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College Football Season Kicks Off Tonight

I LOVE college football. I love the sounds, the fall season, the food, and spending time with family as we watch our favorite college teams fight it out on the gridiron. The 2009 college football season begins tonight with Tulsa playing at Tulane.

I really got in the mood after watching Fox News' video tribute to college football and was excited to see some MAC grads as part of the Fox team. Bill Hemmer graduated from Miami of Ohio, who is playing Kentucky. A producer graduated from Bowling Green State University, who's playing Troy - not sure who that is. BGSU plays Missouri on 9/12. Both Miami and BG have very competitive football programs . My alma mater, also a MAC team, is The University of Toledo. We're playing at Purdue. It will be a tough game, but the Rockets have pulled out some exciting wins against very big opponents in the past. We'll see how they perform tomorrow under the leadership of their new coach, Tim Beckman.

You can find the 2009 college football television schedule here.


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Comments (3)

Oregon-BSU was a 2fer. Foot... (Below threshold)

Oregon-BSU was a 2fer. Football and boxing.

8 or 9 months ago there wer... (Below threshold)

8 or 9 months ago there werent really more important things going on.

As for the OT: GO MIZZOU!

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