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Obama Fatigue Syndrome

We're tired.

For 5 years, Americans have been the constant target of a visual and verbal saturation bombing.

All things Barack, all the time.

Since his address at the democratic convention in 2004, his almost mystical aura, happily created and packaged by a compliant main stream media, has dazzled many in this nation, rendering useless any ability to sincerely question and analyze his background, experience, or actual social agenda.

Focusing on style over substance has been the modus operandi of the left and their propagandists in the media, with the goal of creating a "Camelot-lite", regardless of Obama's radical personal and public history.

However, thankfully, this supposed master of oratory, magician of communication, a telepromtorial genius, has blitzkrieged our senses to a point where we are finally examining what he is saying instead of how he says it.

Better late than never.

Since the HealthScare debate has begun in earnest, Obama has held approximately 112 townhalls, speeches, and conferences concerning this issue. For a man who has garnered a reputation for being able to convince others that he knows what is best for them, these past few months must have seemed surreal. A simple slight of hand is no longer enough to mesmerize the audience into thinking he magically has all the answers. His muddled, incoherent message, in conjunction with his elite friends in the most hated congress in history, have inadvertently accomplished stirring something which has been absent from the people of this country for a long time:


We care about this nation and its future. We care about being able to maintain our way of life to which we have become accustomed. We care about honesty, character, and motives.

We care to have our voices heard.

We are no longer indifferent spectators who sit by feeling helplessly trapped in a climate where political deceit and personal lust for power have become expected, and, in most circumstances, ignored.

We are finally discovering that, just as Obama has faith in his abilities to lead people off a cliff, we have just as much faith in ourselves to make a difference.

Tonight, after 112 failed attempts to connive our citizens into relinquishing more of our freedom and fortune, Obama will once again use the power of his position to play ringmaster to a room full of political clowns.

He will attempt to "simplify" the debate, or more appropriately, "dumb-down" the facts for a population which he holds in contempt. He'll most likely have some dramatic stories from individuals who have been "victims" of the nation's health care system, perhaps even having a few in the audience, sitting next to his wife: A woman who has expressed that she felt no pride in her country until her husband was elected.

The heartstrings will be tugged. Likely, Edward Kennedy will be injected into the script. The demonization of opponents will continue apace. His democratic congressional majority will whoop and applaud at every break in a sentence, believing the louder the praise, the more people can be duped into blindly accepting social engineering conducted against them.

He may get a bump. Some may be fooled. Many will not.

One thing is certain: This is not the same electorate that flippantly gave him the Presidency.

"Hope and change" has indeed occurred. Just not the type he expected.


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Comments (43)

Word.And, to the G... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:


And, to the GOP, have you noticed while the Donks, according to Gallup, have lost affiliates to the Independents(they now number a mere 34%) you have gained not a point(27%).

gary gulrud: "have you n... (Below threshold)

gary gulrud: "have you noticed while the Donks, according to Gallup, have lost affiliates to the Independents(they now number a mere 34%) you have gained not a point(27%)."


Have you noticed that CBS, NBC, WaPo, CNN and ABC still use a DEM+15 (or greater) differential in their polling results inclusion?? Even Gallup has not lowered theirs (or hadn't a day or two ago) to the Dems+7 the data you provided suggests.

Last week, in fact, CBS used a Dems+19 sample!!!

thx for the update. it explains why the Dems are scared...because though they deny it, they really do know the PEOPLE are turning against them!

The magic smoke dispenser i... (Below threshold)

The magic smoke dispenser is now empty. Everybody has seen the Obama shuck and jive act, they no longer care.

Nice job Justrand...you rea... (Below threshold)

Nice job Justrand...you really slashed gary moron into little pieces. Will they ever learn?

Ive had OBAMA FATIGUE since... (Below threshold)

Ive had OBAMA FATIGUE since november im so tired of seeing his ugly mug everywhere its overkill

~chka chka chka jive talki... (Below threshold)

~chka chka chka jive talkin thuggin a bribe

good shakedown no need to subscribe

fast talkin making a play we got yo jive talkin wont go away~

Robert Gibbs said last week... (Below threshold)

Robert Gibbs said last week that Obama would put out a plan of his own, which now has been walked back to a list of fundamental principles....

Another case of Barry no living up to his words.

Where's YOUR PLAN, Barry? On paper. Readable. Able to be examined. We already know your 'principles'. You haven't shut up for the last couple of months. So what's NEW? Which issues will you STRADDLE tonight?

