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Cuba's Free Health Care

Michael Moore is getting rich off of his "documentaries." His newest is about how capitalism is evil. It's really disgusting how Moore lies to his movie viewers and dupes them into thinking socialism is the answer to all their problems. In his movie "Sicko," Moore insisted Cuba offered better health care than America. What he showed in his film was the fake facility that is used for PR purposes. It's clean, high tech, and overall very impressive.

But it's not a representation of the real Cuban health care system that everyday Cubans are forced to use. Here's the real health care system in Cuba. The following picture was taken by a tourist and emailed to The Real Cuba along with this note:

"My God, I have just returned from my first visit to Cuba. I am SO sorry for what Fidel Castro has done to this beautiful country and people. I visited a hospital in his home town of Santiago and could not believe my eyes, it was disgusting. I could never imagine my parents or family having to endure a night in that shithole with cockroaches. What has this man done to this beautiful country and people? I thought S. Africa was bad enough but the real poverty and what I saw defies description, I was truly angered , frustrated and really saddened. F.C should be ashamed of himself. I cannot sleep without thinking of all those poor people left to their own devices, hardly any food, vegetables, fruit. I saw the REAL Cuba as I have a Cuban friend but I am sure most tourists do not even have a clue what is happening there. 20 Oct 2008.T.T"

How would you react if you were taken to the hospital and your bed looked like this one at the Hogar Provincial de Ancianos Marina Azcuy, in Pinar del Rio:


Be sure to head over to The Real Cuba and see the rest of images from the Cuban hosptals that Michael Moore didn't see.

And Castro is the man Diane Watson says was "one of the brightest leaders" she's ever met. I wonder if she would be satisfied with the health care system he's set up in his workers' paradise.

Hat tip: Small Dead Animals


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Comments (33)

The photos literally turn m... (Below threshold)
Duane Dostie:

The photos literally turn my stomach. I'd rather die that be subjected to that system.

I am sure that this what li... (Below threshold)

I am sure that this what little Brucie H. wants for all of us.

Mr. Moore made his money in... (Below threshold)

Mr. Moore made his money in a capitalist country. Don't the dummies who follow him see that???
He is one of the most repulsive people (both physically and mentally) on the stage today.
I can not even look him.

Why isn't he in Cuba. These minority of people who want to change America, I say get the hell out of here, go start your own country or hop on to some other 3rd world country you are so taken with. The majority of Americans like our country pretty much the way it is...some improvements are need, but basically it is a good as any country can get on this plant.

Man I cant wait to have my ... (Below threshold)

Man I cant wait to have my appendix removed so I can try out their marvelous sterile facilities.. Do you think they have cable in the recovery room so I can watch CNN?

Oops, there is no recovery room. thats the ER.

Obviously, the poor state o... (Below threshold)

Obviously, the poor state of Cuba's hospitals is America's fault. If it weren't for the trade embargo with Cuba that America alone enforces, then Cuba could get up to date equipment for their hospitals. Because of the embargo, Cuba can't even get one bottle of Fantastic or a box of Tide to clean even a single hospital room.

The Cuban people are having to live in these horrible conditions and there is absolutely NO ONE to blame except America.

Brucie and SAUD.. What are ... (Below threshold)

Brucie and SAUD.. What are you waiting for? Its free.

Michael Moore's "movie" was... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore's "movie" was merely a cinematic "Potemkin village"

Like Grigory Potyomkin erecting villages to fool Empress Catherine II, Moore sought to fool the American public. The same fish who swallowed his other hooks, swallowed this bullshit hook, line and sinker!

The Left with bite at any "hook"...with only minimal bait (if any) required. Just look at Van Jones and the whole "Truthers" thing...

