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The College Football Season Gets Off To An Inauspicious Debut

With respect to Kim's post earlier today about the upcoming college football season, there were some first week games played Thursday evening. Among the most anticipated was Oregon vs. Boise State. Boise State upset Oregon last year and has a shot at a BCS slot this year even though their conference is not among the six receiving automatic berths.

Boise State won in a sloppy game, but the real action occured after the game. Oregon running back Legarrette Blount didn't get the memo about sportsmanship in college football this year as the following video pretty clearly demonstrates.

Video via ESPN

Thursday also marked the debut of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, she of the naked peeping tom video, who is going on Oprah next week to discuss how dirty the whole thing makes her feel...

Looks like it's going to be a wild season...

Update: Direct video from ESPN now. That video will continue to work, while everything on YouTube is bound to be pulled eventually.


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Comments (14)

Who cares? Our fearless lea... (Below threshold)

Who cares? Our fearless leader is into B-Ball!
We Obamabots are therefore into B-Ball. A foot-
ball ain't even ROUND....and it's a bitch to

Darn I missed the video.. T... (Below threshold)

Darn I missed the video.. That was fast.

Thanks for the link Hot and... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link Hot and humid.

With the advent of college ... (Below threshold)

With the advent of college football, and pro football 1 week later, you can all bet that we will be inundated with stories about which teams Obama likes, what coach he admires and who he picks to win the various championships. After all, didnt Nero fiddle while Rome burned? Bread and circuses, people. Bread and circuses.

Tomorrow has some good game... (Below threshold)

Tomorrow has some good games scheduled. The one I'm going to watch, conflicted, is The Ohio State University v. Navy game. Conflicted because beloved nephew is a Navy Guy (career man) and because my own beloved self is an OSU alum!

I think the brief interview... (Below threshold)

I think the brief interview redeems Blount. It looks to me that the BSU player taunted "first". Although that is no excuse, after "the battle", such a reaction is at least understandable when getting your wounds rubbed with salt. He apologizes and vows it will not happen again. I am not from Oregon but have nothing but respect for the Oregon program that Rich Brooks and Mike Bellotti built.

This guy will be working fo... (Below threshold)

This guy will be working for the SEIU in no time! Maybe he'll chomp on some fingers next time.

Blount had been saying some... (Below threshold)

Blount had been saying some stuff all week about whoopin' some ass for last years loss and this Boise State player came up to him after the game and said basically, that's two ass whoopin's for you and that was it.

The BCS is BS anyway, they ... (Below threshold)

The BCS is BS anyway, they keep screwing the MU Tigers.

There's a reason he's a "DU... (Below threshold)

There's a reason he's a "DUCK!"

Hey! That was the best hit... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hey! That was the best hit from an Oregon player all night!

It's clear the Boise State player was asking for trouble. Not that it justifies what the Oregon player did. But I think both players will think twice before they react in the same manner again.

what a punk-ass sucker punc... (Below threshold)

what a punk-ass sucker punch! kick his ass off the team and out of the league. If he thinks he is so tough let him have a go on UFC. Jive ass sob.

Papa Ray, you got your wish... (Below threshold)

Papa Ray, you got your wish. I just read this morning that Blount is out for the season. Now, whether this will be appealed and/or changed is another issue, but that is where it stands now.

The MIAMI HURRICANES their ... (Below threshold)

The MIAMI HURRICANES their mascot is a IBIS named SABASTIAN and the IOWA STATE CYCLONES their mascot is a CARDINAL named CY and theres the KANSAS JAYHAWK as well






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