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My Favorite Comment on Joe Wilson

From Andy Levy via Twitter:

"Okay, staff, how do we get people to stop thinking I'm that yellowcake guy?" [@CongJoeWilson earlier today]

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Comments (14)

They are easy to tell apart... (Below threshold)

They are easy to tell apart. One JW lied and refused to apologize. The other JW told the truth and then did apologize for doing so. Funny world we live in.

Joe Wilson is trailer-trash... (Below threshold)

Joe Wilson is trailer-trash. If a democrat did what he did the man/woman would be burned at the stake.

And the majority of republicans will either stand silent or rally around him like they do every loser and miscreant from their party.

No wonder you people are in the political wilderness. It's where your childishness, ignorance and hatred has placed you.

StevePIm not a rep... (Below threshold)


Im not a republican but take offense at Your backing a proven liar named Joe Obama Plame.

The Palin set's new folkher... (Below threshold)

The Palin set's new folkhero, doing what he does best--embarrassing himself and his party:

Complaining that Strom Thurmond's daughter came forward after he died when the man couldn't "defend" himself--as though having a child with a black woman when you aren't yet married is something that needs to be defended--he issued a half-assed apology; and

Accusing another member of the House of hating America after he called the guy a liar, but was himself corrected on his lack of factual knowledge on the subject.

This guy is a fucking gift to the Democrats and makes his political opponents look righteous every time he opens his ignorant mouth. More Joe Wilson, please. Give the guy his own show.

"Joe Wilson is trailer-tras... (Below threshold)

"Joe Wilson is trailer-trash. If a democrat did what he did the man/woman would be burned at the stake."


You got your gas and match ready SteveP? Or is this just Democratic "nuance"?

A president who can stand b... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

A president who can stand before the world and spout lie after lie like Obama did last night has no respect for the American public.

Wilson's comment during Obama lie and brainwash the idiots (like the MSM & commenter #6 above) fest last night was no worse than the what the Dems did in the past and Obama deserved to have the truth of what he is slap him in the face.

Bravo, Joe Wilson. Carry On!

But P.Bunyan, Obama wasn't ... (Below threshold)

But P.Bunyan, Obama wasn't lying, and by saying that he was, Wilson lied.

But whatever, carry on embarrassing yourself and your party, Congressman.

Wow Hyper, to say that the ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Wow Hyper, to say that the patholigical liar, Obama, wasn't lying means that either you're stupid or a liar yourself. I most often disagree with you, but I've never thought you were stupid.

Answer me this, though, if you can: The Republicans tried to insert language into the bill expressly requiring that people prove they are citizens before they will be eligible for Orwellian named "public option" but the Democrats refused to allow that in the bill-- Why?

The reality is that the bill will allow for whole pile of things without expressly stating them that like euthenasia for the sick, abortion, and coverage of illegal immigrants. Obama knows that as do many of the Democrats, although I believe some are actually pretty ignorant and/or delusional so they actually believe what Obama says.

I agree that if you just belive with out thinking than many of the things Obama says may seem true prima facie, but if you (2)think just a little bit, (2)have the slightest ability to deduce and reason, and (3) are not a liar, you'd have to admit that most if not all of what Obama and his fellow marxists have been saying are simply lies:

(1) Illegals won't be covered-lie
(2) Abortions won't be covered-lie
(3) You won't be forced into the "public option"-lie
(4) There won't be rationing in the "public option-lie
(5) There won't be denial of life saving but expensive procedures for the elderly- lie
(6) The "public option" will save money-lie
(7) This massive Marxist takeover of our healthcare system will be "budget neutral"- lie
(8) The government takeover of the heathcare system will increase competition-lie

(I could go on and on and I can easily prove each of these points with simple logic and reasoning, but I'm sure you'd still argue that Obama is not a liar, the sky is not blue, and water is not wet.)

I like how Ann Couter put it: "Anyone who says that is a liar. And all Democrats are saying it. (Hey, look -- I have two-thirds of a syllogism!)"

He was lucky last year that he was able to snow enough people to get elected, but I think Obama doesn't think it was luck-- he really does think the public is stupid enough to buy what he's selling. True that some are, but not enough to keep these lying clowns in power for long I hope. In 2008 they voted on a false dream the believed in, but by 2010 and 2012 the reality of what Obama and the democrats are will undoubtedly slap them in the face.

Finally here's a really good question I like to hear you try to answer: If this massive government takeover of the healthcare system is such a great thing that everyone will love and that will save so many lives, why does it not take effect until after the 2012 elections?

Wilson apologized immediate... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Wilson apologized immediately. No need to keep rubbing his nose in it.

"But P.Bunyan, Obama wasn't... (Below threshold)

"But P.Bunyan, Obama wasn't lying, and by saying that he was, Wilson lied."

Hyper would you mind explaining your logic? HR3200 prohibits demanding proof of citizenship in order to get coverage. When Republicans wanted specific enforcement language, the Dem's rejected it. The Hispanic Caucus has no problem with HR3200. Given their past consistent support of illegals, does this give you a clue?

This morning when I... (Below threshold)

This morning when I woke up to the news Republicans had forced Joe Wilson to apologize for his courageous stand against the dishonest administration who wished to replace our freedom with a Marxist form of government I was disgusted. All of the Republicans who heard what happened should have been on their feet cheering for Joe, he is a hero. It is past time someone stood up for the Constitution and those who do not do so are complicit in the destruction of our way of life.
Evidently RHINOS have learned nothing from John McCain's perfect bow to the opposition last year.
What could have been a great memory because of one man's act of bravery will now be remembered as disgusting, not the act, the apology.
There is no party with potential for the American people to put their trust in, Republicans are the same greedy, self serving bunch as the Democrats.
Shame on them!

#6 what about Ms. Pelos... (Below threshold)

#6 what about Ms. Pelosi when President Bush was speaking and she kept making faces, wouldnt respect him or clap. guess bad behavior is okay when it is done by liberals.

Abortion should be covered ... (Below threshold)

Abortion should be covered by any public health insurance. I don't care if they have to obfuscate on that fact to prevent a bunch of fundamentalists from marching on government offices with pitchforks.

But the public option will save money. The government will spend more on healthcare, but the private citizen will spend much, much less. So it's not budget neutral for the government, but it will reduce the amount of money wasted on health coverage in the United States. That's a good thing, because the status quo is embarrassingly awful for your country.

Illegals won't be covered. It's in the bill, so it would be in the law. You've convinced yourself that something that isn't true is in fact true, so on this item, you're probably beyond all hope.

But as for "rationing", it will be a lot less awful than under the current insurance company-dominated model. And as for limiting competition, who fucking cares? Is there a lot of competition vs. the publicly operated military for who gets to invade which country? No. Competition is usually a good thing, but when it comes to certain public goods, it's nonsensical to care about it. It's not inherently good--competition is only good when it produces better results. If government can keep costs lower than a private system--and it can, as is obvious when we compare your system to any other comparable system--then there is no good reason to protect private companies from government interference. None.

J.W didn't say the whole th... (Below threshold)
David M Burns:

J.W didn't say the whole thing. what he should have said is "you are a lying bastard!"






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