The sooner he takes his blu... (Below threshold)

The sooner he takes his blue-lipped lying visage into seclusion the better! I don't like him; I don't respect him. I wish him no ill; I only wish him silent and sequestered (preferably in a federal lock-up). Suddenly the "birthers" lawsuit has legs in California of all places!

So how come Holder didn't put the kibbosh on the ACORN indictments? Too obvious!?

Here in Chicago it has been... (Below threshold)

Here in Chicago it has been so bad that one local rag, the Chicago Sun Times once ran a front page article on Barack Obama thongs. That's right, underwear.

"His democratic Congress... (Below threshold)

"His democratic Congressional majority will whoop and applaud at every break in a sentence,"

That would be everytime the teleprompter has to be updated.

"An Associated Press-GfK po... (Below threshold)

"An Associated Press-GfK poll says that public disapproval of President Barack Obama's handling of health care has jumped to 52 percent."...


Keeping in mind it's 52% disapprove of his HANDLING of health care and not his health care plan itself, it's telling that an Associated(with Obama) Press poll, with oversampling of Democrats, shows this much disaproval of Obama.

From the same article, "The same survey shows that 49 percent now disapprove of his overall performance as president. In July, just 42 percent disapproved of how he was handling his job."

Justrand: even if that were... (Below threshold)

Justrand: even if that were true, they should oversample Democrats vs. Republicans, because they outnumber Republicans by a wide margin.

Shorter Justrand: I don't understand how representative polling works. Democrats suck!

The troll doesn't understan... (Below threshold)

The troll doesn't understand mathamatics.

The pollsters are oversampling Democrats by twice as much as their own polling tells them Democrats outnumber Republicans.

Talk about timing. Here is ... (Below threshold)

Talk about timing. Here is an article on the same subject on American Thinker http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/09/obamas_dog_of_a_health_care_me.html

What can Obama possibly say... (Below threshold)

What can Obama possibly say that will turn the tide on this?

"I'll do for health care what I've done to the economy"?

HyperdiaperYour fr... (Below threshold)


Your from Canada so what the hell difference does your failure to understand mathmatics make?

Democrats outnumber Republicans as opposed to what? Liberals outnumbering conservatives?

Do You have evidence to back your assertion? Or are you trusting your failed math again?

Obama has given more speech... (Below threshold)

Obama has given more speeches since he has been President than the number of days he has been in office and more Prime time speeches than Bush in 8 years. When will he stop campaigning at get to work?

Work? Whats that?... (Below threshold)

Work? Whats that?

Obama is simply the spokesm... (Below threshold)

Obama is simply the spokesmodel for the Democrat Party, the frontman, the pitchman. The Party keeps sending him out to sell, but The People are onto the scam and are getting more and more aggreivated with each of his dishonest attempts to sell us what we don't want to buy.

"Hope", "Change" and "Yes W... (Below threshold)

"Hope", "Change" and "Yes We Can!" certainly have not been enough. This is an excellent article.

I think that, particularly on the Christian right, there is a real sense that this guy could have an apocalyptic sort of impact on America if he's allowed to do what he likes. Here's an article along those lines entitled "Create a Godless Nation? YES! WE! CAN!" Here's a link:


hypermoron is Canadian?...w... (Below threshold)

hypermoron is Canadian?...well that certainly explains it.

We care about thi... (Below threshold)
We care about this nation and its future. We care about being able to maintain our way of life to which we have become accustomed. We care about honesty, character, and motives.

We care to have our voices heard.

While I'd like that to be true, I'll believe it only once I see the 2010 voter turnout that supports it.

Also: the "way of life to which we have become accustomed" has gone bye-bye. For good. Here's praying we'll work through the short-term pain attendant with such events and find ourselves entering into an even better "way of life"...

I think a lot of people are... (Below threshold)

I think a lot of people are starting to realize the the democratic party is NOT the democratic party of their fathers. It is no longer for the middle class, but rather the party for extremtist, illegal aliens, and far leftys etc. My husband always supported the Demcratic party ..this pass election was the first time he voted for a Republican. Not that he was crazy about McCain, but was pissed at the party for putting up Obama.

The Dem. party has been hijacked by haters of this country. There will always be problems and things to improve on. That's a given, but we're still be pretty good country as is.

And change for change sake is not a good path to go down....you are sure to be sorry afterwards.

Dear Russell,<p... (Below threshold)
Dear Russell,

I can't believe what I'm watching.

Fox News Channel headliner Glenn Beck has turned his nightly program into a megaphone of misinformation. He just took down presidential adviser Van Jones, one of our most visionary and principled young leaders.

