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The Liberal Lovefest For Castro Never Ends

Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA), claims Fidel Castro was "one of the brightest leaders I have ever met," and really thinks his healthcare system is great. Bonus points for her complete mangling of Cuban history, but when you're in love the little details seem so insignificant...


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nd once again it's snown th... (Below threshold)

nd once again it's snown that a talent for getting elected doesn't necessarily translate into an ability to govern or indeed an ability to form more than a glancing connection with reality...

Fingers aren't awake yet...... (Below threshold)

Fingers aren't awake yet... Sigh...

"And once again it's shown that a talent for getting elected doesn't necessarily translate into an ability to govern or indeed an ability to form more than a glancing connection with reality..."

Sorry about that...

You know, if it hadn't been for caffine and nicotine, I don't think our current technological civilization would ever have developed...

How the hell does some nut ... (Below threshold)

How the hell does some nut like this get elected. I know liberals in my family who would think this woman was crazy. Sorry to say it had to be her color. Good grief!

Some reporter should have a... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Some reporter should have asked how great can their healthcare be when they cant even keep toilet paper in good supply.

Retired Military, the answe... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Retired Military, the answer from the left would be to blame the U.S. After all, we are responsible for most of the worlds ills. If this woman is so hot for Cuba and their government, someone give her a small rubber boat and set her in sea between Cuba and Florida. After all those who wish to escape the loving arms of Castro are willing to brave the 90 miles of water that separate us. I notice Americans are not leaving in droves, yet, because of how difficult it is to live here.

The oddest thing about left... (Below threshold)

The oddest thing about leftists, especially black leftists, and their love affair with Cuba is the fact that blacks in Cuba are subject to a widespread and significant government oppression and discrimination that rivals (or exceeds) the worst of Jim Crow.

I guess it's only bad when there is a perception of discrimination in a capitalist and free society; it's okay when communist icons do it.


These people are truly sick... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

These people are truly sick. But don't blame her; blame the voters.

Wasn't this the same woman ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Wasn't this the same woman who insulted Obama by saying something to the effect that he looked like her? Just latest nonsense is just more of her warped view of reality.

For Democrats communism is ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For Democrats communism is a paradise. Total control over a helpless public. Freedom to reshape mankind in their own image.

Like Barak (I am a "co-worker with God") Obama they believe that they are infallible and get off on the idea that they can run other people's lives. In their self conceit they think that they make everyone happy, but the truth is that in communist regimes they put the dissenters away so nobody can hear them, just as the Dems are trying to stifle dissent today. Dems want to have snitches report their neighbors like the Stasi did in East Germany. They want to put newspapers that print unflattering stories put out of business. They want radio and TV personalities banned from the airwaves.

For Dems Cuba is a paradise. Everything they want. Their boot standing on the neck of the citizen and the dissenters in prison.

Troll Challenge:Wi... (Below threshold)

Troll Challenge:

Without using distraction and personal attacks on the poster/commentors, please write in Twitter length or less a coherent support for this US Representatitve.

I thought all these Califor... (Below threshold)

I thought all these California kooks were going to leave the country after booosh trashed Gore and Lurch in succession..

This wackjob is not qualified to wash dirty drawers let alone be in a position of minor power.

This woman would not live i... (Below threshold)
Listen up:

This woman would not live in Cuba even in a commie palace. All mouth and no sense.

Troll challenge: In as long... (Below threshold)

Troll challenge: In as long as it takes to make your point, tell us why Castro and the Cuban government are so awesome! Convince us, point out what we are doing wrong in comparison. Then you can move on to Hugo Chavez.

Troll challenge:Wo... (Below threshold)

Troll challenge:

Work on Castros plantation for a summer as a volunteer. Than return ( if he lets you ) And clue us all in to your rewarding experience and how all Americans should crave sweating for .13 cents an hour under such a kindhearted thug..

SAUDWhere are you?... (Below threshold)


Where are you? Watson needs a defense of her criminal views.

If you ever wonder why LA i... (Below threshold)

If you ever wonder why LA is becoming a third world city, look no further than Watson and Waters. All they deal in is hate and victim hood. And spreading taxpayer dollars around to their friends.

Useful (and useless) idiot.... (Below threshold)

Useful (and useless) idiot.

Fidel Castro is a great rem... (Below threshold)
James H:

Fidel Castro is a great reminder that your amusing, crazy uncle might just have a few bodies stashed in the basement.

"Useful (and useless) id... (Below threshold)

"Useful (and useless) idiot."

She multitasks quite well.

Seems to me the idiots are ... (Below threshold)
914 = child:

Seems to me the idiots are the ones who can't recognize the mutual exclusivity of useful and useless.

I suppose she's a moron and an evil genius as well.

After 1pm and SAUD, VIC, an... (Below threshold)

After 1pm and SAUD, VIC, and Bruce haven't jumped in to protect Watson's honor. Probably busy telling Chappaquiddick jokes over at Daily Kos to keep their spirits up. Maybe planning strategy on how to get Joe II in Teddy's hereditary Kennedy senate seat.

Anyone else notice her phra... (Below threshold)
Occam's Beard:

Anyone else notice her phrasing: Castro was one of the brightest leaders. Past tense. So is Fidel hanging with Che and Teddy now?

Also, she was damning Castro with faint praise. He may well be one of the brightest leaders she ever met, but then she's probably only met Dems.

Sorry, but bush was the evi... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but bush was the evil genius/moron. Get your facts straight or the libs will never respect you.


I,ll bet theres plenty of c... (Below threshold)

I,ll bet theres plenty of cuban disatents who would disagree with this stupid mush for castro the fact that hollyweed director OLIVER STONE has called old BUSY WHISKERS CASTRO one of the brigtists leaders around and one we should always consult and he got a standing ovation from all those UN wretches and the NEW YORK SLIMES is probibly castros favorite news papers and RED TED TURNER even make a trashy peice of propeganda A PORTAIT OF CASTROS CUBA which left-out the gulags

"Get your facts straight... (Below threshold)

"Get your facts straight or the libs will never respect you."

Hell, they're never going to respect anyone they disagree with - so you might as well tell the truth to 'power'!

Lately, every time I hear o... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Lately, every time I hear one of these elected Representatives from a predominately black district I am struck with the sheer arrogance and utter stupidity.
Is this the best the people in those districts can elect?
If it is, LORD HELP US.

#20Your a useful (... (Below threshold)


Your a useful ( yet useless ) idiot as well.

Its useful to use your idiocy to point out your uselessness. Therefore you are useful at something. And that something is Idiocy.

Another one of these castro... (Below threshold)

Another one of these castro bootlickers is another california demacrat BARBRA LEE I mean CASTRO gets standing ovations from those wrectches at the UN even while he treats his people with such distain






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