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Obama: I'm King of the World!!

Obama is such a micromanager, he is even usurping Susan Rice's role later this month when it's time for the US to chair the meeting of the UN Security Council. It says a lot about the confidence, or lack thereof, he has in Susan Rice.

Maybe President Obama just wants to be among friends:

Looking for a quick and easy boost in the polls, President Obama has decided to go to the one place where merit bears no relationship to adulation: the United Nations. On September 24, the president will take the unprecedented step of presiding over a meeting of the UN Security Council.

No American president has ever attempted to acquire the image of King of the Universe by officiating at a meeting of the UN's highest body. But Obama apparently believes that being flanked by council-member heads of state like Col. Moammar Qaddafi -- who is expected to be seated five seats to Obama's right -- will cast a sufficiently blinding spell on the American taxpayer that the perilous state of the nation's economy, the health-care fiasco, and a summer of "post-racial" scapegoating will pale by comparison.

Anne Bayefsky continues her article and notes that the president is not just presiding over the security council but is setting the agenda as well, and it doesn't sound very encouraging regarding the West's ability to defend itself from rogue terrorist nations who are desperate to get their hands on a nuclear bomb.

It's clear from Rice's comments regarding the upcoming meetings this month when the US chairs the council the US will not discuss the shipload of weapons that the UAE intercepted enroute from North Korea to Iran:

At Ambassador Rice's news briefing, she gave "an overview of the principal important meetings" to be held in September on her watch. After finishing the list of subjects without mentioning Iran or North Korea, she added: "So those are the highlights. We also have . . . three sanctions regimes that are up for regular review, chaired by the heads of the sanctions committees. We have Sudan, Iran and North Korea, and these are, I expect, likely to be uneventful and routine considerations of these various regimes."

Even hard-boiled UN correspondents were surprised. Rice was asked to explain how the recent capture by the United Arab Emirates of containers of ammunition en route to Iran from North Korea could be construed as "uneventful and routine." Her answer highlights the administration's delinquency: "We are simply receiving . . . a regularly scheduled update. . . . This is not an opportunity to review or revisit the nature of either of those regimes."

It is necessary to ask and expect an answer to the question: exactly whose side is the Obama administration on?


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President Obama, he failed ... (Below threshold)

President Obama, he failed at being president of the US, now he wants to be president of the world. Talk about your Grade A narcissist.

I think Barry has found the... (Below threshold)

I think Barry has found the presidency a little bit more taxing than he expected so in accordance with past behavior he is already now planning his future as maybe even SecGen of the UN. He would be more at home there anyway where graft and corruption and idolizing tyrannical regimes are a way of life.

I wonder when Obama will ca... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I wonder when Obama will catch on that what he clearly considers an entertaining bit of theater, the rest of the world takes quite seriously.

He will come across as naive or an idiot or both.

Why should anyone be surpri... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Why should anyone be surprised by the indifference of the Obama administration? The indifference mere demonstrates how focused Obama is on his own desires and plans. He took office believing he would swiftly remake America into a socialist Utopia. He is utterly focused on those plans and therefore pays little heed to foreign issues unless it is to support or be apologist for his socialist friends like Chavez.

It takes Obama days and weeks to figure out where he should be on an issue of foreign policy importance. Heck, it took him over a month to figure out that he was on the wrong side of the Honduras issue and still hasn't firmly stated a position on the situation.

This visit to the UN will be ideological theater and as with everything Obama, empty and self important.

This is not an opportuni... (Below threshold)

This is not an opportunity to review or revisit the nature of either of those regimes

And when IS IT an opportunity? When Tel Aviv is under a mushroom cloud?

"And when IS IT an opportun... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"And when IS IT an opportunity? When Tel Aviv is under a mushroom cloud?"

At that point Obama will wring his hands dramatically and state that he regrets that we did not confront the situation earlier...then blame it all on the 'Jews'.

Barry will propose to the U... (Below threshold)

Barry will propose to the UN's Insecurity Council his 'Conservatives For Oil' Program.

This is BHO is so he will g... (Below threshold)

This is BHO is so he will goto the Security council say something that will be the lefts wet dream.
1. USA was rouge state for using Atomic weapons in WWII and we will make restitution by give 1/2 of our GDP to the UN
2. Bush Administration were war Criminals and the USA will support INDITEMENT in the World Court
3. US servicemen can be tried for war crimes in the World Court.
Or something else that weakens the USA that Libs think makes us stronger.

No, Mr. President. There is... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

No, Mr. President. There is only one black man on earth who is the King of the World...the Master of Disaster...and that, as even that noted lefty Bruce Springsteen will tell you, is not you, but the Big Man, Mr. Clarence Clemons.

Some have called him the GO... (Below threshold)

Some have called him the GOD/KING others call him THE MESSIAH and he even has been compaired to KING TUT but HE IS THE ANTICHRIST

It is necessary to ask a... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

It is necessary to ask and expect an answer to the question: exactly whose side is the Obama administration on?

Rhetorical question. The answer is becoming more and more obvious every day.






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