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We Are Living in Bizarro World

We are not in America anymore. We are living in Bizarro World. We have a president who wants the federal government to be a part of every citizen's daily life. He even thinks it's his job to welcome kids back to school, a job better left to the administrations of the individual schools. He wants to put our health care system under the umbrella of the federal government. He wants to enact the largest tax hike in the history of the world with is cap and tax program.

Even more bizarre are the people he has hired as his "special assistants", more appropriately referred to as Czars because of their unchecked power and budgets. Take a look at Van Jones:

A top environmental official of the Obama administration issued a statement Thursday apologizing for past incendiary statement and denying that he ever agreed with a 2004 petition on which his name appears, a petition calling for congressional hearings and an investigation by the New York Attorney General into "evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur."

Van Jones, the Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is Number 46 of the petitioners from the so-called "Truther" movement which suggests that people in the administration of President George W. Bush "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war."

In a statement issued Thursday evening Jones said of "the petition that was circulated today, I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever."

The guy is a freaking truther! He should be down in a basement somewhere emailing each other the latest conspiracy theories like his fellow truther nuts, not ensconced in a powerful government job pushing a radical agenda. He can use the lame-o excuse that he didn't read the petition well enough before he signed it but his past betrays his radicalism even further. Back in February he said that white polluters and white environmentalists steered poison into black neighborhoods.

What is this guy doing working in the United States government? It's inconceivable that our country has fallen so far that a man as nuts and as paranoid as he is in a position of power. Barack Obama is proving to be even more radical than even I thought and he has installed his radical friends into positions with big budgets and big power. It's a disgrace. Van Jones needs to go now.


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All Obama wants to do is gi... (Below threshold)

All Obama wants to do is give an inspirational speech to encourage kids to study hard and stay in school. Why in the world are you going off on Obama like that!

If not for Glenn Beck we wo... (Below threshold)

If not for Glenn Beck we would have never known any of this. Where is the MSM? This is what happens when the media goes in the tank for any one agenda or person. Who do we call to get this guy and his kind fired? Obama wont listen to us so calling the White House is a waste of time. Thanks all you Asshats that voted for this piece of trash.

Tina,If you don't ... (Below threshold)


If you don't know the difference between encouraging children and indoctrinating children, I feel sorry for you.

This was not just about the speech - we haven't even heard that yet, (and I bet it has been "tweaked" since this latest uproar by American citizens). No, it was and is about the cult of personality evident in the questionaire which was slated to be used after the president's speech.

The pledge of every citizen should be to the flag and the republic - not the current president.

This most brilliant group of white house people ever are so incredibly disconnected with the people of the country they just keep stepping in it over and over and over again.


Grace,Obama is not... (Below threshold)


Obama is not first president to give a speech played in schools. Reagan did it.

As a white Republican male ... (Below threshold)
bobby b:

As a white Republican male suburban heterosexual atheistic judgmental degreed attorney who used to handle defending insurers against having to pay out of "accident-based" policies for companies' intentional dumpings of horrid, foul, tendon-dissolving chemicals of all kinds, I feel more than a little qualified to throw this out into the mix:

Companies run exclusively by whites - meaning, all large companies for many decades - DID intentionally try to steer the dumping or disposal of poison chemicals into poor neighborhoods, because such neighborhoods could rarely muster any money or public support to fight back when the pollutors paid off the city council members. White environmentalists were complicit in many instances, because they could garner much higher contributions when they publicly fought to keep pollution out of nicer, richer, and (coincidentally, actually) whiter neighborhoods.

No one targeted "black." They targeted "poor". Sadly, there's some huge overlap there.

Tina:As part of the ... (Below threshold)

As part of the 'suggested activities' after the speech, some twit in the Dept of Indoctrination (formerly Education) said:

Discuss why it is important that we listen to the president.

Write a letter to yourself indicating things that you can do to support the president.

Open your eyes!

Some of the above has since been deleted or modified after the shit hit the fan.