What happened to Jones is outrageous. President Obama should have ignored the media's smear campaign and rejected all calls for Jones' ouster.

This madness is a failure not only of the media, but of our president to stand up against modern-day McCarthyism:

Tell President Obama: 'Glenn Beck Doesn't Speak for Me'

Emboldened by their success, Glenn Beck and other right-wing blowhards have begun media witch hunts against people in all aspects of public life. If we don't speak out now, the champions of the issues you care about will be run out of Washington.

Surveys show that most Americans want health care reform, good schools and clean air. But if you watch Glenn Beck's show, you would think the opposite is true: that the only proponents of these ideas are dangerous, anti-American radicals operating out of the White House basement.

I'm urging you to take a stand with me and sign this open letter to the president. Glenn Beck's fear-mongering is endemic to a media system that cares more about ratings than about the truth. We need President Obama to take a stand against such hysteria, which only distracts us from the real issues at hand.

President Obama Must Stand with Us for More Diverse Media

Beck has a First Amendment right to stoke fear and prejudice -- and we're not asking for him to be censored or silenced. But we all have a responsibility to condemn his behavior and defend the public servants and innocent people who are being attacked. This is not about censorship... It's about sanity.

Mainstream media have failed. Too many of our leaders have stayed quiet. We must speak out now.

Thank you,

Josh Silver
Free Press

Thank You Russ.Jos... (Below threshold)

Thank You Russ.

Josh Silver, just come and try to take away Glens or mine or anybody elses free speech You piece of shit..

I've got Your back Glen! And thank You!

Just Russ, you need to ask ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Just Russ, you need to ask Mr. Silver what, specifically, he means by "misinformation". Ask him to give specific examples. He won't be able to since there aren't any.

Well, there was one exception. Glenn was referring to Obama's buddy and fellow communist, Jones, as a "czar" when he was actually a "special advisor", but Glenn made a point of correcting his mistake.

Fatigue is right. It seems ... (Below threshold)

Fatigue is right. It seems like every other post on this site mentions Obama. 23 times on this thread and 24 on the main page today. When are you going to stop giving the communist traitor so much of your time and energy?

"When are you going to s... (Below threshold)

"When are you going to stop givin the commie bastard so much of your time and energy."

When He ceases to be President. Clear enough?

Josh Silver and his "Free P... (Below threshold)

Josh Silver and his "Free Press" outfit claim to be "non-partisan."

Take a look on their website.

He is a Huffington Post regular, a Van Jones supporter, appears on leftist programs like "DemocracyNow.org", professes admiration for DU, and has people like Michelle Obama, Bill Moyers, and Dan Rather address his organization.

That was all with just a couple clicks on Google.

Non-partisan my ass.

Freaking hack.

In related news, Ob... (Below threshold)

In related news, Obama Disgust Syndrome is approaching new highs.

Michael: taking half of a n... (Below threshold)

Michael: taking half of a name and appending an insult to it? Unclever, and more than a little gay. Do better, twinkle-toes.

914: I actually work in demographic and public opinion polling, part of which involves designing sample to accurately reflect certain census statistics (among other things). You, on the other hand, cannot spell the word mathematics. So for you to question my understanding of polling is like me questioning your opinion of what colour of lead paint chips taste best with Schlitz. Idiot.

davidt & Justrand: you don't weight a poll by % who approve of a party, as you seem to suggest. A decline in support for the Democratic party, or the President, does not mean that Republicans are more popular, or that there are more Republicans all of a sudden. In fact, by your standards, if the poll contained more than 30% self-identified Republicans, that would be too many (assuming that the GOP still has about a 30% approval rating among the voting pulic--haven't checked, but would be happy to browse a link if you'd care to provide one. I don't care to look.)

You don't understand what you're talking about. Admit it.

Obama does love the public ... (Below threshold)

Obama does love the public attention and hearing his own voice. No doubt there. For you lefties, besides his saturation problem, his obvious inexperience has been demonstrated. ww

914,Why did you pu... (Below threshold)


Why did you put quotes around a paraphrase of what I wrote? You were not quoting me.

But I hear you man. That pinko, scumbag, two faced, "community organizer" deserves no respect. You don't even need to hear any detail on anything he proposes. You and I both know it will be an attempt to destroy the constitution and plunge this country into a communist, facist, socialist, dictitorial nanny state.

But in your case hyperstooo... (Below threshold)

But in your case hyperstooopid...it fits.

