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Selective Silence

Well, another New York Times reporter has gotten himself kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan. And once again, the Times chose to sit on the story until after he was freed. This time, Stephen Farrell was held for a couple of days before British commandos rescued him (at the cost of one of their own). Previously, the Times sat on the story of David Rohde's capture for eight months before he escaped.

That the Times should choose to not cover these events as news is not something that they should be condemned for. Rather, it shows a certain sense of priorities and propriety and responsibility for which they should be lauded.

Pity they don't demonstrate the same traits when it's people not in its employ who are at risk.

If that was the case, then they would not have published the name and home town of one of the best terrorist interrogators we have -- especially after he and the US government begged them not to identify him.

If that was the case, then the Times would be all over the ACLU's current project to follow and photograph covert CIA employees, then show those photos to accused terrorists.

If that was the case, then the Times would not have published the identifying tail numbers and other details of planes the CIA used to transport accused terrorists.

So now we see the Times has no problem understanding the need for secrecy. It depends on how will affect their balance sheet. If it means they might be subjected to the expenses of a dead employee, then they will keep it quiet. But if it means they might sell more papers, then it is part of "all the news that's fit to print."

Thanks for clarifying that for us, New York Times.


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Comments (18)

This would suggest the NYT ... (Below threshold)

This would suggest the NYT is recognizing that there is a change in its core readership. I would guess we will soon see home delivery of the Times focused in Taliban strong holds and terrorist training camps throughout the world. Sometime in the near future it will likely be be ill-advised for a budding terrorist to attend an intelligence briefing without a copy of the Times under his arm. Actually, this sort of scene might make a good advertizing video to help boost the Times' circulation among its new readership in the terrorist community.

What the Times is doing is ... (Below threshold)

What the Times is doing is what every liberal does: publicly espouse liberal doctrine while privately protecting themselves from the ramifications of those policies. Buffet wants an estate tax, but makes sure his won't be taxed. Rangel argues for higher taxes but doesn't report his income or assets. And the Times can't stand to see America win a war and they'll print everything they can to keep that from happening... but not if it means endangering the life of one of their employees.

The Times gets Americans ki... (Below threshold)

The Times gets Americans killed every day, and doesn't blink an eye because those who die are wearing the uniform of the United States. Well, to rescue this reporter only his Afghan translator and a British Commando were killed. A big YES for the Times, now this is real change we can believe in, and hope too.

Yesterday we lost 4 soldiers, ambushed, as well as others killed and wounded, where was their cover? Change of rules. We sacrificed Americans to convince the Afghanis we are willing to die for them, to build trust. Who thought of that idea? Certainly not the parents of the dead. Another Obama outstretched hand is my guess.

No matter what the NYT does... (Below threshold)

No matter what the NYT does Progressives will excuse them.
Just like when Eason Jordan admitted CNN failed to report the worst atrocities that occurred in Iraq to protect itself and it reporters in Iraq.
The NYT and MSM did not really take them to task about it. Ever wonder why? Maybe NYT, CNN are so vocal about speaking truth to power in the USA because this is the only place they can do it without fear.
Unfortunately we know what they call TRUTH is often a pail imitation.

NYT reader who is Van Jones?
What a minor person who OBama did not know.

The NYT is all about 'nuanc... (Below threshold)

The NYT is all about 'nuance'. Others just call it liberal hypocrisy.

Maybe Stephen Farrell can w... (Below threshold)

Maybe Stephen Farrell can write an article about how it feels to be alive when one of your rescuers is dead, esp. since it sounds like he was looking to write about the evil Americans killing civilians who just wanted gas.

The NYTs must be the taliba... (Below threshold)

The NYTs must be the talibans favorate news paper

For my part, I wouldn't cro... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

For my part, I wouldn't cross the street to save an NYT reporter.

The Brits should have told the NYT and the reporter to "negotiate" with the misunderstood Taliban. Give peace a chance, and all that. Coexist.

All you old timers will bac... (Below threshold)

All you old timers will back me up on this I'm sure. The liberals have demonstrated time and time again their loathing and disregard for the men and women who serve this nation. Just a fact. ww

When I saw you were ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

When I saw you were returning I wondered how long it would take you to write another of your deranged "I hate The New York Times" pieces or one of your "I hate The Kennedys " pieces. Wasn't long Jay Tea and you were actually able to do both in one day.

Feeling any better now?

Still An Unrepentant Democr... (Below threshold)

Still An Unrepentant Democrat.........Your post added SO MUCH to the thread.. thanks for another "I know I am, but what are you!"

Thank God Farrell is alive,... (Below threshold)

Thank God Farrell is alive, but it is awful the interpreter had to die in the process.

Oh, SAUD, I'm glad you put ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Oh, SAUD, I'm glad you put in an appearance. It seems you showed up after my departure, and I was feeling neglected.

I've said that I don't "hate" the Kennedys -- I tend to pity them more than anything else. The same with the Times -- but in that case, it's more contempt than hatred.

I take it that, by not disputing the facts I stated about both, you have nothing to refute the actual facts I raised?

I thought not.

I'm afraid, SAUD, that I'm not one of those wimps (defined as "something too low to kick and too wet to step on") that you can silence or intimidate by calling a racist, a bigot, a hater, or any other epithets. Instead, I simply say "I guess they got nothing else, if they're gonna attack me directly," shrug, and go on.

Indeed, it's kind of affirming. One only tends to only shoot the messenger if the message is both unwelcome and true.

Thanks, SAUD!


Oh, my apologies, SAUD. I d... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Oh, my apologies, SAUD. I didn't recognize you in that new outfit.

How the hell you been, JFO?

And didn't I ban you before I left?

Whatever. You wanna creep back here in the cyber equivalent of drag, fine. Whatever turns you on.

But now that I've identified you (and your other alias, "hgg"), I'll just keep a weather eye on you.

I would suggest, however, that you pick one name and stick to it. "SAUD" certainly seems appropriate, but I do have a certain fondness for "Just Fucking Obtuse." And I will try to find one for "hgg" -- first thought is "hysterical, grunting git," but I think I can do better.

Regardless... pick one and stick with it.


Oh Jay Tea, your hypersensi... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Oh Jay Tea, your hypersensitivity is proof positive that my comment was spot on. Your hatred of The Times, The Globe and all things Massachusetts are the things of legend. Your inability to admit it rather than hiding behind "I pity" says much. You are just another far right winger who can't bring himself to say so.

Welcome back.

So, my casual, dismissive d... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

So, my casual, dismissive denial is "proof positive" that you're right.

And your refusal to cite actual proof of your allegations is, I'm sure, in your tiny little brain that you're right, too.

Same ol' JFO. Some things never change.

Just what did I get wrong about either the Kennedys or the Times, JFO/SAUD? Or, if you prefer to take the easier route, what other facts would you say mitigate their offenses?

I know your obsession with me compels you to try to turn the subject to me and away from the actual subject at hand (while also concealing the fact that, as usual, you got nothing to back up your generic BS), but I really, really don't care for the spotlight of your adoration.


Hey, Jay - welcome back! <... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jay - welcome back!

Now that you've outed SAUD - got a quick question for you...

Is SAUD/JFO the same poster as 'Victory is Ours', or is Vic just another loon?

J.Lawson, Vic is a ... (Below threshold)

Vic is a differ color of the same type of critter, so no, they're not the same.
JFO, hgg, or SAUD wsa banned at the first of the
year for about 6 months, apparently it hasn't
learned a thing.






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