Ok, so here is my silly que... (Below threshold)

Ok, so here is my silly question- is Obama a polluter or part of the black neighborhood? I just sit back and think of his typical white woman comment about his grandmother.

~Van Jones will not go as he is on the same page as the White House. And for the record I am sick and tired of the only response that seems to come from the White House be one of apology(to any non Americans about evil Americans) or speaking of the racist white folk.

Oh, and BTW, the Democrats ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and BTW, the Democrats had a shit fit when Bush 41 made a speech to students in the run-up to the election in '92.

Now, suddenly, things are "different".

Yo,bobby b, why not drag yo... (Below threshold)

Yo,bobby b, why not drag your ass back in that sewer you came from. For someone implying they are "intelligent" your so far off topic you probably couldn't hit your own ass with either hand.

It is like there is a giant... (Below threshold)

It is like there is a giant button on the desk in the oval office with a sign that says,
"Push to Make Wrong Decision"
...and that is where Obama sets his coffee mug.
I am waiting for yet another bleating network broadcast that no one will watch is explain that all bad decisions seemingly made by the Obama administration is the fault of said coffe mug... and the Bush administration that provided the coffee mug.

A president speaking to chi... (Below threshold)

A president speaking to children or any other group is fine with me.

What has bothered me most is it is always about Obama. He has his own logo, he has his own seal it is always about Obama. This is not healthy.

We are a nation, a republic, not a dictatorship which relies on a particular person or personality. Presidents come and go - it should not be about Obama all the time.

Not to worry this disaster ... (Below threshold)

Not to worry this disaster of an administration will be the last hooray for the far left, as we predicted on December 31, 2008 and January 19, 2009. See all of our predictions and correct results here, stopthepresses2.blogspot.com

Oh no, keep these clowns ar... (Below threshold)

Oh no, keep these clowns around. The more they talk and the more that is reported of their past statements and associations, President Obama and his administration become ineffective. He's no dictator - he doesn't have the skills - he's an empty suit that the media foisted on the voters who were ready for a change. Well now we have it and in 2010 and 2012 we can vote ALL the incumbents out and drain the sewer that is the two-party monopoly.

This administration has tri... (Below threshold)

This administration has tried to play both size of the fences with its appointments. When someone has to be confirmed, Obama will go with a so-called moderate. However, for his Czars and advisors he goes for the Ultra left hoping no one will look to close. If the do then he can pull the, it did not know, guilt by association or racist card from his deck of excuses.

Tina, as someone who grew up during The Reagan years, I cannot really recall a day when the Reagan White House said, all school children should watch him and teachers create a lesson plan around him.

I do recall the day we watch the Challenger take off and saw it explode. I remember walking home stunned and then President Reagan coming on the TV that afternoon to talk to the whole country about it.

I recall our teachers playing "Tear Down That Wall during current events.

The thing that I must recall about Reagan was it was never really about him. It was about America.

I don't consider the... (Below threshold)

I don't consider the a - hole remark nearly as offensive as when Van Jones said:

"We're really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States. The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities."


Race seems to be a part of nearly everything Jones says. Does anyone really believe that white people are intentionally poisoning minorities? Wasn't the Obama administration supposed to be the beginning of a "post-racial" America? Why does he have "special advisors" out there openly attempting to create an even bigger racial divide using hatred and lies?

Obama hiring a radical 'truther' is beyond comprehension. Unless of course that's how Obama feels too.

About Obama's speech to kid... (Below threshold)

About Obama's speech to kids, it is a big deal because he has placed himself in a position of distrust, due to his actions and choices. The worksheets kids were to answer confirmed the concerns.

About Van Jones radical beliefs, even that Bush staged 911 or something to that effect, I don't begrudge him his opinions, or Obama his radicalness for that matter. What I have big problems with, however, is the radical person Obama being our President, the President of this great country that he is about to take down through wanting to improve things via his brand of medicine that he thinks the country needs; and the presence of radical Van Jones and what he stands for as (a typical) part of the administration of this country.

