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John Kerry Writes about Ted Kennedy

In a column published in Newsweek today, Kerry calls Kennedy his compassionate friend. Hmm. I think Mary Jo would take issue with that characterization.

Update: Obama's description of Kennedy is even more revolting:

Obama praised Kennedy as "a kind and tender hero."

Update II: The New York Times reports that Obama called Kennedy the "soul of the Democratic Party." That explains a lot about the Democratic Party as it has become very clear lately that it doesn't have much of a soul.

Update III: Doctor Zero has a post at Hot Air's Green Room that speaks the hard truth about Kennedy. Here are the final two paragraphs of an outstanding post:

Many reasons have been offered for Ted Kennedy's long, expensive, debased career: He was trading on his family name. The voters of Massachusetts thrust him on the country by perpetually re-electing him. It was America's collective fault for letting him get away with Chappaquiddick. The media loved him because they love epic tales of heroic liberal politicians. We can learn not to repeat all of those mistakes.

When you go into the voting booths next year, remember what the past week has taught you about the Democrats. It would have been one thing to offer a salute to the parts of his political agenda they agreed with, while acknowledging the dark side. The full-on hagiography, coupled with the disgusting attempts to dismiss Mary Jo Kopechne's life as a small price to pay for political power, reveal that this party knows nothing about the meaning of redemption, responsibility, and the value of individual human lives. The rest of us can neither afford nor tolerate anyone like Ted Kennedy, ever again.



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Compassion is a relative th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Compassion is a relative thing. Kerry is just telling us that he has even less compassion than a man who left someone to slowly die like Teddy did. Not a big surprise frankly.

Congrats to Massachusetts. You've got a real winner there.

No one should expect realit... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

No one should expect reality much less accuracy from Kerry and Obama as they eulogizing another elitist liberal. When a terrorist dies in a missile attack you can bet other terrorists eulogize their fallen brother with the same sentiments, but with a different point of view. Ultimately, it's historians, long removed from today's politics, who will decide how Ted Kennedy's legacy will be viewed.

Two out of touch liberals p... (Below threshold)

Two out of touch liberals praising another. I can feel the gag reflex starting in my throat. You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe they can.

People get the government t... (Below threshold)

People get the government they deserve. Congratulations Massachusetts.

It's John Kerry, did you re... (Below threshold)

It's John Kerry, did you really expect more from the man who got a medal for getting rice embedded in his backside after tossing a grenade into a hole?

I'm still waiting for Kerry... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for Kerry to release ALL of his military records. But then, I'm still waiting for Dodd to release ALL the information on his CountryWide mortgage. For the 'Party of Transparency', we seem to been always waiting for them to release something. Is there a pattern here?

We are also awaiting Obamas... (Below threshold)

We are also awaiting Obamas real birth certificate to transparently appear.

Nows a good time to gold dig John.

I've gotta agree with Obama... (Below threshold)
starboardhelm Author Profile Page:

I've gotta agree with Obama on Teddy being the soul of the democratic party. If ever a political party had the soul of a drunken sailor, it's today's democrats.

Here's another weighting in... (Below threshold)
That explains a lo... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:
That explains a lot about the Democratic Party as it has become very clear lately that it doesn't have much of a soul.

And what soul it does have is apparently the kind of soul that would kill a woman in a sinking car, and not report the accident to the police until the following day.

I think I would go so far as to say the New York Times is 100% correct - Ted Kennedy was the soul of the Democratic Party, which speaks volumes as to the character of people who would claim "Democrat" as a party affiliation.

Interesting comment in an a... (Below threshold)

Interesting comment in an article today about the Kennedy family fortune.

The late John F. Kennedy Jr. also joked about his family's real estate holdings when he visited Chicago in 1996 to mark the launch of George magazine.

"In the 1940s, my family bought the Merchandise Mart. In the 1970s, we bought the Apparel Center. And in the 1960 election, my family bought 20,000 votes," he said, referring to his father's narrow presidential victory.

And I'll bet all those in attendance laughed.

I was sort of hoping that S... (Below threshold)

I was sort of hoping that SAUD, Bruce or VIC would drop by today and regal us with some of Teddy's favorite Chappaquiddick jokes.

So if Ted Kennedy was the s... (Below threshold)

So if Ted Kennedy was the soul of the Democrat Party, now that Ted's dead does that mean the party is officially soulless ?

There are no qualifications... (Below threshold)

There are no qualifications or effort required to be a Liberal.
That explains to me why some People would lionize a piece of shit like Ted Kennedy and villify Sarah Palin, someone with actual accomplishments.

Darn all this mushing for c... (Below threshold)

Darn all this mushing for chapaquedic ted is making FLU-BIRD extremly ill pardon me while i ralph up on the carpet KKKAAAHHHAAACCCKKK






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