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What Must The Clintons Be Thinking?

With President Obama's precipitous decline in the polls now reaching a Gerald Ford/ Nixon pardon velocity, it must be asked: what are the Clintons thinking? Lost recently in the ObamaCare noise and departure from Candidate Obama's promised centrism was the President's refusal to allow Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal to work for Hillary in the State Department. The Obama administration correctly concluded that there was nothing in their best interests to be served by allowing a former primary opponent to set up a political operation in Foggy Bottom. However, the very quickness exhibited by Hillary's attempt to do just that can now be seen for what it was. There is blood in the political water and sharks are circling.

Who would have thought that the end of summer 2008 would have served up the superfecta of an Obama appointee brought down by a St. Louis blogger (with the help of Glen Beck), the implosion of ObamaCare, the demise of Cap and Trade and Congressmen hiding in their districts during the recess? As mentioned before, I'm no fan of Bill Clinton's policies or his behavior, but he and Hillary are accomplished at the art of the political craft. The blunders of the Obama administration have not gone unnoticed by the President's rivals.

Peggy Noonan, with whom I have had more than a few bones to pick in the last year (re: Obama and Palin) layed out the concern of Democrats (and perhaps her own) when she said of a President many Party insiders are just now coming to know:

He is cold, like someone who is contained not because he's disciplined and successfully restrains his emotions,but because there's not that much to restrain.This is the dark side of cool. One wonders if this will play well with the American people. Long-term it is hard to get people to trust your policies if they think you're coolly operating on some intellectual or ideological abstractions.

I don't think as a presidential style it will wear well with the center. And it may not wear well with the president's own party.They may come to see him, in time, as not really one of them. And that's when things will really get interesting.

As one who partook liberally of the 2008 election season Kool Aid, Noonan is being too clever by half with the prose. The middle class independents and the elderly now see a familiar sight that caught the attention of Bill Clinton during primary season: an empty suit. But Noonan is right when she says that within his own Party many may come to see Barack Obama as not one of them and that will be when things get really interesting. And for those Obama apologists waiting breathlessly to play the race card...they will be disappointed to find that the Obama machine will have maxed out the American electorate's patience on the issue of race.


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Sunlight is the best disinf... (Below threshold)

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. No way Obam-Alinksy could hide his past, and ineptitude, forever.

Bills just thinking: ... (Below threshold)

Bills just thinking:

"Hell, maybe I will get another shot at some interns."

What ever the Clintons are ... (Below threshold)

What ever the Clintons are thinking at this moment, you can bet it isn't beneficial to Barry. With the news from the Brits that Barry and Hillary! knew about the imminent release of the Lockerbie bomber, Hillary! might well find herself sliding under the Barry Bus.

Noonan is right when she... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Noonan is right when she says that within his own Party many may come to see Barack Obama as not one of them

Really? I fail to see where there are throngs of Democrats supporting free market economics and smaller government. What I do see is Dems from mayor to state legislator, to Congressman, to top party figures and commenters universally agreeing that we need to spend more, take over health care, get rid of coal power plants (and replace them with nothing apparently), raise taxes, control wages for everyone they can think of (except themselves) and gut our national security.

Where is there anything remotely resembling Democratic party dissent? There isn't. You can't find it. The reality is that what Obama stands for is what the Dems really do want deep down.

Their biggest disappointment is that now that they are in control that their power is not absolute. The possibility of passing tough legislation through reconciliation is a prime example of that. No negotiation, just the exercise of pure power.

If there are Dems that don't agree with Obama they are yet to identify themselves. I don't think they exist frankly. Even if such an animal does come to exist any dissenter will most likely be purged from the party...a la Joe Lieberman.

From the announcement of na... (Below threshold)

From the announcement of naming her Secretary of State I continue to wonder what the ultimate political outcome will be for Hillary hitching part of her career to Barry-O. I always believed the Clintons had a bird dog keen political sense so I wonder whether either of them actually anticipated such a precipitous deterioration in Barry's popularity. If either did I am surprised Hillary took her current job. Of course not staying in the Senate absolved her from having to take a public stand on Obama's controversial domestic policies.

As for Ms Noonan, she acts like some giddy school girl always swooning over the most charismatic boy in school probably no matter how condescendingly he treats her. In my mind her past words of admiration for Reagan are severely cheapened by her blind fawning of Obama during his campaign. Her WSJ editorials are pretty vapid. I think in the setting of that particular newspaper she is probably considered at present a liberal voice.

I will take a moment to thank Barry (and the electronic media) for is awakening of the awareness of the citizenry in their government. Not Republican vs Democrat but I in the United States and what it stands for. It is exciting to watch Obama take a seminar as taught by the American public that the country as a whole does not submit to thuggish Chicago-type politics well at all.

Noonan has always known wh... (Below threshold)

Noonan has always known what BHO is, an Elitist snob. The problem is that he cannot hide it when under constant scrutiny.
She is also beginning to realize, The Dems were overconfident. McCain was week candidate precisely because he was such a moderate. This caused many voters to stay home. Dems thought these voters would keep silent and accept all the changes that would be made, either from fear or as the believed (The Republican Bran was damaged).

The Dem did too much to fast and now they have awoken a tiger. One which has the power to vote them out of office.
The First and second Job of politician is to get re elected.
Those people who are not in Radical Left wing Districts know that they might not make it through the mid term.
Which is why with Control of the House and senate they are reconsidering positions.
BHO coattails have become as short as Bushes were in 2006 and the man been in office coming on 8 months.

I bet he wants to be voting Present in the state assemble again.

This is the same Peggy Noon... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

This is the same Peggy Noonan the land of wingnutia excoriated when she told the truth about Palin? The same Peggy Noonan the land of wingnutia wanted to expel from their own land? The same Peggy Noonan who was labled a RHINO?

What a hoot.

SAUD - "The same Peggy ... (Below threshold)

SAUD - "The same Peggy Noonan who was labled [sic] a RHINO?"

Of course to pen that screed, you have to believe, Noonan, or anyone else is perfect ideologically speaking.

Even you can't be that dumb, right?

Ever here if the broken clock theory?






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