It's like pirates have taken this country over with our own assent. The joke of the whole thing is that the Democrats had a great liberal choice in John McCain. Granted, they hated and still hate Sarah Palin, so I guess that ruled McCain out as an option for them. McCain really seems to exist within the intersection of both sides, generally speaking.

Anyway, the situation in our country is tragic right now.

I am waiting for all the li... (Below threshold)

I am waiting for all the liberals out there to defend Van Jones. Where are they? This guy better be sent packing before business is out on Friday or I will be just about as outraged as anything I have seen from Obama. I think hcddbz had it right when he said Obama appoints moderates to positions that require confirmation but for his Czars he goes for the radicals and hopes that he can get away with it. Obama said he wanted to be judged by the people he surrounds himself with and I am doing just that. As a result, I am very worried for the nation. I also agreed with the comment about Reagan - when he spoke it always had something to do with our greatness as a nation and it was never really about him. With Obama, it is always about him. He rarely takes the time to talk about the greatness of America - it tends to be more about where we come up short in his eyes and that he is the guy to change it for the better. No thanks - we cannot afford his kind of change financially or any other way. Obama is a disgrace to this nation.

Nothing, NOTHING Obama does... (Below threshold)

Nothing, NOTHING Obama does surprises me. When he was running for president I had a fear deep in my gut that this man hated America and will try to do everything possible to ruin it. We have liberal and conversatives and that's fine (it is the extremes that scare me) but this man is not liberal. He is a hater and far out leftist. Pretending to be sooooo nice...
Years back Obama would not been anywhere near were he is, how far we have declined to elect him for president. And not because he is a person of color. There are many black people I would love to see in power. I feel Obama & company, and the media are Americas true enemies, we can handle the foreign ones, but the domestic ones are much more difficult to deal with.
I fear it is going to get very nasty indeed.

Tina"All Obama wan... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"All Obama wants to do is give an inspirational speech to encourage kids to study hard and stay in school. Why in the world are you going off on Obama like that!"

Unlike liberals, when my kids were growing up they did not need an inspirational speech to study hard and stay in school. I ensured they had no other choice. I didnt need the govt or anyone else to tell me what my kids needed to do. I KNEW.

The same way when I was a young specialist and SGT and had 2 children. We were eligible for food stamps. I never took them becuase I could supply for my family just fine without the govt assistance. Sure we did without a new car for a few years but such is life.

WE DONT WANT OR NEED A NANNY STATE. Especially from a President who surrounds himself with race baiters, truthers, tax cheats, and socialists.

I think if parents want to ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I think if parents want to let their kids hear Obama speech than they should let them watch ABC, NBC, CBS, or MSNBC news every night. He gets enough free air time there. Or they can let them watch primetime as he shows up about every 2 weeks there as well.

Tina, perhaps you didn't se... (Below threshold)

Tina, perhaps you didn't see the original agenda that was recommended to schools to follow before, during, and after the speech. Parts of it, as others have noted, asked what kids can do to help the president, support him, etc. Tell me: what does helping Obama have to do with studying and education? Why is it about Obama at all? It is supposed to be about students, right?
I would feel the same way regardless of who was President.

As for Jones... yes, he is a whackjob, and it certainly seems Obama has surrounded himself with lots of radicals.

bobby b,The part y... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

bobby b,

The part you missed is that there are more poor whites than blacks, and thus, it's not racist. Actually, it's NIMBY at work and people who have more money have bigger back yards.

"White polluters and white ... (Below threshold)

"White polluters and white environmentalist steered poisons into black neighborhoods."

What poisons? Crack and heroin?

TinaS -If all it h... (Below threshold)

TinaS -

If all it had been was Obama making a speech to work hard, stay in school, and pursue an education - I'd have little problem with it. Hell, if he came out with a speech focused at black kids telling them to "Get the best education you can, because the more you know the better you'll do. Dump the rap and ghetto crap - and those losers who try putting you down because you're 'acting white' because you're wanting to learn more than how to hang out on a street corner all night are the ones who'll end up in jail or dead - and I don't want that to be your life!" I'd be applauding him.

