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Did Google Street View Photograph Kidnapper Garrido?

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It sure looks like it...

A Boing Boing commenter noticed that the Google maps view of Phillip Garrido's home address (1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, CA) shows a rusted van in the driveway, but the street view shows the van following the same path as the Google image takers.

If you go to super zoom view it appears that there may be a more than one person in the van, though it's pretty hard to tell. Given the age of the van the passenger window is probably manually operated, giving credence to the possibility that there may actually be a passenger in the photo.


In other creepy news Garrido's wife apparently misses the children and thinks of them as family. She's pretty twisted too, since Jaycee Lee Dugard and her children were forced to live in tents behind the main house. I think Nancy Garrido's is confusing the victim and her children with pets...

Nancy Garrido should get whatever punishment her husband does. If that's death I doubt you'll see any tears shed for her.


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Comments (9)

Hanging would be most appro... (Below threshold)

Hanging would be most appropriate. Publicly.

I'm not sure of this, but d... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure of this, but didn't I read that Garrido was in prison for part of the time when Dugard was missing?

If so, doesn't that mean his wife was keeping the girl captive as well as Garrido?

Garrido was in prison for p... (Below threshold)

Garrido was in prison for part of the time when Dugard was missing?


I'm not sure of th... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
I'm not sure of this, but didn't I read that Garrido was in prison for part of the time when Dugard was missing?

Yes, in 1993 for about 5 months. Here's where I originally posted that info.

Geezus, I hadn't heard abou... (Below threshold)

Geezus, I hadn't heard about the 1993 prison time Garrido served. Amazing.

Given that Nancy Garrido didn't even make an effort to free Dugard is a testament to her lack of humanity, and to the power Philip Garrido had over her. It's Charles Manson-esque.

The entire story is as fascinating as it is profoundly sickening.

And terrifying and nauseating to think there may be other abducted children out there like Jaycee.

They should be killed. Not... (Below threshold)

They should be killed. Not executed after a long trial with much publicity, just taken out to an empty field and killed. Leave the bodies for the vermin to consume. They deserve nothing more. No grave, no marker, no mourning.

Oh, I'd given 'em the trail... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'd given 'em the trail. THEN I'd hang 'em.

You know, that looks like t... (Below threshold)

You know, that looks like the van I've always pictured BryanD cruising around in...
I wonder if it plays pop goes the weasel to lure children into alleys like his does...

Anybody that would do that ... (Below threshold)

Anybody that would do that to a kid should be nailed to a stump and pushed over backward.






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