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Liberals Think it is Funny that Man Whose Finger Was Bitten Off By Obamacare Supporter Has Medicare

Recently some liberal online activists admitted that conservatives were using Twitter to much greater advantage than they were. No wonder. When you read some of the stuff they post on Twitter, it is no wonder the medium is not helping them. A recent case in point -- David Shuster's recent tweet regarding the 65-year-old man who had his finger bitten off by a MoveOn.org health care reform advocate at a demonstration.

The man's name is William Rice, but MSNBC's David Shuster called him "finger guy" in his tweet. First Shuster tweeted, "that's right, it was medicare... a govt run program that represents all the protestor objects to... it was medicare that treated him." Later he tweeted, "the point is that finger guy opposes govt run programs, except when it's his finger that needs medical help."

Shuster was not the only liberal blogging or tweeting about how supposedly ironic and hypocritical it was that Rice had Medicare. Here are just a handful (pardon the pun) of many other examples:

camsteh Anti-Healthcare protestor gets finger bitten off at rally. "She says he had Medicare," the story states. Thousands die from irony overdose.

Ramotringo @Hst3 @Dufus @rebeccay Shouting teabagger,(against gov-run h/care), who lost piece of finger, luckily had Medicare card in his wallet.

hasaclue Protesting govt health care. Finger bitten off. What to do? Govt health care to the rescue! Medicare! Oh only u should have it!

awall04 RT Headline: Anti Health Care reform dudes finger bitten off at rally. Gets it sewn on at Hospital w/MEDICARE!!!

ToadMan628: Someone's senior lost part of his finger today! And he was against Socialized HC. Guess that medicare card came in handy?

agategal It's sure fortunate that the anti-health-care-reform/anti-government guy who had his finger bit off yesterday...is on Medicare.

In addition to some in tweets and blog posts coming across sounding like they were incredibly amused that Mr. Rice's finger was bitten off and that he had to seek medical attention, I think the argument is a perfect example of how flawed the liberal position on Obamacare is. Wow, the man is 65 years old and he is on Medicare. Wow, how amazing is that? Uh, not very. In case you missed it, he is 65 years old.

Since some of the debate over the issue occurred on Twitter, here are a few responses to Shuster's tweet.

CM_DeB @DavidShuster:

"U act like seniors had the choice to opt in or opt out of SS or Medicare. They are now owed what was forcibly taken from them."

"The protestor, w/ his finger bit off, paid into Medicare for DECADES! He is owed the $ the government confiscated from him!"

"Many on Medicare have supplemental private insurance and, yet, it's still almost broke."

"Medicare is $ paid back that was confiscated from paychecks for 40+ years Not exactly good example since it's almost broke."

GOPthinker @DavidShuster And Medicare will be bankrupt in 10 years. Next question, Shuster?

Kerry_Picket @DavidShuster Oh you mean the medicare the president is looking to cut.

rb2bb @davidshuster you're sick on ironic. Being on medicare is not a gotcha on our seniors, they are worried about their future and ours.


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Comments (24)

Oh yeah, medicare is so fin... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, medicare is so finger licking good everyone should get a digit or two chomped off just to enjoy the experience.

Brings a new meaning to the... (Below threshold)

Brings a new meaning to the challenge, BITE ME.

[for liberals, that is]... (Below threshold)

[for liberals, that is]

If they can fix Medicare, o... (Below threshold)

If they can fix Medicare, or better yet, let the states run a Medicaid program that covers anyone not on Medicare. And if they can show that it is sustainable without upping the costs. Then I have no problem with everyone on Medicare or Medicaid.

But people should be able to get tax rebates and buy their own insurance, or get "top off" insurance for stuff that Medicare/aid won't cover.

I think that is the best compromise. For once regular democrat americans are right.

If liberals think its funny... (Below threshold)

If liberals think its funny for someone to get a finger bit off by some obamases sewer rat then their a bunch of miserble sadists with no compassion

My father is on Medicaid. N... (Below threshold)

My father is on Medicaid. Not by choice, mind you. He had a very nice health plan from his employer. Then, in what I'm sure is simply a fantastic coincidence that has nothing to do with government creating economic incentives for this to happen, the day he became eligible for Medicaid, he was dropped from the superior private plan, and now has to pay additional $$$s to the government for his coverage.

Yup, in the government's infinite wisdom, Washington has determined that the best way to help my retired father is to give him inferior health coverage and additional financial burdens.