But when an 'inspirational' speech is turned into a 'How can we help the President?' glurgefest, then there's something wrong. The country is NOT ALL ABOUT THE PRESIDENT! It's about the PEOPLE! The focus shouldn't be on how the students can help Obama - it should be on motivating the students to help THEMSELVES.

Yes, I realize it's a totally bizzare idea - that it's actually important to get kids to understand their future is tied to their education. Their future is NOT tied to how much they 'help' the President. He'll be gone in a maximum of 8 years, and employers aren't going to be too worried about whether they 'helped' the President - they're going to want to know what the grades were like.

To everyone who wants "the ... (Below threshold)

To everyone who wants "the government" to pay for health care insurance: Get with 6 other adults and go to 1 of your parents of grandparents houses. The 7 of you look the elderly person in the eyes, and inform them that you want the governm...ent to take approximately $12,000 EACH YEAR, from their medicare benefits to pay for your health insurance.

Then when you are done there... Get 95 adults together. Go caroling, with a police escort, every April 15th. Choose a doctor, lawyer, engineer... someone who went to college 4 to 12 years, paid student loans for 7 to ten years, and now makes a household income of more than $250,000.00. Look that family in the eyes. Tell them to hand over 1/2 the insurance cost for the 95 of you, or be taken to jail by your police escort. As he hands over the money, or is carted off to jail, don't forget to sing the song about how you could have applied yourself and been in his shoes ,but you didn't, so now you are entitled to his money.

Now both halves of your health insurance are paid for. Go home and relax while singing about how wrong it was when you had to pay your own way through life, and how just everything is now.

Robin, Since you are... (Below threshold)

Since you are so desperate to defend those who make lots of money for their living here is something for you to ponder.

For all, the golden carrot of economics is supposedly within reach if you are willing to "work hard enough".

The "work hard enough" platitude is a giveaway - to believe that on some level some actually "earned" the income that puts some in the stratosphere, so far above the average American that they worked that much harder and made smarter decisions is your argument?

That some "worked hard" in school; made smart choices about education, business, etc., and that put them on the path to their just rewards, right? What percentage of the top 1% obtained their money as part of the predatory fraud scheme that took place on Wall Street and specifically in the financial sector.....essentially, the people who took part in the "financial innovation" schemes that took down the global economy while they themselves became multi-millionaires and billionaires in the process.

By corollary, people who make only average income or who are poor...those people didn't work nearly as hard. Is that right?

Let's say, for arguments sake, that everyone is born talented and bright, and studied hard in school. Wouldn't there be a terrible glut of brain surgeons, aerospace engineers, or top executives thereby, per market forces, causing pay to plummet for these occupations?

Doesn't SOMEONE have to dig the ditches, dump the garbage, and mop the floors? Isn't this hard work too? Shouldn't such unpleasant work that nobody really wants to do be compensated at least as highly as "prestigious" work?, Better yet, shouldn't we structure the workplace so nobody gets stuck doing the unpleasant and unempowering work all the time?

So the real question about health care is:

Why would we continue to trust the insurance companies to provide affordable medical care since they
1) are in business to make a profit and if they pay out claims they don't make a profit which means that there are sick people who will be denied claims. Are you prepared to be one of those denied?
2) have used the free market model wherein profit IS the driving engine of escalating costs that have seen premiums increase 119% over the past decade. Are you prepared to have escalating profits finance the CEO's retreat in the Grand Caymans' rather than your family members necessary operation?
3) have been so generous in contributing millions of dollars to the very representatives who will write these laws. Aren't you saying that the insurance industry is not to be trusted since it is your premium money that has greatly influenced the shaping of the debate?

JLawson bite your tongue! A... (Below threshold)

JLawson bite your tongue! All we have to do is repeal that pesky 22nd ammendment and Obama can be king for as long as they can fix the vote.

I'm sure his buddy Castro would approve.

This czar needs to be run o... (Below threshold)

This czar needs to be run out on a rail. But it wont happen. I can't wait for impeachment proceedings in 2011.

