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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

An investigator looks at a plane that crash-landed in a parking lot at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall in Rockaway Township, N.J., Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009. The small plane made an emergency landing in the mall, slightly injuring the instructor and student inside but apparently hurting no one on the ground. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (111)

Tea party groups put out a ... (Below threshold)

Tea party groups put out a graphic representation out how well Obama's radical health care overhaul is doing, nosing into the dirt. mpw

Do I need a handicap sticke... (Below threshold)

Do I need a handicap sticker to park here?

Speaking of dead stick land... (Below threshold)

Speaking of dead stick landing, didya hear about Ted Kennedy.

Man, I thought if I could f... (Below threshold)

Man, I thought if I could fit that new washer and dryer in I could get it home. Guess I should have made two trips, eh?

Obama found the perfect per... (Below threshold)

Obama found the perfect person to become health care czar. It was either that or head of the FAA.

Airplane narrowly misses ma... (Below threshold)

Airplane narrowly misses man stooping to poop in Penny's parking lot.

Investigator, on cell phone... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Investigator, on cell phone - "Nose wheel collapsed. Leading edge of the right wing is mangled. Going to have to flatbed it out of here.

What's that?

Yeah, put it down right in front of Penny's.

Right! It's going to be more than just pennies before this bird flies again."

Ted Kennedy's plane, "Good ... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy's plane, "Good Intentions".

The stores at shopping mall... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

The stores at shopping malls are empty as American confidence plummets.

The idiot thought "Cash for... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

The idiot thought "Cash for Clunkers" also meant airplanes.

Whitehouse spokesman: Cont... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Whitehouse spokesman: Contrary to Cheney's criticism the Obama administration is fully prepaid to deal with terrorist attacks up to and including crashing light aircraft into parking lots.

Man I hope they got underwe... (Below threshold)

Man I hope they got underwear for sale...

The FAA implemented the new... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The FAA implemented the new rules laid out by Obama's air czar with predictable results.

Newsreporter: "It was boun... (Below threshold)

Newsreporter: "It was bound to happen sometime, text messaging a female pilot about a sale at the mall."

After closer inspection he ... (Below threshold)

After closer inspection he determined it was a girl plane.

Ralph started to have secon... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Ralph started to have second thoughts about the new mall runway designed to increase business.

"Attention, the owners of a... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

"Attention, the owners of a white and gray Cessna, you left your doors open"

Maybe if I fart hard enough... (Below threshold)

Maybe if I fart hard enought, it'll get it off the ground.

Obamacare: Get back in! Thi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obamacare: Get back in! This puppy can still fly!

A Tea Party particant looks... (Below threshold)
geo Author Profile Page:

A Tea Party particant looks at a plane that a democratic congressman attempted to use to escape questions from his constituents.

Vice President Biden has de... (Below threshold)

Vice President Biden has decided that he will resume taking the train immediately.

The post-Obama CIA.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The post-Obama CIA.

Nancy Pelosi: No wonder it ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Nancy Pelosi: No wonder it crashed with those swastikas all over it!

I guess Ethanol isn't the m... (Below threshold)

I guess Ethanol isn't the miracle fuel everyone thought.

Plane and man assume the po... (Below threshold)

Plane and man assume the position requested by THE ONE.

A Geico insurance adjuster ... (Below threshold)
Capt. Kranky:

A Geico insurance adjuster examining the wreckage had this to say about the accident: "I guess flying isn't so easy a caveman could do it".

Rasmussen posting the graph... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen posting the graph of Obama's current approval ratings.

I'm not sure what happened.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I'm not sure what happened. We were flying right along when the government said they were going to "fix" it.

"No, oh no! Oh man, we're i... (Below threshold)

"No, oh no! Oh man, we're in for it now Sharif!! Obama said fly it into the building!!! Into the building!!!!"

Oh man... there's nothing f... (Below threshold)

Oh man... there's nothing funny about losing a Skyhawk...

At least he got the gear down.

The Obama Administration's ... (Below threshold)

The Obama Administration's attitude determined its altitude.

Joe Biden: Yeah, they tried... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Joe Biden: Yeah, they tried to pull a "Ron Brown." Luckily I was able to jump out right before the plane hit the ground.

James Cash Penney's grandso... (Below threshold)

James Cash Penney's grandson James Crash Penney tours the mall-based stores.

It's tough being a poll cha... (Below threshold)

It's tough being a poll chaser in Washington these days.

Dang it, I hate parking in ... (Below threshold)

Dang it, I hate parking in lots! That's another new door ding...

Perfect! Right between the ... (Below threshold)

Perfect! Right between the lines...

"Yup, it is definitely a gi... (Below threshold)

"Yup, it is definitely a girl airplane."

I see GM is going into ligh... (Below threshold)

I see GM is going into light aviation.

Not a Kennedy in sight!... (Below threshold)

Not a Kennedy in sight!

With the lesson on "How to ... (Below threshold)

With the lesson on "How to Crash" out of the way the Student was ready to solo...

