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The Winds Of Change

Like him or not, Glenn Beck deserves high praise for his dogged efforts in bringing to light the dark, radical, communist past of Obama lackey Van Jones.

It has been an illuminating illustration of the willful disconnect between the state-run media and reality.

For weeks, this has been a stinking, peeling onion, discussed only in the new alternative media. One which the MSM has chosen not to report, believing they still control the power of one-sided propaganda. Only after Van Jones' ousting, have some of them commented on his treasonous past.

This may prove to be a final death-blow to their declining industry. For the farther away they move from the truth, the closer they inch toward extinction.

Instead of listening to facts, and even ignoring how the man has described himself throughout his life, the left screams "conspiracy", attempting to paint any investigative reporting or criticism of Obama and his appointed henchmen as futile "smear campaigns" by that "vast-right-wing" thingy.

While this is a vindicating win for the many who have proclaimed Obama's past and present associations allow us a frightening glimpse into the machinations of his mind, it more importantly shows that when people are given differing viewpoints and insight, they are able to contrast the products and decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

It has long been said the best friend of a politician is an ignorant public.

This episode, in conjunction with the grassroots opposition participating in the myriad of town hall meetings concerning Obama's HealthScare, has shown that a populace which was once politically numb and hypnotized by the mesmerizing huckster from Chicago, has, finally, woken from their civic slumber.

This bodes ill for this administration. It is especially daunting to the herd of embattled congress-people who found their month long recess to be a lesson of profound humility, whether they recognize it or not. The people of this nation flexed their informed, opinionated muscle, and rightfully bullied these pampered, elitist snobs into actually listening to the ones who got them where they are in the first place.

Most of congress consists of walking poster-children for term limits. We know that will not materialize of their own volition.

We will have to do it ourselves. We have the power to decide who gets in and for how long. We do not need them: They need us.

The ousting of Van Jones is a victory which has both energized and emboldened a population of politically punch-drunk citizens. It is, however, just a small step in what will be a long journey toward retaking our rightful place as the owners of this country. Obama's HealthScare, "cap and tax" scam, and perhaps most importantly, the approaching debate over illegal immigration, are all battles looming on our political horizon. These will culminate into a long, hard fought war for the soul and future of this country.

People are finally acknowledging that this administration is waging political and social terrorism against the citizens of our nation. As divisive as this may seem, in the end, it may be the one thing which finally unites us.

A new American Revolution is coming. A revolution that will be won at ballot boxes and voting booths all across this country. This may be Obama's "Waterloo", but it will be our "Yorktown."

"We will not tire. We will not falter, and we will not fail."

Game on.


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Right on! I have ... (Below threshold)

Right on!

I have never been active politically, but after watching Obama begin his plan to turn this nation into Cuba with MY money.. well, I am active now. I am writing and talking and attending rallys... I have Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity on TIVO and am ready for OUR "change" as we change congress soon and in three years get rid of the socialist!


One hundred percent correct... (Below threshold)

One hundred percent correct. Game on indeed.

"You tell me what you want ... (Below threshold)

"You tell me what you want to do, and I'll sell it to the American people."

When Obama said that before the election, I saw him for what he was - a huckster and a liar - and he hasn't proven me wrong yet.

Many others - including a lot of independents - are figuring out the same thing and turning away from him in disgust and disappointment. Even with the press humping his leg on a daily basis, it probably won't help. He's been tagged as an insincere politician, unworthy of his office, and it only took him 8 months to flame out.

Worse, I still don't think the Democrats in the White House or Congress get it. They still think that it's a conspiracy from the Republican headquarters and a few radical right talk show hosts. Frankly, I don't think the Republicans get it either. All I want in Washington is a little humility and a little balance.

The longer the MSM refuses ... (Below threshold)

The longer the MSM refuses to face up to reality, the harder they will fall. It's not only politicians that have to worry about losing the trust of the American people, but the media. Without the trust of the American people, they cannot do their job and remain profitable. Worse, once that trust is gone, they will never get it back.

Like him or not, Glenn B... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Like him or not, Glenn Beck deserves high praise for his dogged efforts in bringing to light the dark, radical, communist past of Obama lackey Van Jones.

I like him. I'll stand with Glenn Beck any day of the week. He is one of the few who have the courage to speak the truth. That's why liberals hate him so much. God bless you, Glenn Beck.

Cancel all stimulis payoff ... (Below threshold)

Cancel all stimulis payoff bribes and return the cash to the taxpayer You sheister in chief.

#6 posted by: The LIE


Mod. Clean-up on aisle 6 pl... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Mod. Clean-up on aisle 6 please - keyword spam.