Indie you are proposing that we let the janitor do brain surgery and let the brain surgeon unclog toilets?

Everyone has a chance in this country, people get out of the projects and make something of themselves all the time. If they do not it is usually the result of poor decisions either on their part or their parents part. That is not the fault of the people of the US.

I have been poor and jobless, and I am back to middleclass status now. I didn't let life get me down and keep me there. If I had made better choices when I was a kid I could have gone to college and gotten a better paying job than I have now, if I wanted I could write a book or two and get them published and make money that way. I am a pretty good singer, I could make millions as a country or rock star!

Thats the point, Rappers and R&B'ers project the thug lifestyle even after they start making their millions. That is not the fault of the rich white guys.

People in this country have the right to make something of themselves if they so choose, or they can be lazy and stay in the lower middleclass duldrums if that is all they want from life. They always have a choice, if they choose to have sex and get pregnant and not get an abortion because its too expensive or not give the baby up for adoption once its born (not that I am for abortion on demand) then that is a choice to have sex and accept the consequences. If the choose to join a gang thats a choice. If they choose to drop out of school to take care of momma or grandma that is a choice. Parents should not allow that to happen but they do, that also is a choice.

And people in america have the freedom to make choices, it is what makes America great. Stop blaming rich whitey for all the worlds trouble. I'm not rich by any means so don't go thinking I'm defending myself here. I'm defending America.

Now, as for healthcare. Drop the Federal Public Option and instead have states vote on whether they want one or not and have them collect taxes and administer the program.

States with better run programs will have people move there, states who do not vote to enact it will lose people. And don't charge businesses for it otherwise you will have businesses move to states with no healthcare option and attract people there.

There are a lot of ways to fix healthcare, including public type options, that don't include a massive takeover by the federal government.

Indie -I had 'gove... (Below threshold)

Indie -

I had 'government' health care for 10 years active duty in the AF, and intermittently in the 13 years reserve time I did.

I'll take civilian insurance any day of the week, thank you very much.

The real problem with your idiotic screed is that your head is inserted into your nether regions when it comes to 'profit'. You see it as an automatic evil, while government, being only a total DRAIN on the taxpayer, is apparently always a good thing.

And when you don't have a choice - you'll go with what's available. So what if it's 6 months for an eye exam, or months to see a specialist?

You're stuck in the damn system - you don't have a choice!

Whereas in the civilian world, you've got a choice. Don't like your dentist? Go to a different one! Takes too long to get an appointment? You'll find someone else. Don't like your doctor? Go elsewhere! Don't like your INSURANCE company? Find a different one!

Every week we get 4-5 different faxes from insurance agencies looking to sell health care policies. The lowest is $149 a month for a plan that looks pretty comprehensive - with no deductables and $10-$40 prescriptions. Hate to think what the copay might be - but it's coverage.

One other thing you didn't look too closely at, 'indie', is how much the government is CURRENTLY in hock for. Right now, we're close to $12 TRILLION in debt - and with the current spending we're looking to add an ADDITIONAL $9 trillion.

Do you have ANY concept of how much that is?

The most expensive cruise ship ever ordered is the Royal Carribean "Project Genesis" at $1.24 BILLION.

You could buy 16,935 of those cruise ships. Enough, if put SIDE TO SIDE (at 155 feet wide each) to stretch almost 500 miles. (497 miles, but by the time you get in the bumpers to prevent scratching the paint jobs...)

Now ask yourself something, Indie....

Do I want to pay $12 trillion? Or $21 trillion? Because the day's coming, 'Indie', when the bills that are being racked up are going to have to be paid. And the only place government's going to be able to get the money is by squeezing it out of US - the taxpayer.

That's you and I. And JustRuss, and anyone else with a job here in the US.

The government doesn't create wealth. It doesn't create money. All it can do is take from the taxpayer - and that's US.

