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You Should Know I've Killed A Lot Of Old People In My Time, And I'm Not Above Doing It Again

A while ago, I was standing in line at the pharmacy. It was moving slowly, but I was in no great rush. (I'd sneaked away from work.) I was a bit bored, so I was letting my eyes and my mind wander, just killing time.

An elderly gentleman came up behind me and took his place in line. (I was at the end.) I nodded and resumed my lollygagging.

A moment later, I looked off to my right. The aged gent had shifted and was now beside me, a couple feet away. I guess some merchandise had caught his eye. (They plan it that way, you know.) I put my brain back and neutral and vegged some more.

Then I noticed that the old codger had maneuvered in front of me, and stepped right up when the person ahead of me was finished with the pharmacist.

The lousy, ancient SOB had cut in front of me, slick as anything. And he knew exactly what he was doing -- at no point would he meet my eyes.

I said a few snide things, but he was probably too old to hear it.

My only consolation was that if ObamaCare does pass, he won't be long for this world anyway.


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You're back?!!? Awesome!</... (Below threshold)
John Wehman:

You're back?!!? Awesome!

Edit: Whoops...didn't see ... (Below threshold)
John Wehman:

Edit: Whoops...didn't see the memo three posts down! Welcome back!

He must've been Italian. W... (Below threshold)

He must've been Italian. When I lived in Sicily, that stuff happened all the time. You had to guard/defend you spot in line and leave literally no space in front of you so no one could angle in. We American's were usually easy targets because if you protested, they would respond in rapid fire Italian confusing you and then everyone was staring at you and you had no idea what was just said.

The old guy likely figured ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The old guy likely figured that some young whippersnapper wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer, and even if he did, he knows guys won't do anything about it. Bet the old guy wouldn't try that with a woman.

Why, you young punk. If ... (Below threshold)

Why, you young punk. If I were 40 years younger, I'd whip your butt!! And maybe I still will, just as soon as I pay for my hemorrhoid medicine.

This is how a liberal wo... (Below threshold)

This is how a liberal would have re-acted:

I'm not the type of person to let people cut in line. However, I would not complain about an older person cutting in line so he can get his medicine. I would just give him the benefit of doubt that he is in a great deal more pain than me and not think more of it.

He could be in the early st... (Below threshold)

He could be in the early stages of Alzeimers's, or not so early stages. He probably thought you were the SOB for snarling at him when he didn't do anything to deserve it, and didn't want to meet your eyes for fear of provoking you further.

Or, like you say, maybe he was just a well practiced old asshole.

A young jerk at some point ... (Below threshold)

A young jerk at some point becomes and old jerk. The guy was probably just as rude when he was a kid. Don't blame it on his age. You might be lucky enough to live to a ripe old age. If Obamadeathcare passes you might find yourself in the same boat someday, so be careful what you wish for.

You ought to come to my pha... (Below threshold)

You ought to come to my pharmacy. Orientals don't even both to get in line, they just walk up to the counter, feigning they don't speak English.

While working as a delivery driver years ago while in college, I noted that they use that ploy when money is owed. However, if there's a credit due on their bill, they speak perfect English.

I had to go to the DMV and ... (Below threshold)

I had to go to the DMV and get my license renewed not long ago. You can make an appointment on-line if you can take time from work to drive wherever their office is or you go early, before the office opens and get a low number. At this particular office there is a gate to a court where the public door is. By the time I got to the the office,(forty-five minute early!), there were at least twenty people already waiting in what was obviously the line along the wall waiting to get in the gate. There are signs that state how to form the line and even a guard to keep order. Of course everyone is on their cell phone talking to someone who is up early and doesn't have to wait in line. I was not on my phone and I noticed an older gentleman drive by and park in the lot about fifteen minutes before the office opened. The guard, (also an older gentleman), was going down the line and asking people if they had an early appointment to go to the front of the line. By this time there were over a hundred people in line. I also was noticing, because of my years in management, how many of the state employees arrive to work just a few minutes before they are to start work. Anyway, I was watching as the gentleman waiting in his car got out and timed his arrival at the gate as the guard was opening up. The people in the front probably assumed he had an appointment and didn't say anything to him or the guard. I watched as he went in the door and took a number ahead of the rest of us that had been waiting almost an hour to get in. A big pet peeve of mine is when people cut in line ahead of others. Anywhere. In traffic or whatever. Their time is more valuable. They can't wait in line. That takes to much time. This morning when I was reading the post and recalling this peeve of mine, I thought of the "health care" Obamalala is trying to bless us with.
It will be "state" run, like the DMV is, with employees, like the DMV. It will mean long lines. And, their will be people that will cut in line.

Welcome back Jay Tea.... (Below threshold)

Welcome back Jay Tea.
For your part, you handled it well. There are a lot of jerks in the world who seem to think that everyone else is a rube that owes them something.
They can't be helped, but don't hold back if you ever need to call them out on it.

