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Flapoor, Marine War Dog Hero, Dies

War dogs are the unsung heroes of our military. They work their hearts out serving their country and their handlers, saving many, many lives. Flapoor, a Marine Working Dog, served two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his first tour, he and his handler, Cpl Poelart, were providing security at an Iraqi police recruiting center when a suicide bomber detonated himself killing many Iraqis waiting to apply for the police force. MWD Flapoor and Cpl. Poelart were injured in the attack and received Purple Hearts. Both recovered. Poelart was honorably discharged and MWD Flapoor went on to another tour of duty. On June 30, 2009, he died. His handler, Marine LCpl Brown, produced this moving tribute to Flapoor (hat tip: New Majority) as a way to show his love and appreciation for Flapoor's faithful service:

You can read more about our heroic military war dogs at United States War Dogs Association. Be sure to stop by the K-9 Wall of Honor.


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Comments (11)

Would that people were as l... (Below threshold)

Would that people were as loyal to their friends and principles as dogs are to humans.

It is rather sad, but movin... (Below threshold)

It is rather sad, but moving. And just like police dogs the awarded him as if he were human. I just hope this doesn't start an ASPCA movement "Somebody please think about the Puppies!"

I am rather sad but he looks like he was happy in life.

All dogs go to heaven.... (Below threshold)

All dogs go to heaven.

I absolutely love and admir... (Below threshold)

I absolutely love and admire dogs. I have two very spoiled ones. I agree with the above; if only humans were so accepting and loving to others as dogs are. ww

This one brings tears to my... (Below threshold)

This one brings tears to my eyes. A dog's love and loyalty can be compared to no other. It also reminds me of the quote:

Someday I hope to become the person my dog thinks I am.

I love that quote, Oyster. ... (Below threshold)

I love that quote, Oyster.

Rest in Peace, and Semper F... (Below threshold)

Rest in Peace, and Semper Fi, Flapoor. You've earned your rest.

eu , bonus quod fidel... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

eu , bonus quod fidelis amicus. Take sileo quod veneratio quod remuneror semoveo pro thee.

I've worked with dogs for l... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I've worked with dogs for longer than I'm going to admit, including situations were your life depends on the dogs doing their job. You never really look at them the same way you once did afterward.

Good boy, Falpoor. Good boy.

Flapoor belongs in Arlinton... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Flapoor belongs in Arlinton National Cemetary. Teddy Kennedy belongs in a potter's field.

Dogs are great. People suck... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Dogs are great. People suck. Flapoor left more droppings on lawns than are more meretorious than most Democrats.






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