One man and a network which... (Below threshold)

One man and a network which supported him caused the resignation (yeah, right) of a thug who should not have been within MILES of the White House. Imagine how different Washington would be if the entire MSM were simply honest and non-biased. Anyhow, people like Beck must continue exposing the criminals who now control the executive branch.

While I am pleased with Jon... (Below threshold)
Brian in Idaho:

While I am pleased with Jones resignation I am now ready for the push back. Be ready to hear McCarthyism over and over. The left is all about power. They will squeal. What we know is that truth will win out and they believe good feelings will win. Game on.

Brian:Ther problem... (Below threshold)


Ther problem with McCarthy was that he couldn't prove his accusations.

With Jones, we have his very own words on the record, and plenty of documentation in the public domain.

The MSM's continued state of denial is evidence that they would continue to live in their own world where Obama is another Fidel or Mao; which is what they truly want, as long as they retain the power to call the shots regarding 'journalism'.

"...the MSM has chosen not ... (Below threshold)

"...the MSM has chosen not to report...."

Just like they chose not to investigate, much less report on Barry's background, or lack thereof for the highest office. They've covered for favored politicians in the past; "If we don't report it, it didn't happen." Unfortunately, their deliberate refusal to report on Barry, and their outright propagandizing on his behalf has moved them out onto a limb from which they can't get down. No matter how bad Barry gets, they can't criticize him directly. It would be akin to cutting off the tree limb on which they sit. So if there is any complaints, they'll be directed at Barry's associates. Unfortunately for them, this still leaves Barry open to questions of his judgment. After all, it was Barry who picked "the best, the brightest, the most intelligent administration, ever". All roads lead back to his incompetence as a legislator, executive and supposed leader. Throw in his weakness and sensitivity to criticism and its little wonder there is a monthly 'crisis' of one type or another. When Joey Biden said that Barry "would be tested", I don't think any of them thought the testing would come from inside the US.

Yes, they need us. But WE ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yes, they need us. But WE need alternatives! Congress is full of losers with both D's and R's after their names. The problem is finding someone worth voting for.

Having Obama/Zelaya throw Van Jones under the bus is just a drop in the bucket. There are still wacko czars, corrupt cabinet members and congressmen to deal with. Charlie Rangle doesn't look to be going anywhere except Ways and Means committee meetings.

Plus, Obama's exiled advisers don't really go away in any meaningful way. They just lose a title and some income. Jones will remain his buddy and Jones' ideas will continue to inform Obama's policy.

Flawless post. ... (Below threshold)

Flawless post.

Glenn will not fall: Glenn ... (Below threshold)

Glenn will not fall: Glenn has a lot to say and it's for the good of Freedom. We are a free nation and anyone who is trying to turn us into a communist country...I do not stand for-Sorry.

kind of funny, isn't it? t... (Below threshold)

kind of funny, isn't it? the press falls all over itself attacking, mocking, and marginalizing "birthers", yet see no irony or double-standards in defending a "truther".

what's one more example to add the pile, anyway?

You forgot to mention the m... (Below threshold)

You forgot to mention the most likely candidate for budget busting elephant in the room. The scenario is clear to see even now. The employment-manufacturing-housing-GDP numbers, while still bad, would be much worse without government bail out-stimuli-Fed money creation. As the polls for Dem legislators continue to sink, the only way to save 2010 will be... drum roll... Son of Porkulus! As we speak, in some dark secret chamber on Capitol Hill, the Dem staffers and their special interest cronies are busy fabricating the 1000+ pages of gifts. Be warned. Be ready.

Since Congress will have to... (Below threshold)

Since Congress will have to pass term limits upon themselves, how can we EVER get that legislation passed?

the winds of change ARE blo... (Below threshold)

the winds of change ARE blowing! across America, people who NEVER marched, who NEVER went to a TownHall, who NEVER went to a political rally of any kind are doing ALL THOSE THINGS!

Americans who have been silent all their lives are FED UP! And they are L-O-U-D! So loud the Left is calling them every name imaginable.

But these "Neanderthal", "Evil-mongering", "Astro-Turfed", "Racist", "ignorant", "treasonous" people are NONE of those things!!

What they ARE is: Americans! Truly a Rabble in Arms!!

HughS: People are final... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

HughS: People are finally acknowledging that this administration is waging political and social terrorism against the citizens of our nation.

Are you losing it, HughS or are you have you just decided to match some of "batsh_t crazy" statements of your admired folk heroes and GOP politicians, such as Senator Infoe (Oklohoma): "I don't know why President Obama is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America. "or "Barack Obama is disarming America."

One down 31 to go.... (Below threshold)

One down 31 to go.

Senator Infoe (Oklohoma): "I don't know why President Obama is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America

The Current Administration did intend to do this. A number of countries have stated they did not want the Gitmo detainees return to them, Other countries have stated they will execute them.