This place isn't "One Flew ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

This place isn't "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest". It's "All We Wingnuts Fly Over The Cuckoos Nest."

How many of you will be in straight-jackets before the end of the next 86 months or so? Hopefully, all of you. Scary people, really scary people.

I promise to watch the spee... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I promise to watch the speech tonight.. IF

He promises not to give any more speeches as President.

SAUD go away. You pres is g... (Below threshold)

SAUD go away. You pres is going down. So funny.

A decline in support for... (Below threshold)

A decline in support for the Democratic party, or the President, does not mean that Republicans are more popular, or that there are more Republicans all of a sudden.

HB is right. I happen to think this president happens to be the biggest buffoon who has occupied the Oval Office. I also believe that Reid & Pelosi have just enough combined brainpower to open a peanut butter jar. However, I do not believe the solution to the problem is the GOP. Those who are truly for increased liberty and smaller government (you can't have one without the other) see little difference between the two parties. Screw 'em both.

your opinion of what colour of lead paint chips taste best with Schlitz.

Now, that just deserves special recognition.

Why is it so wrong to have ... (Below threshold)

Why is it so wrong to have a normal poll? Why all the woogying?

How about a Poll of 100% republicans vs a Poll of 100% Democrats and 100% Independants. Self identified I suppose, though voter registration would be better

What numbers are you going off of to assume what % of the country is dem and what % is republican? Because if its the election results you are way off. Alot of repubs voted democrat to get the lazy asses out of office, not because they agree completely with the dems.

"Scary people, really scary... (Below threshold)

"Scary people, really scary people."

SAUD I'm really worried how you're going to take the election results of 2010. Is your medical coverage up to date and include psychiatric care?

Russ, that's not how it wor... (Below threshold)

Russ, that's not how it works. If you want to ask "What does America think about X?", you don't sample every demographic group equally. For example, if you think race deserves statistical weight--as American pollsters do--then you would be wrong to weight any results to reflect a 25/25/25/25 distribution among whites, Hispanics, blacks, and Asians, because there are more whites. Ditto for gender: there are more women. And ditto for age: there are not as many 25 year olds as there are 50 year olds. (Well, there might be, but one cannot assume it.)

Most people don't register as members of one party or the other, so you can't weight based on party affiliation.

I'm not sure how an American pollster ought to sample or weight survey data, but if I had to take a stab at it: take an aggregate mean of self-identified party affiliation across the past three polls, broken out demographically, and then weight that within age, within gender, and within region when designing the sample. Upon completion of interviewing--telephone, ideally, as you can be more certain of who you're speaking to vs. online--you would weight the data back to your original demographic targets. That might not produce a 100% accurate snapshot of the United States, but it would be a lot closer than "50% them, 50% us, game on!" Hope that helps.

Clay: how are you? Well, I hope. Yeah, I was particularly happy with that put-down. Schlitz-drinking paint-eater, he is. (Hey, whatever fuels your bitter, birther-conspiracy-addled psychoses, right 914?)

See, Michael? That's how you insult somebody. "Hyperstooopid"? Seriously? Do you get off on pretending to be a 14 year old on blog threads? (Apologies to funny 14 year olds everywhere.)

Clay: how are you?</... (Below threshold)
Antic Clay:

Clay: how are you?

Spending much time in Malaysia being the greedy CEO that you liberals can't stand. And loving every minute. I've also spent some time in Canada this summer since you Canadians have magically become more conservative than the US. Generally I've been laughing at the Democrats and Republicans equally. Am I excited about 2010? Nope. Either way, more statists will occupy congressional seats as the Republicans think that somehow it'll be different.

You're probably still putting orange slices in perfectly good beer, I suppose. Have you at least tried Alexander Keith's, the pride of the Maritimes?

I agree. If you're going to insult, at least put some thought behind it and make it entertaining. Hyperstooopid? Really, Michael?

Whereabouts in Canada? Give... (Below threshold)

Whereabouts in Canada? Given your leanings, I'm guessing North Texas, a.k.a. Alberta? Or have you been to lovely B.C. to watch the whole of the interior burn to the ground? Perhaps you got to witness the garbage strike in Toronto firsthand? Some awful summer we've had here.

I do like a nice cold pint of Keith's. My girlfriend is partial to their white beer, but I prefer Hoegaarden. Been drinking a lot of Stiegl this summer. Austrians do lager better than they do dictatorial mustachioed lunatics. (Or perhaps they do those well? Not sure how to phrase that.)

Are you based out of Kuala Lumpur?






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