This is how a liberal would... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

This is how a liberal would have reacted:

Hire some union thugs to accompany you in case of just such an eventuality. Have them give the man a good beat down for his effrontery then, at just the right moment, jump in and bite his finger off while screaming "Die you Nazi bastard! Die!"

Jay,Welcome back!</p... (Below threshold)

Welcome back!

However, I disagree and hope you were joking.

Although I don't like how this older man behaved, (what a stinker) weren't you raised to allow the elderly your seat, or preference in a line, etc?
A little grace goes a long way. Who knows what was going on in his life. I hate to hear older people bashed in this culture, because it is so prevalent.

For those who think we don'... (Below threshold)

For those who think we don't know what issues the man has, from Jays description it sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing, if he had a problem with standing in line due to his health he could have very easily asked if he could cut and state the reason why. I'm inclined to believe, that Mr. Tea being the man we all know him to be would have happily allowed the gentleman to go before him. I say he was plain being a rude SOB.

The codger knew that soon h... (Below threshold)

The codger knew that soon he'd be standing in line with everyone butting in front of HIM....for healthcare.

Was the crude old codger mi... (Below threshold)

Was the crude old codger missing a pinkie finger?

northwynd, "...weren't you ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

northwynd, "...weren't you raised to allow the elderly...

I can't and won't speak for Jay but in my case, yes I was, ladies as well. And I still do to this day (although it's not always appreciated). But you miss the point here as this courtesy; it's mine to give, not theirs to take.

A statement such as, "You didn't have to do that! If you had just asked I would have been happy to let you in front." would cover the situation with class. Tripping the prick as he left is something I'd also consider, but then I'm old and frequently upset these days.

This is how a libera... (Below threshold)

This is how a liberal would have reacted:

By biting off the man's finger.

nw:"Who knows what w... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Who knows what was going on in his life."

Who knows what was going on in the non old-person's life? To just assume that this guy had a good reason to cut is disrespectful to anyone he cuts in front of. If he really had something 'going on' in his life, he should have politely asked to cut.

" I hate to hear older people bashed in this culture.."
Pure B.S.
Truthfully telling what happened is 'bashing'?
Buck up, buttercup.

I read somewhere that older... (Below threshold)
Gary Lewis:

I read somewhere that older men go through a menopause-type thing where their lack of normal hormones causes them to become more belligerent. I saw this happen with my father (now deceased). He was always very congenial and then he reached a certain age and became a terror on a motorized chair.

I remember this one time I took him to a department store and he went to a checkout station and ran that chair of his right up to this woman, scaring the crap out of her. I apologized to the lady and pulled my Dad aside and gave him the what for (it's hard to raise parents).

I agree with Jack that if this guy was a young jerk, he is probably an old jerk. There could be medical conditions involved you are not aware of. But, I think the vast majority of cases fall into this category:

"Once an adult... twice a child."

Just remember... someday, you too, will be there. Well... maybe not with Obama DeathCare.

Don't worry. Soon Obama wil... (Below threshold)

Don't worry. Soon Obama will have taken care of all those old coots for you. You will only have to worry about the younger ones waiting at the government pharmacies.

You almost got through an e... (Below threshold)

You almost got through an entire piece without being dishonest - that last line kind of spoiled it. Oh, and wishing death on an old man - Wizbang's class just went up +10.

Les, would you kindly enlig... (Below threshold)

Les, would you kindly enlighten jp2 to the source of my title? If you don't recognize it immediately, I shall be gravely disappointed in you.

And Upset, you nailed it. Had he asked, I would have had no problem obliging him. But my courtesy is mine for the offering, not for anyone else for the taking.


Aw, C,mon, jp2 wasn't even ... (Below threshold)

Aw, C,mon, jp2 wasn't even a gleam in his grandfather's eye in 1978.

He did not wish the death p... (Below threshold)

He did not wish the death panel on the old coot jp2. He simply stated the inevitable if Deathcamp care comes to fruition by your savior lord barak Otrauma.

And yes the stock did recieve an uptick here since J's return.. but that was before you showed up.

Heh. Dr. Johnny Feve... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Dr. Johnny Fever lays down the law.

As God as my witness, I thought jp2 was jet fuel, and could fly.

Jp2 is rectal lubricant. J... (Below threshold)

Jp2 is rectal lubricant. JP-4 and JP-8 are jet fuel.

Well, as long as he doesn't... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, as long as he doesn't confuse one for the other.
Talk about an afterburner. yikes.

Dang. I thought that the ... (Below threshold)

Dang. I thought that the White House had little jp2's email address now ( like she thought that evil Bush amd Cheney did) and thats why we haven't heard from her lately. I guess she came back just because Jay has returned. Little jp2 still = FOOL.

Jay,What do you me... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


What do you mean you have a killed a lot of old people?

Paraphrasing Tina from a pr... (Below threshold)

Paraphrasing Tina from a previous comment: "how can someone say something that shows just how stupid and ignorant they are". She really is that dumb.

You won't have to wait for ... (Below threshold)

You won't have to wait for Obamacare. An insurance company death panel that already exists is already sharpening their pencil to cross him off their bloodsoaked ledgers.






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