Indie,During the l... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:


During the last two years, my wife and I became the "rich" according to you and President Obama. We earned over $250K each year. How did we do it? Well, we didn't start a "predatory fraud scheme." I work as a salesman and my wife is a public school teacher. My wife started a small business five years ago and it wasn't until the last two years that it made any money. At night, when you watch TV, my wife and I assemble her products. We won't hire anybody, although we would prefer it, because government regulations make that proposition too onerous. We also bought residential real estate with over 20% down, so we are cash flow positive, even after the bubble burst. Will we make over $250K this year? No. A sinking economy sinks all boats. But we will not work as hard or build the business if we are going to lose most of our profits to taxes. Many liberals / statist don't get this. Small business owners can control their income by directly reducing the amount of work that they do.

JustRuss -Don't gi... (Below threshold)

JustRuss -

Don't give him any damn ideas! I'm fairly sure that he's already thinking about what could be done to repeal the 22nd. For the good of the country, of course!

Indie,There are fa... (Below threshold)


There are far more making $250,000 as a household or business than the "crooks" you laminate about. If they are crooks, put them in prison, but leave the smart achievers and entrepreneurs who create jobs in this country alone with at least 50% of their money. Think of the trillions this county spends and know that 85% of it is paid for by 15% of the people.

It is not American when 85% of the people can take away most of the income of 15% of the people. The only fair tax would be the same percentage on everyone, then it is raised on lowered on each voter according to their vote.

The same people who feel ENTITLED to others peoples money should realize they are beggars with political guns! They wouldn't dare be at the mercy of a charitable person and stick out their hand for something they claim is essential to their lives, because Marxism tells them they don't have too, they are entitled to, instead of thankful for what is given to them.

They work hard, yes. Working hard is not enough if you want the life style of those who sacrifice more than hard work and apply their minds and plan for a future and invest parts of their paychecks. Just like those who are willing to apply neither should not have the rewards of the working class.

Investors who invest in business or the stock market, (for most it is their retirement money,) often lose more than they gain. Most business ventures fail. They might try 4 0r 5 times before they find a business that they can make a profit on. These are the workaholics that stay up nights working on establishing their own business while they work a separate full time job. Many worked full time while going to college. They are the kind of people who believe they can earn the American dream and do not expected it to be handed to them.

If nothing else, Obama and many of his friends have proven that a person from a lower class family and neighborhood, (like myself,) can achieve the American dream.

I want you to name me one State in America that holds to all these socialist principles that is not broke. Name one state controlled by Democrat policies that is not broke? List the states that are not broke in America and tell me who has been leading them.

Russian news reports: They say we are the next Russia and our demise will be worse than theirs. They are saying Obama is our Gorbachev. Read about the crash and split of Russia. Look at the lives of their middle class. Thay say watch America split into different countries and capitalist and socialist.

Ask the Canadian middle class what percentage they pay in income tax. Then emagine if they had that money to apply to private health insurance and still have some left over.

Watch those who make over 250.G here in America decide it is no longer worth it when the day comes that they could earn far less and take just as much home. Where will the masses get money for their programs then? Watch the middle class become the upper class and be looked to to pay for everything.

I have more children than most. I have birthed them, taken them to the hospital, etc.. all without insurance for over 20 years. I made payments on my medical bills, just like my grown daughter is doing now. There were times when our income was so low that we could have been on public assistance. (I grew up on food stamps. My parents used fraud.)Yet when I could have qualified legally, I didn't apply. A couple times our church helped us with medical bills. At times we have helped others. That is what America use to be.

All of your arguments are... (Below threshold)

All of your arguments are specious.

There seems to be a never ending litany of excuses from those who voted for Bush/Cheney and then McCain/Palin for the utter failure of 8 years of right-wing neo-conservative ideology. We did all the things they believed in so passionately and it brought our country to its knees. A real conservative doesn't spend all their time attempting to rationalize non-performance.

If you want to be truthful when you are speaking of Obama's plan not to tax those small business owners that make under 250K he is discussing their personal income. That is what the Obama tax plan refers to. Obama has a separate tax plan for businesses that would eliminate the capital gains tax for small businesses, provide grants for R&D for projects happening in the US, a tax credit for small businesses offering health insurance to employees, and tax incentives to corporations THAT KEEP JOBS IN THE U.S.