Mikie Moore getting more st... (Below threshold)

Mikie Moore getting more stupid each day Why dont he go live with his buddy BUSY WHISKERS CASTRO if he likes him that much

And whos to blame? The evil... (Below threshold)

And whos to blame? The evil Castros right, who make everyone of the cubans live in such disgusting and imprisioned island. Or the US embargo that keeps Cuba as such? I live here and I can tell one thing about therealcuba crap: despite we are sometimes really fucked up, a very very large of those reports or photos are "STAGED", and here is some observations in the ones you posted: a) Ciego Montero water 1L -> $1cuc, 2 Maltas -> $2cuc, one new fan -> $30 cuc, 1 La Maison bag (very expensive shop in Miramar) -> to get one you need to buy, say what, $30 cuc? b) No one in the room? Thats a good example people do not go there at all. In fact, some of that site photos are staged, like this one, probably a discarded room and dropped there some crap to take the photo. Are we 1st world? No, but do we keep veterans from war piss over themselves, like happened in the NYC hospital with the Irak veterans? I know we dont. Do we consult people in chozas improvised to be consult offices, of course we do, but we dont neglect low income people, like the US and Katrina black people. Of course, I'm talking crap, and my country spends a huge amount of $$$ to pay the UN to report in its Human Development Report that are doing just fine --51 place actually, even better than lots of European countries. So isnt too cheap to say stinks about a country without actually be able to come and visit and see for yourself? OF COURSE, americans can go anywhere BUT HERE hahahaha!!!! You are the freedom country right? You can do anything, correct? You have the best country in the world uh? But your goverment doesnt let you come to the decayed, infested, disgusting little island to see the likewise hospital rooms :)

I'd like to take this oppor... (Below threshold)

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for all the evil americans have done to you.

Now go away.

Hi, cubanito.Uh...do... (Below threshold)
Dr. Carlo Lombardi:

Hi, cubanito.
Uh...do you offer some sort of decoder ring for your comment?

cubanito, you're supposed t... (Below threshold)

cubanito, you're supposed to smoke CIGARS in Cuba...looks like you've been smoking something else.

Maybe when Castro frees some of the "dissident" writers they can write an article about Cuba. 'Cause you're right, we HAVE been subjected to a lot of "staged photos" from Cuba...staged by Castro.

Funny thing that 'embargo',... (Below threshold)

Funny thing that 'embargo', it's only goods sent there directly from the US.

Nothing, and I repeat *NOTHING*, prevents Castro from getting imports of any kind from *ANY* other country. To blame the problems in that country on the US embargo is pure unadulterated bullshit. There isn't anything preventing Castro from getting goods and services from any other country anywhere else.

As someone very wise once s... (Below threshold)

As someone very wise once said:
"Wherever there is a boot stamping on the face of the human race there is a liberal to explain that at least the face has free healthcare and high literacy rate."

And for all who don't understand crazy, cubanitos comment distills down to, "the hospitals in Sicko weren't staged, the hospitals in these photos were staged." A nice 'I know you are but what I am I' comeback that makes me nostalgic for the second grade.
And RE the comment about Americans not being allowed to enter Cuba; evidently it can't be too hard as every Hollywood liberal that wants to kiss Castro's ass seems to get themselves there OK. And considering the fact that Cuba still does not allow its people to emigrate I think says it all about how wonderful it is there.
Ten bucks says that cubana is either living in his parents basement with a Che poster on his wall and nothing in his head, or is a member of the Cuban government who has the enviable job of combing the internet looking for any critisism and attempting to stifle it.

I bet there are bag ladies ... (Below threshold)

I bet there are bag ladies running around with their crap in some discarded bag from a top store.

Cubanito (circa de Soros?):... (Below threshold)

Cubanito (circa de Soros?):

When was the last time Floridians lashed two Nash Ramblers together to make the dash to Havana? The other way round seems quite popular.

"Nothing, and I repeat *NOT... (Below threshold)

"Nothing, and I repeat *NOTHING*, prevents Castro from getting imports of any kind from *ANY* other country."

Yeah but it ruins the theme they like to harp on. BTW, I hear Fidel is saving up his pesos to buy shit paper. Seems that's another item in short supply in the "Workers Paradise".

Oh, don't mind Mikey, he lives on the North Shore in a $600K lake-front house. Like Al Gore, Mikey doesn't practice what he preaches.

Michael moores crash pad th... (Below threshold)

Michael moores crash pad the night after a 12 pac of big macs.

I think I could do a better... (Below threshold)

I think I could do a better faux Spanglish than #9 anyway.

I believe everything that s... (Below threshold)

I believe everything that supports my belief. I believe that my beliefs are right in every way. I can not be shaken from my beliefs. Oh, no. I believe that I filter media in a unbiased way. Whoa ho oh. I believe that people that think like me are always right. I believe that people with different opinions are destroying my country. Wha hoo ooo ooo. There is no one who can convince me I am wrong or not seen all sides of an issue. Duby dooo.

