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Reality Continues To Stalk Democrat's Economic Policy

Another new month and another terrible jobs report.

Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- More Americans than anticipated filed jobless-benefit claims last week, indicating companies remain focused on cutting expenses as the economy emerges from its worst recession since the 1930s.

Applications fell by 4,000 to 570,000 in the week ended Aug. 29, exceeding the 564,000 median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, figures from the Labor Department showed today in Washington. The total number of people collecting unemployment insurance climbed.

The firings are one reason economists project consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of the economy, will be slow to strengthen.

Continuing claims jumped by 92,000 in the week ended Aug. 22 to 6.23 million. The unemployment rate among people eligible for benefits, which tends to track the jobless rate, rose to 4.7 percent in the week ended Aug. 22 from 4.6 percent the prior week.

Sentiment might improve if Americans could identify some evidence of pro growth policy in the initiatives of President Obama and his Democratic cohorts in Congress. Unfortunately, the mish mash of policy band aides like cash for clunkers and the soon to expire first time home buyer tax incentive are short term fixes that do nothing to motivate employers to make long term investment plans that are necessary for sustained employment recovery. As Kevin noted below, a massive increase in government jobs does not solve the problem, it is the problem. Government jobs do not create new wealth. Only the private sector that pays all of the taxes create wealth. Where do liberals think the money comes from?

The continued joblessness of millions of Americans is the issue that will doom Democrats in 2010 because they have offered no fiscal policy incentives for private sector job growth.


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Comments (28)

"Where do liberals think th... (Below threshold)

"Where do liberals think the money comes from?"

RICH PEOPLE! Raise those taxes!

And the hits will keep on coming because our wonderful intelligent president was brought up believing in socialist economics.

Where do liberals think ... (Below threshold)

Where do liberals think the money comes from?

Why the money forest, of course!

There's a Health Care reform tree, a "payback our supporters tree", a "crap & tax" tree, and a "takeover private businesses" tree, just to name a few.

The forest is very healthy as it's fertilized with the BS produced by our politicians.

"Why the money forest, of c... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

"Why the money forest, of course!"

That would be the same "money forest" Bush and the Republican Congress went to get money from?

Mom, why are you mad at me?... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Dumbass:

Mom, why are you mad at me? George called me a name and I shot him in the head 15 times. It's exactly the same thing!

"That would be the same ... (Below threshold)

"That would be the same "money forest" Bush and the Republican Congress went to get money from?"

Why yes, yes it is. Only now, the Democrats aren't planting new trees.

And the Republicans were? <... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

And the Republicans were?

Yeah, Oyster, that's right they were. It was called The Tree of Economic Disaster and it was to be harvested in 2008-2009.

Problem was, Saud, the Dems... (Below threshold)

Problem was, Saud, the Dems started girdling the money trees. Said there were too many people getting the leaves and they didn't approve of that, so they figured it'd be better to destroy the trees rather than leave them alive and producing.

It's a short-sighted philosophy, but then... for Democrats it's ALL about control, isn't it? Control of people, control of money, control of thoughts.

There ya go again with that... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

There ya go again with that "mind control" thing you denied a few days ago Lawson. I said it then and I'll say it now - there's meds for you.

You ignore that GW did in f... (Below threshold)

You ignore that GW did in fact double the debt, but Obama is on track to double that! Spend your way out of debt, that works so well for us, why not for the Government?

Besides, they don't have a money forest, they have printing presses.

Controlling thoughts is not "mind control", it is shaping peoples perceptions and expectations to fit your liking. It didn't work for GW because your side didn't like him and our side was too smart (for the most part) to let it happen. I admit we have our crazies and zealouts. Your side however worships him like the second coming or the savior of everything. Which is why its so easy for him to control you.

The man was raised by or mentored by marxists, communists, socialists and America haters. His "vision" for the US does not line up with the constitution. So I take it if you agree with him, you agree that the constitution and bill of rights are outdated and we need to change things starting with the basics?

The jug-eared adolescent an... (Below threshold)

The jug-eared adolescent and his team of liberal ass-wipes are totally lost. Gee...like we didn't see that comin'....

Saud -You really g... (Below threshold)

Saud -

You really got a fixation on 'mind control', don't ya? Poor kid.

Or was that VIC?

Nah, you're two separate people, aren't ya? At least, in your own mind - right? You DO know that tinfoil hats just focus the mind control rays, right?

Anyway, check out Dr. Sanity's post on projection - you might recognize yourself.

Controlling people isn't the same thing as 'mind control'. Cap & Trade? Control what people can buy, control their energy usage, under the guilse of 'saving the planet'.

[email protected] for 'fishy' statements re health care? Nah, that wasn't meant to intimidate people, to keep them from speaking their mind!

Accusing people who disagree with the Prez of racism? Of wanting to 'destroy him'?

And don't you DARE ask where the money's supposed to come from, right?

SAUD: I wonder why you spen... (Below threshold)

SAUD: I wonder why you spend so much time here, when most everybody here despises you. What is it you need, anyway? Respect? Conversion of the Great Unwashed?

Or just the pleasure of twisting everybody's nipples and running away giggling?

Man this has to be the wors... (Below threshold)

Man this has to be the worst president ever. What a pathetic joke. A 4 year old could do a better job and actually make sense at the same time.

Yeah SAUL, except "the one"... (Below threshold)

Yeah SAUL, except "the one" had to quadruple the forest's size.

