... (Below threshold)

Gotta agree with hyper.
Sometimes politics need not apply.

As to the subject, though I'm extremely happy that Jaycee Dugard has been found alive and ok, my heart breaks thinking that her youth and a great portion of her life has been damaged and stolen.

I simply cannot understand how anyone could do anything like this.

IMO, no punishment is too severe for Garrido and his wife.

I hope, somehow, that Jaycee Dugard is able to recover and find some peace and happiness in what is left of her life.

hyperbolist,<blockquo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Mac: lunatic preachers are not "owned" by liberals. Unless you are so good at conceptual gymnastics that you can somehow describe this guy as liberal.

Nut case, fanatic and lunatic preachers abound across the political spectrum. The difference is that Obama spent 20 years under the mentorship of one and when he was elected President anyway, the democratic party became the owners of the term "religious fanatic".

It's also the left that practices identity politics to the point that the left leaning media only showed some guy caring a gun at an Obama rally, but carefully framed the images so as to not show the man was black. Why? Because showing a black man who's against Obama undermines the credibility of identity politics just like a liberated and ambitious woman who becomes a governor does when she turns out to be a conservative and a Christian. Identity politics is just a 21st century version of Phrenology that substitutes race and gender for bumps on the head. Liberals should be ashamed for reintroducing such a divisive pseudoscience into politics.

HyperWhen shit is ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


When shit is thrown at me I have absolutely no problem throwing it back with a healthy dose of the truth.

HyperAlso why is i... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Also why is it considered shit to mention that Obama was in Rev Wrights church for 20 years and that Wright was his mentor?

Why is it considered shit to mention When Obama, Hillary, Kerry , Edwards, and Bill Clinton all using churches as backdrops in political speeches when proof is plentiful?

Why is it considered shit when someeone says Nancy Pelosi and Kerry were trying to clarify the Catholic churches views on Abortion and Ted Kennedy and his brothers loudly proclaimed as having to go through trials and tribulations due to being Catholics?

All of these things are facts.

hyper,Any thread y... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Any thread you show up in "seriously devolve(s)"...

Garrido appears to be so di... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Garrido appears to be so disconnected with reality that he would fit right in with the Dems.

People! I am firmly Center... (Below threshold)

People! I am firmly Center Right in my politics, but even I have to agree with Hyper here as much as I know I will get flames.

This post did not need to be political, Tina already apologized. I am normally angry at the hubris of the stuff the libs and lefties post here. But this thread makes me a bit ashamed.

I now understand some of the comments that "they" make about "us", however I will continue to NOT paint all liberals/lefties/progressives with the same brush until they prove it, and I hope they do as well.

OT: Yeah, I feel kinda crappy for the woman in question and her children as well. But happy that they are out of that situation.

Ok the Phillip Garrido is n... (Below threshold)

Ok the Phillip Garrido is not as weird as the Frizl guy in Austria. I do not buy Garrido's happy ending story. However, I do agree that Garrido treatment of his victim could have been worse. It could have been more criminal.

That said, the Garrido's, both Mr. and Mrs. was criminal, and both should be imprisoned.

Now as to this strange cultural notion we seem to have that we can parole a sex offender to a mere register, and somehow expect society to be safe.

The Garrido's utterly destroyed at least five lives. Jaycee Lee Dugard, and those of her mother, step father and her two children. It seems that the damage done to Jaycee may be the least of the five.

As to fifty thousands volts of electricity, spare the global warminng. Rope is cheaper.

As a Concerned Christian Co... (Below threshold)
Concerned Christian Conservative:

As a Concerned Christian Conservative, I am very concerned about the insertion of politics into this matter. Please desist immediately!

JustRuss,There's p... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


There's plenty we can agree on in this story and in post #1 I took the time to find even more information, but people come to these pages to inject or defend their point of view. Often, that leads to something that's political. Sorry, that's just the nature of such blogs. The best we can hope for is that there's some connection to the original story even if only tenuously.

Let me be clear, however, that I honor the contributions of commenters like TinaS and hyperbolist. As Lee Ward found out too late, people who disagree with you are as important to a blog's readership base as are those who agree with you. We learn nothing new nor do we examine our own opinions in depth until someone challenges us.

As for the 11 and 15 year-old girls sired by Phillip Garrido, you got to wonder what they knew of the world before yesterday. They may have never been allowed to even watch TV for fear they would learn how different their lives were than those of other kids. It's kind of like growing up in North Korea, but in California.

Too bad they can't hang thi... (Below threshold)

Too bad they can't hang this bastard by his balls.

Oh I agree that the opposit... (Below threshold)

Oh I agree that the opposite point of view is desperately needed and indeed I enjoy debating with them when they are articulate and well researched.

But there are those here who immediately in the first couple of posts (such as with anything TK) go straight to the vitriol and I understand just a bit of why the lefties think we are all unfeeling unthinking religious nuts who politicize anything we see.

That said, posting non-political stories to what is in essence a political blog just asks for trouble. Its just like the MSM, its all about ra(n)tings sometimes for some people.

