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Global Warming, Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Like slow down an ice age? Apparently...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions pushed Arctic temperatures in the last decade to the highest levels in at least 2,000 years, reversing a natural cooling trend that should have lasted four more millennia.

Carbon dioxide and other gases generated by human activities overwhelmed a 21,000-year cycle linked to gradual changes in Earth's orbit around the Sun, an international team of researchers reported on Thursday in the journal Science

...Average summer temperatures in the Arctic have increased by about 3 degrees F (1.66 degrees C) from what they would have been had the long-term cooling trend remained intact,

The interesting takeaway (at least for me) is that, given the 21,000-year cooling cycle we're in, the earth is helping to eliminate the effects of man-made warming sources.


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These are probably the same... (Below threshold)

These are probably the same people that tell you that record lower regional temperatures don't mean a thing. How about all those records lows this last year. If in the next 5 years the arctic temperatures drop they will say it is not relevant to global warming. I wonder what their excuse for global temperatures dropping for the last few years. Also how they explain the ocean temperatures that have decrease when their great computers models said they should have increase.

Facts are only relevant to them when it supports their agenda. No wonder people trust in them is dropping like a stone.

So, anyone know who it was ... (Below threshold)

So, anyone know who it was that stuck a temp gauge in the arctic permafrost 2,000 years ago?

The Environmental religion ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The Environmental religion requires modern technology be the cause of environmental damage; it's just that simple. Fully 90% of people who identify themselves as environmentalists are only so in words and shallow actions kind of like those who are vegetarians for their health, but also smoke.

For example, there was an episode of Green Renovation (or something like that) where some middle aged single woman was building a new home and she was being "green" by not installing central air. Great, but she was building a 2,700 square foot home for just herself and her two cats with lots and lots of windows. It would be far more "green" to build a 1,400 square foot home with fewer windows and put in central air. This kind of faux environmentalism is all the rage in Hollywood.

I think it serves the interest of rational people to call attention to faux environmentalism wherever and whenever they can in order to strip away the phony or minimal sacrifice people make to fool themselves into thinking they are environmentalists. When people discover they need to live in a shack like Ted Kaczynski to satisfy the ultimate goals of the Environmental religion they'll quit playing at it and support Nuclear Power, domestic drilling, and oppose any kind of carbon tax or cap.

BTW, did you hear Global Warming caused the Mexican flu (H1N1)?

"BTW, did you hear Global W... (Below threshold)

"BTW, did you hear Global Warming caused the Mexican flu (H1N1)?"

And here all along I thought it was the friggin' "Snail Darter" that started the ball rolling. I can recall all the "expert opinions" on that fiasco as well.

It can't shame Al Gore into... (Below threshold)

It can't shame Al Gore into flying with hoi polloi on South West or United.

"It can't shame Al Gore int... (Below threshold)

"It can't shame Al Gore into flying with hoi polloi on South West or United."

Some animals are more equal than others. Like Obama, Al is all about OTHER PEOPLE sacrificing.
Obama learned it from the good Rev Wright, who is now retired and worth over $1 million. Lives in a 'gated community' with a bunch of white people. Guess the community the Rev Wright preached to wasn't good enough to live in.

It's Sudden Climate Stasis!... (Below threshold)
bobby b:

It's Sudden Climate Stasis!

All scientists agree unconditionally that we have only three weeks in which to stop it before the earth explodes in unchange!

I blame Bush. Give generously.

cooling, heating, aridity a... (Below threshold)

cooling, heating, aridity and wet periods. These are directly liked to the sun's activity (as in sun spots), the planetary alignment of Jupiter, the Earth, Mars, Venus et al. These cycles have been known by farmers for years. They keep records dating back hundreds of years and are more accurate that climatologists. Check out the Old Farmers Almanac.

The Earth's axis also periodically tilts as thWhat the IPCC and other pseudo science bodies do not admit is the earth underwent a warming period in the medieval period (circa 1300-1400)where temperatures reached or exceeded that of the late 20th century. They (relying on Mann et at) also deny the occurrence mini ice age )late 1700's to mid 1800's) because it would explain the natural warming & cycles.

The Earth's climate has always cycled between e magnetic poles shift.

Apparently, only the first 50ppm of CO2 influences the "greenhouse effect" and figher concentrations have next to no effect. Making CO2 the whipping boy is an excuse to tax the air that you breathe.

If CO2 was guilty, and the levels of CO2 have increased over the last decade, please explain why the global temperature has FALLEN by 0.75 deg Fahrenheit.

Anthrapological Global Warming must be bullsh*t because politicians embrace it.

Climate Change: "Nothing th... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Climate Change: "Nothing that taking more of your money can't solve!"

I jest, it's about societal control, power. (The Enviromental-Nazis words, not mine)

The power to tell you what to drive (if you are allowed to drive), where and how to live, how much energy you'll be alloted, what and how much you'll be allowed to eat; in short, everything that consumes power.

Who needs money, when I have the power to dictate every aspect of your life?

Now how does Environmental-Justice sound?

What a bunch of green liars... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of green liars theres a cooling setting in the worlds getting cooler and still these green nazis insist were geting warmer DIRTY GREEN LYING SCUM PIGS

SOME species of Australian ... (Below threshold)

SOME species of Australian birds are shrinking and the trend will likely continue because of global warming, a scientist said.

Janet Gardner, an Australian National University biologist, led a team of scientists who measured museum specimens to plot the decline in size of eight species of Australian birds over the past century.

The research, published last week in the British journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, found the birds in Australia's southeast had become between 2 per cent to 4 per cent smaller.

Over the same century, Australia's average daily temperature rose 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit (0.7 deg C), with the sharpest increase since the 1950s.

Source:- http://lifeofearth.org/2009/08/global-warming-shrinks-birds.html






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