Don't you ever get tired of the ".....but, but, but, BUUUSSSHHHH did blah blah blah."? My wife's an elementary teacher and hears this response many times daily, from 3rd graders.

Obviously you'd rather focus on the 3rd grader response than the issue.

Hey SAUD, pull your freakin... (Below threshold)

Hey SAUD, pull your freaking head out of your ass. The economy is going south, your pal, Barry isn't making things better, and all you've got is "Hey Bush fucked up too!" Well dumb ass, Bush is gone, history. We're talking about the present and how we've got an A Team that can't shoot straight, and sure as hell can't even make accurate economic predictions. Name one prediction Barry and Company has made in the last 6 months that was even close to accurate. Hell, I'll give you an advantage. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS COME WITHIN 1 TRILLION DOLLARS.

If all you've got is "look what Bush did", fuck off and go play with your friends at Daily Kos.

The president isn't the pro... (Below threshold)

The president isn't the problem, Congress is the problem -- the president's role is pretty much just to look and talk pretty. Gives us rabble a single concept that our simpleton minds can latch onto ("See! That's MY guy!") while we eat our (moldy) bread and watch our (pitifully dumbed-down) circuses.

Until we have (1) term limits with teeth (2) no national bank, nothing will change. Ever.

As you were.

I know why they come here, ... (Below threshold)

I know why they come here, not just to dump on us all, but because the Liberal/Progressive sites are so hard to frickin read and comment on. Funny that progressive websites dont encourage discussion isn't it?

GarandFan and Oyster,... (Below threshold)

GarandFan and Oyster,

I have been around these parts a LONG time -- so long that I hardly comment anymore. I've seen asswipes like Lee, nogo postal, and freedom fries advocate the dismantling of America with their fk'd up communism. I've got to congratulate you two on the two best posts I've seen at Wizbang in years.

Post #5 above, and post #15. I genuinely thank you for that.

Seriously? How do you comme... (Below threshold)

Seriously? How do you comment on a story at kos? I am registered but there is no box to add comments to the story.

Is it because they close threads after awhile? Is it because you can't be a new user? is it because they want to background check me to make certain I'm not a rightwingnut?

I am rather intellgient, but the site design over there is really crappy. If you want to promote discussion it should be easy like here or gizmodo or any other decent blog.

This is why we're headed in... (Below threshold)
Thanks, Garandfan. Stark re... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Thanks, Garandfan. Stark really hands that jerk his hat and kicks him out the door.

Unemployment bad? Why duri... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Unemployment bad? Why during Carter's last years it was 11% with inflation over 20%.

Guess what, the Fed printed $2.5 Trillion this year alone. 2009 is a cakewake baby. 2010 is going to make us wish for the good ol' days of "jobless recovery".

Bambam's gonna be on the tube 24/7 telling us about how bad the mess was he inherited: "They even took the light bulbs out of the ceiling fixtures, and TP off the rollers".

I don't know where you're g... (Below threshold)

I don't know where you're getting this stuff from Hugh...I mean, my paper just ran a big story about how underwear sales are up which is a surefire indicator that economic good times are just around the corner!

Who is this "Bush" that peo... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Who is this "Bush" that people keep talking about?

Falze, and who would expect... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Falze, and who would expect less. Like the child crying, "Wolf", people/newpapers/broadcasters make a living based on a basic observation; to date, the economy has always come back... at some point. Keep saying, "I see green shoots" and eventually you will be right.

Of course, there is also a group that keeps seeing the "bear in the woods". And eventually they are right too.

It's a matter of perspective, political inclination, and overall temperament. What gives any one example power is recognition by the MSM (the unaccountable third party. No checks. No balances. Just unadulterated power until the rise of the internet).

During the six years that R... (Below threshold)

During the six years that Republicans control both White House and Congress Revenues increased with the tax cuts. The problem was that we were fighting two wars and we had pork and massive increase in the size of the Federal government. We had great Bipartisan things like The DHS, which the Administration was originally not in favor but gave into. There was No child left behind another great Bipartisan Bill, lets not forget the Prescription drug benefit.

Now during this time of spending Demms were not talking about restraint, they wanted to spend more money. They kept say the money we are spending on fighting wars (Something that congress is authorized to spend money on by our Constitution) we should be spending it on other programs.

Which is why, once they got into power, spending went through the roof. During the Bush years many conservative voters wanted less spending and we complained about the waste.

Dems capitalized on three things, many voters thought congress was still controlled by Republicans during the last two years of Bush Administration, Tax cuts, and reduced spending.

Instead after the election, using fear the liberal Demms engaged in Bacchanalia Orgy of spending, increasing the size of government, and raising taxes, while still fighting a war on multiple fronts.

It after this over indulgence that people are looking around at high unemployment and saying something has to give.

under Bush we all heard the Worst Economy since The Great Depression with Demms in control voters are living it.

So no matter how the spin is

hcddbz - "under Bush we ... (Below threshold)

hcddbz - "under Bush we all heard the Worst Economy since The Great Depression with Demms in control voters are living it."

As I keep half-joking, the Dems love poor people so much they want to make as many of them as possible.

And to think that hollywood... (Below threshold)

And to think that hollywood ding-bat JULIA ROBERTS said that DEMACRAT means OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE and comming from someone who pretends to be intellegent but is not






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