The NEA was shocked when th... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

The NEA was shocked when they saw that the truth to power "tribute" to the stimulus bill they had funded turned out to really be a truth to power message.

According to President Obam... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

According to President Obama, this still qualifies as "leveling out"

"And here we have the econo... (Below threshold)

"And here we have the economy showing definite improvement caused by the stimulas."

Ernie, in trying to qualify... (Below threshold)

Ernie, in trying to qualify for the mile high club, forget that he had to be in the air with a woman.

Flipping your ponytail whil... (Below threshold)

Flipping your ponytail while flying IS seriously tough

ObamAir: [DING] "You are no... (Below threshold)

ObamAir: [DING] "You are now free to moan about the country."

Biden drops into Pennys to ... (Below threshold)

Biden drops into Pennys to pick up some cocktail party favors for the Edward Kennedy Memorial Gala.

You know, the 3-D displays ... (Below threshold)

You know, the 3-D displays do really bring Obama's popularity surveys to life.

The aftermath of a date wit... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

The aftermath of a date with Ted Kennedy - 2009 edition.

It's all ball bearings nowa... (Below threshold)

It's all ball bearings nowadays. That, or the Fetzer Valve.

JC Penny researching innova... (Below threshold)

JC Penny researching innovative plane parking using it's empty parking lots. "We need to use every asset we have during this downturn," said an unnamed company spokesman.

Picture the nosewheel as Ob... (Below threshold)

Picture the nosewheel as Obamacare and the plane as your body!

God Damn potholes... (Below threshold)

God Damn potholes

ObamaCare just can't quite ... (Below threshold)
Not Always Right:

ObamaCare just can't quite get off the ground!

In much the same way as the... (Below threshold)

In much the same way as the US Housing Market, Barack Obama's polling numbers have reached a hard, unbreachable bottom. The only place things can go from here is up!!

What happens when the gover... (Below threshold)

What happens when the government controls every aspect of your life. (The FAA is a government agency)

Obama got it bass-ackwards ... (Below threshold)

Obama got it bass-ackwards once again as he let Bo co-pilot his flight.

Cessna fighting. Michael Vi... (Below threshold)

Cessna fighting. Michael Vick's new pastime.

Pelosi AirWays is having pr... (Below threshold)

Pelosi AirWays is having problems replacing her fleet.

The aviation version of Pre... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The aviation version of President Obama's approval rating.

After public outrage barred... (Below threshold)

After public outrage barred Congress from purchasing $500 million luxury jets, an unnamed Pelosi representative examines a "Plan B."

For a second there, I thoug... (Below threshold)

For a second there, I thought Teddy was dating again...

Ted Kennedy will never get ... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy will never get to see his goal of passing healthcare "reform".

Obama's attempt to implemen... (Below threshold)

Obama's attempt to implement economic policies that would result in a "soft landing" fails.

"Welcome to Obama Airways. ... (Below threshold)

"Welcome to Obama Airways. We are continuing our descent."

How surprising...A JC Penne... (Below threshold)

How surprising...A JC Penney's still in business.

Kennedy's funeral sucked up... (Below threshold)

Kennedy's funeral sucked up all the air and down it went!

Leading up to the prom the ... (Below threshold)

Leading up to the prom the government looks to the future in its "Don't Drink and Fly" static display.

Back in a minute, Doris. I... (Below threshold)

Back in a minute, Doris. I'm going to buy new pants. Oh, yeah, nice landing.

Joe Biden's plan to blow bu... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden's plan to blow bubbles over Ted's funeral ends in typical Biden fashion.

While inspecting the damage... (Below threshold)

While inspecting the damage, Vice President Biden extolled the success of the stimulus bill, "Had we created jobs, had we put money in peoples pockets, there would have been shoppers at this mall, parked in these very spots. While the Republicans may not care about the citizens , passing the stimulus bill saved the lives of many Americans who can longer afford to shop at JC Penney...."

"PULL UP! PULL UP!"... (Below threshold)
Rip Skinny:


Is John John Kennedy in the... (Below threshold)

Is John John Kennedy in there?

...And it appears that Obam... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

...And it appears that Obamacare was just too much of a load to fly....

John F Kennedy, Jr. returns... (Below threshold)

John F Kennedy, Jr. returns and drops in for his uncle's funeral

All the MSM accounts left o... (Below threshold)

All the MSM accounts left out the pilot's statement that he'd started to land in the WalMart lot, but it was full.

Jeez, after the underwear c... (Below threshold)

Jeez, after the underwear comment I know I got nuthin'...

JCPenney has introduced a n... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

JCPenney has introduced a new slogan for its stores. Readers may recall that JCP had last changed their slogan in 2007 from "It's All Inside" to "Every Day Matters". Reflecting the promise of the Obama economic era, Pennys announced their new slogan will be "Crash And Burn".

President Obama inspects th... (Below threshold)

President Obama inspects the results of the latest approval polls.