The hospital should send th... (Below threshold)

The hospital should send the bill to the White House for Obama and/or the Democratic party to pay.

In a logical ethical world ... (Below threshold)

In a logical ethical world that would happen and be taken care of Joe. But in the democrats unethical morally bankrupt world they would just charge it to the taxpayer like everything else they do.

Exclusive Photo of Zombies ... (Below threshold)

Exclusive Photo of Zombies Attacking Obamacare Protester here, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/search/label/Zobamies

This isn't about health car... (Below threshold)

This isn't about health care or liberals vs. conservatives, conservatives are strong defenders of first amendment rights as well. A guy suckerpunched a another man exercising his right to free speech at a political rally. Heck, he's lucky he only lost a digit! When you suckerpunch someone in the face for exercising their first amendment rights, you should not be surprised when they respond in kind. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

"My father is on Medicaid. ... (Below threshold)

"My father is on Medicaid. Not by choice, mind you. He had a very nice health plan from his employer. Then, in what I'm sure is simply a fantastic coincidence that has nothing to do with government creating economic incentives for this to happen, the day he became eligible for Medicaid, he was dropped from the superior private plan, and now has to pay additional $$$s to the government for his coverage."

I'm confused on how you can blame the government for a private health care provider dropping your dad's coverage. It's weird, because this example doesn't support your opinion at all, but rather points out the problem with the current health care system, how private insurers and simply drop people from their coverage. What if Medicare wasn't their for your dad? What would his other option be?

Lol Aresay.. Those zombies ... (Below threshold)

Lol Aresay.. Those zombies are to civilized to be Obama supporters.

the republican probably dec... (Below threshold)
another dumb republican:

the republican probably decided not to have his finger reattached since he was afraid he would be infected with liberalism!

Rice admitted that he threw... (Below threshold)

Rice admitted that he threw the first punch, that he made the first violent physical contact. So yeah...if you throw a punch at me and your finger finds its way in my mouth, you're coming away with a stump!

Sorry...I don't feel a bit sorry for the angry old coot....you start hitting people you get what you deserve.

It shouldn't be that contro... (Below threshold)

It shouldn't be that controversial of a thing that the man used Medicare to get treatment; as he is a taxpayer he should see at least some returns for the 65 years worth of tax money that was taken from him. Understandably people give in to using government programs, which is because they've already paid for the service through taxes and cannot afford to pay for the same thing twice.
bit.ly/1QX4sF Read my response to the incident.

The bottom line lesson here... (Below threshold)

The bottom line lesson here is that, when you punch a liberal, make sure you knock his teeth out.

sally - "I'm confused o... (Below threshold)

sally - "I'm confused on how you can blame the government for a private health care provider dropping your dad's coverage."

Gee, connecting dots is not your forte.

Put it this way, if he didn't have medicare would the private insurance he had have been dropped?

Not likely, it was the handy and convenient excuse, and the very same one people are afraid will occur if, or when the gov gets involved by providing tax payer supported insurance.

Funny thing for the perp in... (Below threshold)

Funny thing for the perp in this one... since most of the Moveone.org loosers have been in trouble before, California keeps a DNA database to find and identify criminals.

Good advice Iwog.. ... (Below threshold)

Good advice Iwog..

Dan,Moveon.org was... (Below threshold)


Moveon.org was on one side of the street. The counter protesters were on the other. The bitter cross the street and starts yelling at and getting to the face of the oldest person their. According to witness the bitter was trying to grab the man. So he defend himself against the man,

Getting up in a strangers face and yelling and calling him an idiot is force him to change his views is intimidation. Though the old guy threw the first punch some witness say the bitter was the first to lay hands on him and come into the man space.

So Sally, can I mark you do... (Below threshold)

So Sally, can I mark you down for the "pure, complete coincidence" explanation?

If you haven't been paying attention, part of the debate is that whatever program the government offers, it will provide a further incentive for employers to dump employees on the government plan. Yes, there are problems with the current system, but my example is there to show that the current plan being bandied about in Washington will exacerbate those problems, not solve them.

Being 65, I wonder if he wa... (Below threshold)

Being 65, I wonder if he was in the streets protesting against Medicare 40 years ago too?

Hey, that conservative thug... (Below threshold)

Hey, that conservative thug admitted he threw the first punch, and the second. When you smash your fist into someone else's face and they bite you in self-defense, maybe you got what you deserved!

The person who initiates violence is the one who broke the law.

Yes, next time make sure yo... (Below threshold)

Yes, next time make sure you knock out his teeth old timer.






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