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Fox To Skip Obamacare Reboot

Variety's Wilshire & Washington reports:

"The Fox Broadcasting Company will not air the Presidential Address to Congress on Wednesday, September 9 at 8:00 PM (ET). FOX's sister networks, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network will air the presidential address in its entirety. FOX will alert viewers with an on-screen graphic at the top of the 8:00 PM (ET) hour that the presidential address is available on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network."

Fox has spent heavily on the premiere of Glee, a new series from the creator of Nip/Tuck. They ran the pilot episode (which you can watch online at Fox) after the finale of American Idol and had long planned for an 9:00 PM launch on Wednesday. At 8:00 PM they're airing the premire of So You Think You Can Dance.

Really this is good news all around. If you want to watch another speech about Obamacare there are plenty of channels (all the other major networks and cable news networks) to watch that on, but if you're tired of that (and I'm guessing you are) you can catch the premiere of the an awesome new series. If you watched the pilot (and even if you didn't) and need a little refresher, just catch the Don't Stop Believin' video below.

You can read all about the Obamacare 2.0 speech after it's done. At 9:00 PM watching Glee is where you want to be...


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Comments (14)

Glee looks awesome even if ... (Below threshold)

Glee looks awesome even if it is a bit HighSchoolMusical-ish. It's less a "musical" than a show about people who sing.

I think everyone should tune into this and have rating show that the one channel that didn't carry the Prez got 90$ of the viewers.

Besides, it's been at least... (Below threshold)

Besides, it's been at least 6 hours since I saw Obama on television. I'm starting to feel anxious and confused...

Why would Fox run the Presi... (Below threshold)

Why would Fox run the President speaking live? They couldn't cut/paste/parse/spin/misquote/misinterpret what he's saying. Besides, most "Great Americans", if they saw Obama on Fox, would run to the basement, start taking inventory of their freeze-dried food supplies, cleaning their weapons and start watching endless reruns of John Wayne movies and GE Theater.

"...most "Great Americans",... (Below threshold)

"...most "Great Americans", ..."

Wrong, unlike you we are better at organization and preparedness and we already know what we have and where its at. While JW had some great movies there will be plenty of other things to do rather than watch a has been community organizer flack for a dead idea on the alphabet networks that aren't watched because of their overt biases.

Based on your comment I will expect you to be mesmerized by his every word. Will you have a drip pan to catch the drool and will your prayer rug be oriented in the right direction towards Washington?

During Obama's upbringing t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

During Obama's upbringing the madras failed to teach him the lesson about the "boy who cried wolf", and thus, Obama doesn't understand that the more televised prime time speeches he give the less the American people pay attention to them. As more and more people's favorite programs get bounced by Obama's incessant televised speeches the higher his negative ratings go.

Anyone taking bets on which... (Below threshold)

Anyone taking bets on which channel will be viewed most?

Maybe if the teleprompter r... (Below threshold)

Maybe if the teleprompter recieved rightful top billing for once and some airtime I might take a gander at the worst president ever.


Men/Women's second round of... (Below threshold)

Men/Women's second round of US Open may still be playing. That's the only thing that will be on in this household.

Thats funny epador. Im watc... (Below threshold)

Thats funny epador. Im watching Federer/Hewitt right now. And Roddick will not be turned off for some desperate despots delusion.

"..watching endless reruns ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..watching endless reruns of John Wayne movies and GE Theater."

GE Theater? Doesn't GE own NBC, one of the worst of the sycophant Brocko worshippers?

You're irony deficient, groucho. Better see the Doctor before Barry takes it over.

Why watch the president? He... (Below threshold)

Why watch the president? Hes just going to repeat the same lies hes been tossing around all summer.

That's why the Bill of Righ... (Below threshold)

That's why the Bill of Rights gives us the Right to DVR. I can watch all kinds of stuff while the hollow man is speaking.

I saw the pilot over the su... (Below threshold)

I saw the pilot over the summer and was blown away! This is definitely the place to be wed night; I'm sure it wouldn't have happened without HSM (which I also like very much), but that doesn't mean Glee can't be terrific entertainment. Get your friends to watch ... it's time to cure the POTUS of his incessant need to give prime-time press conferences. Maybe he'll stop if Glee blows his ratings out of the water.

Actually I want Obama to sa... (Below threshold)

Actually I want Obama to saturate the market MORE so the middle and right can convince america the guy is on an ego trip. ww






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