I am looking for someone who can put this to music. It is going to be the next great country/rock ballad.

Yeah, Cuba is so great. It... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Cuba is so great. It was great even before Castro's coup. How great was it? It was so great that my grandfather's second wife (and the only grandmother I ever knew), seeing the writing on the wall as she watched Castro rise up, advertised herself as a mail order bride in America in the hopes that some one would get her the hell out of there. Thank goodness her ad was answered. She never regretted leaving.

Wow, looks almost as bad as... (Below threshold)

Wow, looks almost as bad as some of the hospitals in Newark NJ.

"Wow, looks almost as bad a... (Below threshold)

"Wow, looks almost as bad as some of the hospitals in Newark NJ."

BITE YOUR TONGUE! New Jersey is a Democratic "Worker's Paradise" and don't you forget it!

"I believe everything that ... (Below threshold)

"I believe everything that supports my belief."

Why would one parade their ignorance for all to see?

Healthcare : Quality increa... (Below threshold)

Healthcare : Quality increases demand increases price.

Utilizing the above relationship, Castro has discovered a method to keep the price at next to nothing. Brilliant!

"BITE YOUR TONGUE! New Jers... (Below threshold)

"BITE YOUR TONGUE! New Jersey is a Democratic "Worker's Paradise" and don't you forget it!"

If only. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that it's a bipartisan screw-the-powerless state to it's very core.

Guys, #5 was a sarcastic wa... (Below threshold)

Guys, #5 was a sarcastic way of saying the same thing GMAC said in 13.

A few years ago some austrl... (Below threshold)

A few years ago some austrlia pedatrican said WHAT CASTRO HAS DONE FOR CUBA IS SUPERB and TED TED TURNER produced a piece of propeganda A PORTRAIT OF CASTROS CUBA and then that little bean brained knobhead JIMMY CARTER went over there and asked that the embargo end CALL THEM CHUMPS or IDIOTS

Eric, I was sort o... (Below threshold)


I was sort of shocked to see how many readers here hit the "down button" voting on your post. I understood you immediately and, to tell you the truth, I have a feeling that those who voted you down may well have wished they could change their vote after reading on through the thread.

I didn't even think your comments were that subtle but sometimes sarcasm just backfires and there's nothing can be done about it. Better luck with your future posts.

The US embargo on Cuba isn'... (Below threshold)

The US embargo on Cuba isn't total, since Cuba gets the majority of its food from the US. The proof isn't difficult to find by an internet search. The eternal lies of a total US embargo are getting tedious when they are easily proven incorrect.

If health care is so great ... (Below threshold)

If health care is so great in the US how come life expectancy is just a little better than in Cuba (78,11 to 77,45 years).

And how come it's lower than in this countries:

Japan Singapore Hong Kong Australia Canada France Sweden Switzerland Israel Iceland Bermuda New Zealand Italy Spain Norway Greece Austria Malta Netherlands Luxembourg Germany Belgium United Kingdom Finland Jordan South Korea European Union Bosnia and Herzegovina Cyprus Denmark Ireland Portugal...

Don't believe this stats??<... (Below threshold)

Don't believe this stats??
Well they come from this place:

List by the CIA World Factbook (2009 estimates)

Have fun.

Well, I have been to Cuba, ... (Below threshold)

Well, I have been to Cuba, and made friends there. everyone I have meet there tells me they are not happy with the system there. Castro, has made hookers out of his women that is the only way they can make a good living. As far as being able to leave the country you have to be invited out except for the US you need a fiance visa or mary someone. As as far as health care yes it's free but as one Cuban, told me what good is it if the taxi ride cost 5cuc and my income is 15cuc a month. What good is it if they tell you come back in 2weeks to see if we have medication for you. What good is it if I don't have anything to give to the doctor I have to Waite days for an appointment. The rations they get is not enough. They are not allowed to buy cars,homes have limited Internet access most of the homes I have entered are in such of bad repair they would be condemned here. Not to mention what a thief Castro, is he stills 20% off every dollar you exchange for there cuc. Cuba, is the most expensive place I have been too.






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