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Quote Of The Day - Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire Edition

"You lie!"

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), responding to the President's claim that illegals will not be covered under "his plan." Rep. Wilson was no doubt referring to an earlier post of ours which showed how The White House very much plans to cover illegal aliens by making them legal residents.

Video of the outburst here. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Botox) even manages a surprised look, although one can never be entirely sure when it comes to reading her expressions...

Update: As Cassy Fiano points out Rep. Wilson has already apologized.


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Comments (36)

Too bad Wilson didn't yell ... (Below threshold)

Too bad Wilson didn't yell "Liar" every time Barry spit one out.

Addressing a joint session of Congress and Barry still could not let the past go, or engage in some un-bipartisan comments. The man has a very fragile ego.

Yeah and for half a second ... (Below threshold)

Yeah and for half a second I thought a Republican grew some balls....
I was mistaken

Just one of our many predic... (Below threshold)

Just one of our many prediction and you haven't seen anything yet. He's bringing down liberalism and socialism with him. See predictions and verifications here,
He just yelled what everyone was thinking. (As the thoughts of, what don't illegal aliens have access to now, ran through your head.) Hospitals, schools, jobs, welfare, food stamps, free school lunch/breakfast, park district facilities? So what would make you believe Obama when he says, free health care won't be given to them? Who are you going to believe Obama or your own head?

Republithugs strike again.<... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Republithugs strike again.

Illegal immigrants are not covered.

What the President said is not a lie.

Folks like Wilson need to grow up and quit acting like children.


The One averaged about a li... (Below threshold)

The One averaged about a lie a minute tonight, some so blatant I don't know how he expected not to get called on them.

VIC - "Illegal immigran... (Below threshold)

VIC - "Illegal immigrants are not covered. hat the President said is not a lie.

I agree, it's not a lie, it's a misdirection.

While the House bill specifically states they won't be covered, it also omits any type of way to validate whether someone is a citizen or not.

And even if it did it outlines no enforcement tools to combat illegals from gaining coverage.

But hey, Vic, go ahead tell me where in any of the 5 bills currently residing in the House and Senate where they will be prevented from gaming the system.

Oh... and yes it matters little in the long run because eventually they will get around to making them ALL legal.

Pelosi has had so much boto... (Below threshold)

Pelosi has had so much botox her face is frozen in that perpetual surprised look. Like somone slapped her on the back when she was making that face.
I seem to recall seeing a video where she promised illegals free medical care...

Keeping it classy, as alway... (Below threshold)

Keeping it classy, as always...

You know nothing abot being... (Below threshold)

You know nothing abot being classy. We remember your hate rants against Sarah Palin. jp2 = FOOL

"So what would make you ... (Below threshold)

"So what would make you believe Obama when he says, free health care won't be given to them?"

I believe it about as much as I can believe that this whole thing can be 'deficit neutral', Aresay.

Let's go over that particular claim. First, you're talking about taking over one hell of an expensive proposition - giving Americans health care. Further, you're talking about giving it to them for 'free'. How is THAT supposed to happen? Last I checked, you still had to PAY something for medical equipment, supplies, and personnel - and all that doesn't come cheap.

We're already $12 tril in debt, with $2 tril mor to be added just this year. We don't need 'deficit neutral' - we need something that'll make government money... and THAT is just plain impossible.

The ONLY sources of revenue the government has is OUR WALLETS. They can jack up taxes on businesses - but THAT will be directly added to the cost of doing business, which means you and I will be paying for it.

The government can take out loans ($12 trillion and counting) but those loans HAVE to be paid back - and the only source of revenue the government has is, once again, OUR WALLETS.

To pretend otherwise is sheer lunacy.

"So what would m... (Below threshold)

"So what would make you believe Obama when he says, free health care won't be given to them?"

I believe it about as much as I can believe that this whole thing can be 'deficit neutral', Aresay.

Yeah. And you believed and trusted Bush with everything you had. The stupid are always blind.

Ref #10. You are correct th... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Ref #10. You are correct that it comes out of our wallets. Since you had no problem when President Bush borrowed and spent, which also comes out of our WALLETS, and since President Obama has included the cost of two wars into the budget, what exactly is the solution?

We, the taxpayer are going to take it in the shorts no matter which party is in power! Start blaming your own elected critters, after all you helped put them into office with your votes, don't just blame the person in office now. This BS has gone on for quite a few years.

Humh! SteveP, what an appro... (Below threshold)
upset Old Guy:

Humh! SteveP, what an appropriate screen name! Why don't you take it someplace else, SteveP? Soil somebody else's sand box for a while?

And yes, I gave you your first down vote on your post (11).

