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Quote Of The Day - Not So Helpful Bystander Edition

"If you don't shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you."

Roger Stephens, 61 of Gwinnett County, GA, commenting to Sonya Mathews, the mother of a crying 2-year-old at at the Stone Mountain Wal-Mart. Stephens made good on his promise, slapping the child four or five times. He was later arrested. We can probably all agree that had we been at the scene we too would have been arrested for beating Stephens senseless...


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Beat him senseless? Only i... (Below threshold)

Beat him senseless? Only if you mean senseless as a permanent condition.

We can probably all agre... (Below threshold)
jim m:

We can probably all agree that had we been at the scene we too would have been arrested for beating Stephens senseless...

Police generally will not arrest you for doing your civic duty.

A seasoned citizen such as ... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

A seasoned citizen such as Stephens should know better than that, unless he's a complete bastard who never had any children of his own. I hope the judge throws the book at him. Repeatedly.

Awww, c'mon folks, he was j... (Below threshold)

Awww, c'mon folks, he was just following the example of the ONE.

It is most definitely one t... (Below threshold)

It is most definitely one thing for a parent to use a tradional spanking to demand obedience. I have a 5 and 4 year olds and unfortunately sometimes they get so worked up that the only way to bring them back to reality is a good swat on the bum.

That said, "slapping" a child as its stated in the article is completely uncalled for. To do it to someone elses children is abuse and I agree, give him to bubba to slap around for awhile.

What a charming guy. Does H... (Below threshold)

What a charming guy. Does Hussein have any czar positions open?

what's all the fuss? if the... (Below threshold)

what's all the fuss? if the child's mother is abusing her child by neglecting the child's needs (feeding time, changing diaper, sleep), then she's the one who should be in jail!!!

If he had hit my kid, I'd b... (Below threshold)

If he had hit my kid, I'd be the one in jail. He would be in the morgue.

He's a hero. I hate screami... (Below threshold)

He's a hero. I hate screaming children, I would have slapped that little shit too, and if the parents tried to stop me, I'd kick their asses too.

In another world Buzz.. now... (Below threshold)

In another world Buzz.. now go have your milk and cookies, Mommie's calling you.

Clearly, Buzz, you have no ... (Below threshold)

Clearly, Buzz, you have no experience with an enraged mama bear. Or children.

That guy takes a good mug s... (Below threshold)

That guy takes a good mug shot..I swear I've seen him on married with children or something.

What the heck? And the left... (Below threshold)

What the heck? And the left says we are all crazy? Apparently the left thinks beating another persons child is okay because "it takes a village" and the parents shouldn't be allowed to raise their own children anyway. Give all children to the government to raise how they see fit.

And about putting a mother in jail for having a crying baby? You have never had a collicky baby! Or one who is teething, or one who is just plain mad.

If you think that she should have gotten a baby sitter to watch the kid and let it sleep rather than taking the baby with them to the store as has been done for decades (granted, there was a time when you didn't take children out of the house until you "presented them" to society)

If you agree with that last statement I once again say give the kids to the government, they obviously know better how to raise a child than any PARENT.


If this is the first time R... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If this is the first time Roger Stephens has done something like this or been in trouble with the law then I would like to know what made him snap. Someone who's law-abiding up to 61 doesn't just go nuts in public unless there's something else going on. Maybe they should check him for rabies.

From under what slimy rock ... (Below threshold)

From under what slimy rock did little Buzz crawl out from? What a loser. Get a life Buzzy.

He looks like an angry and ... (Below threshold)

He looks like an angry and abusive man.

I've got mixed feelings on ... (Below threshold)

I've got mixed feelings on this one. The kid is two? That's a bit young to expect good behavior, so I think the guy was way out of line. On the other hand, I have yelled, right in the face, at kids and their parents on occasion. I've also grabbed a kid and handed him to an outraged mother and father with firm instructions to restrain the monster, or else. In the above cases, the kids were four or five, and the parents were ignoring them while they ran wild.

One kid thought it was very amusing to whack grownups (standing in line at a walmart deli) in the knees with a stick. Hard. That's where I grabbed the kid (who was lining up to whack a frail 90+ year old woman) took his stick away and hauled the screaming hellion back to his parents, who were aware of junior's antics but had been ignoring him. I not so politely informed the pissed-off father that if the kid hit anybody else, I'd feed him (the father) the stick, and told him to keep the kid under control, or else. They did, at that point, restrain their monster. I don't blame the kid in a case like that; I blame the parents.

So, while I can see that slapping a 2 year old is out of line, I could sympathize if it was an older kid who was running wild while the parent does nothing. However, in a case like that, I say slap the parent, not the kid.

Wow, that's crazy. I don't... (Below threshold)

Wow, that's crazy. I don't know what I would have done if that was my child.

He shouldn't have hit the c... (Below threshold)

He shouldn't have hit the child, instead he should've went after the source of the issue: the mother's womb.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Roger.

Buzz your an Ass, not a lef... (Below threshold)

Buzz your an Ass, not a lefty but have the mentality. For your information I hate Limbaugh though i thank him for getting me listening to Conservative talk radio. I prefer my local morning and afternoon drive hosts and the occasional Beck.

To slap a child, especially one who is not your own makes you a piece of shit and your attitude regarding the incident only proves that.

Correcting the parent is one thing, if that parent gets in your face sure, you can get right back in there face.

But you cannot expect a toddler to behave perfectly in public and you certainly don't talk about punishing a parent so harshly for something like this.

If you aren't a lefty, then you are part of the reason lefties think we are all nutz.

Sorry mods, disemvowel and ... (Below threshold)

Sorry mods, disemvowel and ipban me if you want, I didn't edit myself there.






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