Calm Down Everyone! Elvis ... (Below threshold)

Calm Down Everyone! Elvis has left the airplane!

It's a girl!... (Below threshold)

It's a girl!

The result of the Obama Adm... (Below threshold)

The result of the Obama Administration pulling FAA employess to work Cash for Clunkers.

Excuse me sir. That's a han... (Below threshold)

Excuse me sir. That's a handicapped spot.

Gotta get my boxer shorts a... (Below threshold)

Gotta get my boxer shorts at K-Mart

"Okay, maybe if I stand lik... (Below threshold)

"Okay, maybe if I stand like this...yeah, it's level."

The Obama Administration in... (Below threshold)

The Obama Administration in a nut shell

Flight student Biden was ov... (Below threshold)

Flight student Biden was overheard telling pilot Obee-one as they walked away "don't worry state run media will agree this has to be Bushes fault"

"November Six One One Seven... (Below threshold)

"November Six One One Seven Romeo, please continue your present holding pattern."

- - - "It's been a long time tower."

"According to our records your plane is getting a little old."

- - - "Yea, so?"

"New Universal airport coverage guidelines will require you to wait while we land younger planes that have more life left in them."


"Don't worry November Six One One Seven Romeo, we have an end-of-flight counselor standing by to help you."

See what happens when you t... (Below threshold)
clear mind:

See what happens when you try to take flight under the new fuel efficiency mandates!

Today the Obama administrat... (Below threshold)

Today the Obama administration announced that their small airline stimulus package was a complete success.

Claiming he only consumed n... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Claiming he only consumed non-alcoholic beer, Biden failed to realize his non-stop talking on the phone was equivalent to drinking four Vodka rocks.

Well, if Uncle pickles on b... (Below threshold)

Well, if Uncle pickles on board He's headed in the right direction.

Ted Kennedy proves he can f... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy proves he can fly a plane drunk as well as he can drive a car over narrow bridges.

Everyone knows a 'good' lan... (Below threshold)

Everyone knows a 'good' landing is one from which you can walk away. But a 'great' landing is one after which you can use the airplane again.

"...and in other news, the ... (Below threshold)
Big Country:

"...and in other news, the man who while piloting an aircraft over JC Penneys today, unfortunately caught sight of Sec of State Hillary Clinton changing inot a new pantsuit in the new Obama Sponsored "Green Changing Rooms" with skylights. The pilot suffered flashblindness and minor injuries in the subsequent crash...."

The high school aviation cl... (Below threshold)

The high school aviation club's "all donation" plane wash, held in the Penny's parking lot,took a nose dive.

JC Penney exex, "Damn! Why... (Below threshold)

JC Penney exex, "Damn! Why couldn't he crash at Walmart."

In retrospect the "10% Off ... (Below threshold)

In retrospect the "10% Off Summer Sale Extravaganza on Nose Gear!!!" was not such a good idea thought the JC Penny exec.

This is WKRP at JC Penny fo... (Below threshold)

This is WKRP at JC Penny for the big End Of Summer special. Our station manager, Arthur Carlson, is about to fly over with a summer special surprise. Here he comes and there are the sky divers....wait there are no chutes...those aren't sky divers...they're Cessna's...dear God...they are falling. Oh the humanity!

Arthur, Arthur! What are you doing?

I'm sorry folks...so sorry....I swear to God I thought Cessnas could fly!

AFLAC!!!... (Below threshold)


Chinese stunt pilot -- Won ... (Below threshold)

Chinese stunt pilot -- Won Wing Lo -- walked away unscathed.

Confucius say -- Woman who ... (Below threshold)

Confucius say -- Woman who fly upside down, have crack up.

Hey look, CNN has an orches... (Below threshold)

Hey look, CNN has an orchestra playing for TKs funeral just like the Titanic had before She sank to the bowels of the Earth.

A fitting send off indeed.

It feels a bit lik... (Below threshold)
It feels a bit like 9/11 at JCPenneys.
Obumble: "Guess I needa tin... (Below threshold)

Obumble: "Guess I needa tink mor happy thawts"

"Yep...says right here to w... (Below threshold)

"Yep...says right here to wind up rubber band
to full tension before flying. Look up front
and see if Mr. Gore is O.K."

Thank God! The Kopechne's w... (Below threshold)

Thank God! The Kopechne's won't be making it to Teddy's funeral.

This administration is goin... (Below threshold)

This administration is going over like a Led Cessna!

In a tragic aftermath to la... (Below threshold)

In a tragic aftermath to last weeks contest, the launch platform for the failed "Flying Pig" economic stimulus plan, The American Taxpayer", symbolically crashed into a nearly deserted shopping mall. Experts determined that the craft, which once easily carried the nations financial burden, had been overloaded and had simply worn out. Pilot John Galt said "It felt like Atlas shrugged, or something."

We know it wasn't Nancy Pel... (Below threshold)

We know it wasn't Nancy Pelosi. Planes too small.

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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