I do not understand for the life of me why anyone is opposed to giving 95% of the public the purchasing power that currently resides in the top 5%. With Obama's tax plan those in the lowest-income groups would enjoy the biggest after-tax income rise as a percentage of income - between 2.4% and 5.5%

In addition the myth of the populist stock market provides a lot of talking points, but the richest 10% of Americans own 90% of stock wealth. Wall St wasn't allowed to privatize Social Security, so they socialized Wall St. Private hedge funds hold something like 600 trillion dollars in paper profits. When these crash the taxpayers will be left holding the bag. During Bush's term corporate welfare recipients privatized their profits and socialized their risks, and the government should have called their bluff and told them to go to pound sand. But hey, baby, that's capitalism - that's the system you love so much, right? Where were you when the debate was held that let Republicans enact the Bush tax cuts that took $929 billion out of the treasury for their "No Billionaire Left Behind" policies while we, the poor suckers funding this largess, struggle to save our homes and jobs? The rich can afford the luxury of patriotism; they have much to be grateful for.

If the ultrarich are concerned about paying so much income tax, there is an easy solution: make less money. If some overburdened billionaire would like to trade incomes with me, I'll pledge to pay twice as much as he does and never, ever complain. Nor will I spend millions of my newfound wealth lobbying to reduce my taxes, or worry about the "moral hazard" of redistributive policies. After all, the marginal utility of my billions will be minuscule.

For the record isn't funny ... (Below threshold)

For the record isn't funny that hedge funds prefer Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 79-21 percent.

It is also significant that one of the richest men in the world, billionaire George Soros, is a hedge fund operator and convicted inside trader who pours millions of dollars into the Democratic Party, its front groups and candidates.

A big problem with forcing the rich to pay the heavy burden of taxes is that when they leave the country or go broke because they cannot stay in business with 50% of their profit going to taxes. Where will you get your money?

No poor man ever gave me a job, most of the money the ultrarich have is not liquid, it is in businesses that employ people.

If you gave every person in the US a million dollars guess what, there would be those who used it to better themselves or invested it for the future, and there will still be people who blow it all and end up right back where they started. And we would still be in an economic mess.I for one would have preffered cash to the CARS program or the "Stimulus" bill.

In the end, every time you point out the wrongs done by the last administration as justification for the wrongs done by this administration I have to say a few things.

Two wrongs don't make a right.
You can't dig yourself out of a hole.


Bush added 5 Trillion to the 5 Trillion debt in 8 years of office. However Obama is on track to DOUBLE THAT in less than a year of office. Bush took 8 years to spend as much as the entire history of the US, Obama took 9 months to double that number.

I know my numbers are off a bit but if we keep going down this road that is where we will end up.

You can't justify a failing politician by pointing to another. You do realize that taxes AND spending went down while we had Bush and the Republican congress if you don't include the wars.

And that Revenue increases ... (Below threshold)

And that Revenue increases when you lower taxes on the rich? Its been proven over and over that it works. Increasing taxes on the rich always leads to lower revenue.

Indie,All of your ... (Below threshold)
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All of your arguments are specious.

When you speak of President Obama's plans to tax small businesses, I don't think that you understand the tax code. Most small businesses are LLC's or Subchapter S Corporations. That means (speaking as a CPA) that they are taxed as partnerships and the owners take all of the income into their personal taxes. For example, if your small business has revenue (sales) of $500,000 and net income of $250,000, you pay taxes on the $250,000. You know what else comes out of that $250K? Any increase in inventory for the next year's sales, any equipment that you want to purchase to improve your business, etc. President Obama's tax policies are anti-growth and anti-employment.

You say you are willing to trade incomes with a "rich" person. That is fairly easy to do: earn it. I believe that you are one of those envious people who would rather complain about how "unfair" the world is to you instead of doing something about it. Prove me wrong - go out and start a business and employee people. You could help bring down the unemployment rate!






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