The difference between Repu... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans call the Dems liars and then apologize. On the other hand the Dems call Republicans terrorists, Nazis, and actively encourage the assassination of GOP presidents and never consider apologizing since they consider themselves the greatest people ever to walk the earth.

Better even than the speech... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Better even than the speech was the visual of the pouting, dour, rude right side of the Congressional aisle. Even better was the townhall-like behavior of a few of them, particularly Wilson. If ever a visual demonstrated that the party of No has nothing to offer but petulant, boorish and adolescent behavior last night's did just that.

Thank you Party of No. Thank you for showing why your party identification is falling off a cliff.

As for the idiotic comments by jim m above - where were you all August, in a cave cleaning your weapons? You didn't hear a right wing "man of God" calling for Obama's death? You didn't seethe photos of Obama as Hitler? Sheesh man come out into the light and learn reality will ya?

JC - There's a hel... (Below threshold)

JC -

There's a hell of a difference, you flaming idiot. Obama's jacked up the deficit FAR higher than Bush EVER did, AND he's proposing a HELL of a lot more spending than Bush ever did.

So I'm pissed, and your implication that I shouldn't be because 'Bush did the same thing' is a ridiculous proposition right from the start.

"what exactly is the solution?"

Good question. You actually came up with it - VOTE THE OVERSPENDING BASTARDS OUT!

Vic, Bush was boo'... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:


Bush was boo'ed in 2005. Pelosi and Hillary have been shaking their heads like little girls dramatically for years. No president has been as full of it as this guy. Its remarkable.

Poor widdle Brocko.<p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Poor widdle Brocko.

'Get in their faces and argue'
'Punch back twice as hard'

You dish it out, you take it.

" Congress has three choice... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" Congress has three choices on how to handle the uninsured illegals under socialized Obamacare (assuming they keep their 'promise' that no illegals are covered under their govt healthcare plan):

1. Refuse treatment to the illegals and let them die on the streets outside the hospitals. (yeah, right; like that's gonna happen. I don't want that to happen either.)
2. Grant them all amnesty and viola! They are now citizens and covered under Obamacare. More poor people for the taxpayer to support.
3. Continue letting them illegally access hospitals for their maladies; in which case the taxpayer continues to pay for their free care.

Tell me again why we want to scrap our entire healthcare system?

16. Posted by Les Nessman | August 25, 2009 4:55 PM "

We already knew how Brocko plans to handle illegals- massive amnesty or just ignore them and let them continue to get taxpayer-paid free healthcare.

We saw this coming a mile away.

First and foremost, this do... (Below threshold)

First and foremost, this domestic policy issue did not warrant a joint session of Congress televised in prime time. Period. Health care reform is clearly warranted but not a crisis. The Democrats could pass this in the next hour if they want to so let them talk amongst themselves. Don't bother me with the half-truths and outright lies (save money, my apples.......name any other government-sponsored social program that has not added significantly to our debt). This was simply a political stunt enabled by a large Democratic majority in both Houses. At least Fox network recognized that. Wilson's response was unfortunate but clearly fitting for a political rally such as this. This President treats thuggish dictators better than he treats private citizens who openly disagree with him so he should just suck it up and accepot that Wilson spoke the truth. Our "represenatives" on both sides of the aisle are probably a little uncomfortable that citizens are beginning to exert their constitutional power over their government. They don't want a guy like Wilson breaking ranks so to speak. Maybe our reps should spend some time watching debate in the British House of Commons.

Typical for a republican to... (Below threshold)

Typical for a republican to apologize for telling the truth. Just not up to snuff "bipartisan-wise!"

Someone yell that the emper... (Below threshold)

Someone yell that the emperor had no clothes on...so now he is the bad guy.

True, the office of the President USE TO deserve repect....no longer...

Sorry, wrong thread. When I... (Below threshold)

Sorry, wrong thread. When I saw Liar and Joe Wilson together again I....thought i'd drop by.

As for the bride of botox. Im surprised she can function with her eyes frozen open. And in regards to illegals, it bears repeating. We fund them, he covers them.

Ideally, I wish Wilson had ... (Below threshold)

Ideally, I wish Wilson had not yelled out the liar comment, though it is undoubtedly true. It only serves to give the dems a diversion to attack.

As to the reading, er, speech.....
It seemed like a presidential temper tantrum to me. He attacked his opponents, tried to scare the hell out of those listening and then proceeded to lie like there's no tomorrow.

In other words, a typical President Obama reading, er, speech.