Plus the administration are seeking to dismiss some charges.

They said in some cases they would release some into the USA with money to support them. Now we could have kept them locked up or send them to there countries and let those countries Justice System take care of them, instead, the administration wanted to turn them Loose in the USA with tax paper money.

The only thing Obama want to cut is the Defense Budget.
He has talked about stoping or development of Nuclear weapons, He reduce the number of FA-22 and wants to kill our Ballistic Defense system even though we were able to shoot down a falling space debris which would be faster and more unpredictable than an ICBM

Remember, the elites who ru... (Below threshold)

Remember, the elites who run the GOP helped get this whack job elected by pushing a sick, brain damaged old man- Juan McAmnesty! - as their standard bearer. Republicans and conservative-leaning independents had no reason to go to the polls last November. Had the Mexichurian Candidate been elected you wouldn't have "health care reform" under discussion right now - but that's only because McCain thinks it's more important to white-wash the illegal alien problem with a mass AMNESTY!

We are in the fight for our... (Below threshold)

We are in the fight for our very survival, both as a nation and in our personal lives.

We the people must be unified in our actions. The Congress (Outlaws) will be back in Washington, DC next week. There will be massive chaos to get several major pieces of unconstitutional legislation pushed through while creating "emergencies" on the side to keep everyone rattled. I believe at this time, instead of the normal break from 1 Oct until the following January, these buzzards are going to stay in session for longer than normal in an attempt to pass major pieces of legislation which will pick our bones clean.

These are the bills we must stop:
ObamaCare (health care reform) that will cost taxpayers 9 trillion dollars! Our country is broke. The American People are broke.

The Cap & Con & Tax (Cap & Trade) Dozens of sections of the cap and trade bill passed by the House are unconstitutional. A plan that will cripple business, decimate jobs, and add $1500-$3000 per year in extra energy costs to the average American family.

The 2009 House & Senate Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) Wetlands, S-787. this ia a draconian and massive attempt to control all the water in these united States of America. introduced by Feingold

HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, was passed by the lawbreakers in the House. We must also kill these monsters: H.R. 875 - The Food Safety Modernization Act, and S-510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. These bills have NOTHING to do with food safety. It is all about control and destroying our family owned farms. It's about special interest money, corruption and we must stop it.

This IS one of the top priorities in this country. We must crush Agenda 21

Under Obama, just in 7 months, the deficit has at least doubled and the debt has nearly quadrupled and unemployment is at a 26 year high. It's time to force Obama and the Dems to take responsibility for their actions and hold them accountable.

Politicians have ignored us for too long. Let's hope that our stunning display of guts, will and determination at recent town hall meetings has at least riveted their attention so that they understand they will be fired in a heartbeat if they cease to do our constitutionally-authorized will.

VivaLaMigra,McCain... (Below threshold)


McCain was nominated by liberal pawns voting for him in Republican primaries. I don't know any conservatives that supported McCain for President.

Show me ten conservative blogs that did. Better yet, show me ten comments in blogs that really supported McCain by calling for people to vote FOR him rather than voting AGAINST Obama.

The gist of yet ANOTHER election was voting AGAINST the left's war on America. Too many people failed that. I never voted FOR Bush. I voted AGAINST the more liberal alternative.

None of it really matters, really. Likely, all we are doing is prolonging the inevitable. It could be too late to take the gloves off and fight what is likely the most important political war in human history.

Regardless of the powers and principalities we are wrestling against, we can't surrender. That would disgrace our ancestors and the Founders of this great country.

Don't waste your vote next time. It could be your last.

Americans who cannot see wh... (Below threshold)

Americans who cannot see what is going on in this nation are either drugged out, or in a state of total denial. What is going on directly involves us, and yet we sit by and watch an out-of-control, central government try to force its will on the citizenry, allow the nation to be flooded with foreign nationals, illegally in the country, allow politicians to approve of massive numbers of H1-B visas, allow these same politicians to bail out WALL STREET CRIMINALS, on and and on. Folks, it is time to seriously wake up. Now illegal aliens are starting to march again, on LABOR DAY, of all times, demanding rights and money from the American taxpayers at a time of almost economic disaster. WE ARE FLAT OUT CRAZY TO BE ALLOWING THIS CRAP!!

I agree with Devvy Kidd-I d... (Below threshold)
Cat Callahan:

I agree with Devvy Kidd-I do NOT TRUST GLEN BECK! He is a Bush Lackey and hangs out with them all the time! Don't you remember George W. Bush(Pussy-Bushey)? Skull & Bones, Liar extraordinaire,etc. Obama has problems, but Glen Beck should not be your answer! He is replacing Stalin with Hitler-that's all!






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