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Low Expectations

Biden: Stimulus Doing "More Than We Had Hoped", because "Instead of talking about the beginning of a depression, we are talking about the end of a recession."

And yet jobless claims continue to soar, and we just set a new record for the number of Americans receiving Food Stamps, 35 million (or 1 out of every 10 Americans).

The only people who seem to be hiring are Federal government agencies. If you support big government, then I guess you are now getting more than you had hoped for. If you are like the rest of us ... probably not, regardless of what the Vice President says.


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When in doubt about the mes... (Below threshold)

When in doubt about the message let Biden out of his cage and he will make sure everybody kind of sits there and scratches their head wondering what in the world the message is. The voters that sent him to the senate so many times should be ashamed of themselves. He gives new meaning to the phrase Village Idiot. mpw

This morning on the drive i... (Below threshold)

This morning on the drive in, ABC news radio at 7AM reported how continued job loss was hurting the recovery.

Uh.. that assumes without support that we are in a recovery and ignores the fact that job loss may be proof to the contrary. Seriously, what happened to simply reporting without interjecting opinion ?

Shhhhhh! Joey Biden lives ... (Below threshold)

Shhhhhh! Joey Biden lives in his own little world. Don't agitate him, he's safer that way.

Its painful in more ways th... (Below threshold)

Its painful in more ways than one to watch these brainiacs in this administration flounder about pathetically without a damn clue.

Biden is like the "less pre... (Below threshold)

Biden is like the "less pretty" girl kept around by the pretty girls to makes them look better in comparison. The problem is that the pretty girl is running out of makeup and looking more and more like him.

We need to get him in a room with Dan Quail and Trival Pursuit. I'd pay to watch.

ps: He'd still be a better President than his boss.

I hope you meant Dan Quayle... (Below threshold)

I hope you meant Dan Quayle, right? Dan would kick stammering Joe's ass big time. So Dan can't spell, our president can't speak without a teleprompter and Biden isn't let out the of the cage without a handler or five and a raft of retractions.

Actually Joe is more like Rose Kennedy, to be kept out of sight, though Joe is trotted out for some political gain now and then (not to mean that the Kennedy's used Rose like that, she was just kept out of sight and away from the public).


Yeah I was making a Potatoe... (Below threshold)

Yeah I was making a Potatoe joke, poorly I admit.

When is Joey going to make ... (Below threshold)

When is Joey going to make a major speech on foreign policy? Isn't that why he was put on the ticket in the first place?






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