Oh well

Russ & Mac: thanks.<p... (Below threshold)

Russ & Mac: thanks.

retired military, I really don't feel like belaboring the subject, but you're lying when you assert that you were flinging insulting generalizations back at someone in response. You were the first person to do it here. Comment #2: yours. Comment #3: Tina's. And, at comment #13, Tina apologized. You have yet to do so, but you won't because you're as stubborn as you are predictable, obnoxious, and uninteresting. Have a great weekend.

Now, back on the depressing topic of child abuse: I'm wondering if anybody else remembers reading about a couple who lived in a trailer with several children and a herd of cats. The kids had never been outside and were very sick due to all of the cat hair, dander and urine that filled the trailer. The American equivalent of the Children's Aid Society (might be called the same thing, I don't know) took them from their parents. I'll never forget this particular example of child abuse because the kids could only speak Klingon. Seriously. You'd think it would be easy to find the article, given the peculiarity. And no, I didn't just imagine having read about it.

#28- as weird as this dude ... (Below threshold)

#28- as weird as this dude seems to be,I dont think I'd hang him by his balls.he might like it.I belive the only reason this sorry piece of s--t got any religion at all was to cover his sorry ass when he got picked up.my thoughts and prayers go out to Jaycee and her two daughters,for they will need all the help they can get.

Death sentence for those tw... (Below threshold)

Death sentence for those two.


Two Points;1. Rura... (Below threshold)

Two Points;

1. Rural Contra Costa County is rough country and this neighborhood is sketchy at best. What this means is that none of the people who live there have any clout. They can't (as I can) call someone in a position of authority and get something done. And on the off chance that someone in said position does get involved they'll give the situation a lick and a promise 'cause the people who live there don't have any clout.

2. 50,000 volts is too good for this guy. He needs a quart or so of BBQ lighter and a railroad flare. And no pain killers afterword.

"You were the first pers... (Below threshold)

"You were the first person to do it here. Comment #2: yours. Comment #3: Tina's. And, at comment #13, Tina apologized."

And almost 1 1/2 hours AFTER Tina apologized, you popped in and castigated her. So....you were saying?

I think you owe Tina an apology.

Honestly didn't read that c... (Below threshold)

Honestly didn't read that comment, Oyster. I opened the thread and didn't get around to posting a comment for awhile, and so she had apologized before I expressed disappointment in the mud-slinging. Of course it's nice that she apologized. Thanks for the heads-up, though, Miss Manners.

That this happened in CA ma... (Below threshold)

That this happened in CA makes it hard for me to even begin to predict what will happen. He has beyond a shadow of a doubt shattered the lives of three people and committed more crimes than he could ever expect, if sentenced for them, to be a free man again.

HyperI make a dist... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I make a distinction between the liberal mindset and the Democrat mindset. My mom is a democrat, has been all her life. My dad was also a democrat all of his life. Up until I was about 22 years old I considered myself a democrat. Democrats do not have the whacked out mind set of liberals. If you dont know the difference than you are probably a liberal.

Most liberals dont want child molestors to go to jail or get harsher penalties. They have to cured, and pitied and helped. Their victims plights arent as important as theirs, yada yada yada. How about the great SF organization Manbla whose motto is "sex before 8 or its too late" I am sure they are solid backers of Pelosi.

I stand by my statement about liberals in number 2. Want an example. Saint Teddy (whom I have declinded from commenting about until now). Per the libs he was such a great man, lion of the senate of liberal causes. Cared so much for the common man. He did such great work that Chappaquiddick shouldnt be mentioned. Bah humbug. I say ask Mary Joe how she feels about the matter. Did you see the part on Huffington post that pondered whether Mary Joe maybe doesnt mind that Chappaquiddick happened because he may have affected Uncle Teddy to do positive things?

Any "normal" person would have been in jail for a few years afterward.

Oh and I plan on having a wonderful weekend as I off today and Monday.

If you dont like what I wrote, dont read it. If you respond back with some bullshit as Tinas did then expect me to fire back. She apologized and that is great as she should have for the crap that she posted. I posted FACTS. I dont anything to apologize about. The truth hurts.

I plan on having a great weekend as I am off Friday and Monday. Feel free to ignore this and any other post by me since you find them boring and uninteresting.

I say burn him ... (Below threshold)

I say burn him

Maybe it's not the worst th... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's not the worst thing you'll read today but I just finished watching the law enforcement guys who blew this case on TV. Contra Costa sheriff took full responsibility for his guys malfeasances. Parole Board "Press spokesman" was glib and had a nice tan. Good haircut too.

And this just in. The Keyst... (Below threshold)

And this just in. The Keystoners are searching Garridos house again 'cause they think he may have killed 10 prostitutes. No seriously. I predict this story has legs like Seabiscuit.

This is crazy, to believe t... (Below threshold)

This is crazy, to believe that the search stopped and she was alive accepting the fact that people gave up on her...damn.

It is a miracle that she is... (Below threshold)

It is a miracle that she is alive. I pray that she can recover from this ordeal.






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