OBAMA is a barefaced liar t... (Below threshold)

OBAMA is a barefaced liar the main focus of this edicated(brainwashing)package is to teach these illegal aliens that america was stolen from them by europeans which is a big fat liberal lie why else is the sinister NEA involved

"Better even than the speec... (Below threshold)

"Better even than the speech was the visual of the pouting, dour, rude right side of the Congressional aisle. Even better was the townhall-like behavior of a few of them, particularly Wilson."

Sorta like this, SAUD?


It's a conspiracy!!!<... (Below threshold)

It's a conspiracy!!!

The sky is falling!!


Where have I heard this before?

And, of course, this is whe... (Below threshold)

And, of course, this is where we all come for the objective facts...

The only reason that Joe Wilson is news today is because his Tourette's-like outburst is so indicative of many conservatives who have blurted out nonsensical lies about health care reform having no idea how it makes them look. No fact checking organization agrees with Wilson's point of view about free health care for illegal immigrants. All of the proposals expressly limit health care to American citizens and state very clearly that non-citizens will have to pay for their coverage. This is a classic case of a person who is so caught up in his own web of lies that he has lost his ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy. And that doesn't even consider the issue that, on international television, this man shamed the entire Congress with his rude and juvenile remark. If the man can't respect the office of President, then he has no respect at all for our political system and he should get out of government. What do our enemies think when they see that we're so divided over an issue as simple as health care reform? Those of you who think his behavior was acceptable should stop acting like this is a rugby match in Wales. As the president said, "This is not a game." People's lives are at stake. Grow up, shut up, and listen. George Bush and other presidents have been booed, but none have been called a liar. This behavior harkens back to the days when Tom DeLay instructed Republicans not to stand or clap during any of President Clinton's addresses before Congress, even if he said something they might agree on. Adolescents should not be in Congress.

George Bush and other pr... (Below threshold)

George Bush and other presidents have been booed, but none have been called a liar

George Bush repeatedly lied to both Congress and the nation about matters far, far, FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN HEALTH CARE COVERAGE.

As a result, his credibility was completely annihilated in a phantom "mushroom cloud" of his own making.

Just like that Garand. ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Just like that Garand.

George Bush repeatedly lied... (Below threshold)

George Bush repeatedly lied to both Congress and the nation about matters far, far, FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN HEALTH CARE COVERAGE.

Would some of those "lies" be like Saadam having WMDs? So when Bush said Saadam had them, it was a lie. When Hillary! said it, it wasn't a lie. When Kerry said it, it wasn't a lie. When Billy Bob said it, it wasn't a lie?

Those kind of lies?

Or am I once again missing the Democratic "nuance"?

Still no reply to the video link, SAUD?
It was okay when the Dem's pulled that crap?

GFWhat kind of dol... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:


What kind of dolt are you anyway? Or is there so much spittle exiting your mouth that you can't see your screen?

See my response immediately above your last. I agreed with you you moron.

In that case, I apologize. ... (Below threshold)

In that case, I apologize. I took your "Just like that" to be a reference to Post 29.

johnRJ08 - "No fact che... (Below threshold)

johnRJ08 - "No fact checking organization agrees with Wilson's point of view about free health care for illegal immigrants."

Agreed Wilson was wrong obama didn't lie, it was a diversion from the truth.

You need a ref from a fact checking organization? Fine, will FactCheck.org do?

They note there's no provision to ensure illegals won't game the sustemj as they have done in many other gov run programs.

They also not obama lied about no federal dollars being used to fund abortions.

He lied about his plan not adding "one dime" to the federal deficit.

Lie number three: "He said that in 34 states the "insurance market" is controlled by five or fewer companies, but that's true only of insurance bought by small groups, not the entire "insurance market."

Lie number four: "Obama said his plan won't "require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have." It's true that there's no requirement, but experts say the legislation could induce employers to switch coverage for millions of workers."

Lie number five: Obama says, "Those of us with health insurance are also paying a hidden and growing tax for those without it - about $1,000 per year that pays for somebody else's emergency room and charitable care"

To quote FactCheck, "The figure is not supported by the Kaiser Family Foundation or the Congressional Budget Office. Both have reported that uncompensated care actually leads to lower hospital profits, not higher premiums. KFF's estimate of the amount of uncompensated care shifted to premium-payers works out to about $200 per family per year, not $1,000."

You're wasting your time Ma... (Below threshold)

You're wasting your time Marc, johnRJ08 only believes what the Obamassiah says. Simple minds work best that way.

Marc thanks for explainin... (Below threshold)

Marc thanks for explaining but I doubt johnRJ08 gets it. The same dont understand when the conservatives get back in office they will be trying to resolve this mess and hopfully will have time to balance the budget which means tightening our belts. too bad Obama didnt do this but that wouldnt be 'popular'






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