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She's A Man (And A Woman) Baby!

Caster Semenya2.jpg

From The Daily Mail:

World champion 800m runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite with no womb or ovaries, an Australian newspaper has claimed.

Quoting a source close to the International Association of Athletics Federations, the Sydney Daily Telegraph said Semenya had internal testes - male sexual organs which produce testosterone and which in turn produces muscle bulk, body hair and a deep voice.

The 18-year-old won gold with a sensational final-lap sprint to streak away from the competition in Berlin last month.

Clearly the man side is a little more dominant, unlike another famous (allegedly) hermaphrodite... Jamie Lee Curtis



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Comments (25)

So does Semenya (the name a... (Below threshold)

So does Semenya (the name alone makes it worse) have a shenis, or a mangina?

But JLC is Sexy in True Lie... (Below threshold)

But JLC is Sexy in True Lies! Don't do this to me!

In my opinion, if a person ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

In my opinion, if a person has no womb or ovaries, but has testosterone producing testes, internal or external, then that person is a man as far as athletic competition is concerned. I would be interested to know the genetic sex, however, or if it's indeterminate even at that level.

Slobber! JLC always has had... (Below threshold)

Slobber! JLC always has had an incredibod. She does it for me. Heh, I got old just like she did, too.

A person with no womb or ov... (Below threshold)

A person with no womb or ovaries doesn't classify as an hermaphrodite. What it's looking more and more like is that Semenya is a man who is suffering from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which would explain the lack of female organs and internal testes. You would end up with a man that looks female. Which seems to be the case here.

Don't forget Lady GaGa.... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Lady GaGa.

So if he ran against men, s... (Below threshold)

So if he ran against men, she'd lose?.. just asking.

What, was the news... (Below threshold)

What, was the news THAT slow today?

Shame on me, I've been thin... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Shame on me, I've been thinking about this. So, here it is: (assuming the leaked information is correct) I found Semenya statements about "her" sexuality credible. It also seems likely to me that no more than a physical examination was ever performed on her during her entire life in S.Africa.

That would mean she has lived her life as a female, and of course believes herself to be female. Maybe she has a boy friend. Maybe they've had sexual relations (she can). And her perspective on that would likely be that luck and care had resulted in her not getting pregnant.

Now, now that all changes for her and it will be a difficult adjustment I'm sure.

Lost in all this however is that boy friend, if one exists. It's going to be a big adjustment for him as well. At some point he's going to realize that he wasn't actually doing (should I say, "doing") what he thought he was doing. And he might find himself waking up with night-sweats.

They're both going to need counseling.

And to quote Mary Frann in Newhart, "Ick."

Jamie Lee is ALL woman. (I... (Below threshold)

Jamie Lee is ALL woman. (I'm a woman, and I totally admire Jamie)

I wonder what the Hawaiian ... (Below threshold)

I wonder what the Hawaiian birth certificate says.

May I do the ole perfunctor... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

May I do the ole perfunctory "Go [email protected](k Yourself!" joke?

On second thought, I'll pass.

Well, she just doubled her ... (Below threshold)

Well, she just doubled her chances of a date on Saturday night...

dont know if this is true b... (Below threshold)

dont know if this is true but heard long ago that there is a test one can take in their saliva that determines whether they are male or female. either way that has got to be a difficult life especially in public.

Being in New York City I ha... (Below threshold)

Being in New York City I have to be on the look out for this sort of thing. I always use the old index finger to ring finger ratio. If you are a male your ring finger is longer than your index finger. If you are a woman, your index finger is longer than your ring finger. It may not be much longer or shorter, but every person who I have run this by has confirmed that it is indeed correct. Its an impressive party trick at least. And for you younger guys out combing the bars. It makes sure that the very attractive "lady" you met stays at the bar and out of your bed.

Ref # 11. If you knew how t... (Below threshold)
JC hammer:

Ref # 11. If you knew how to read, you would understand he was born a commie, mulsim, nazi, solicit, black skin, that you just can't handle being in the "white house."

Every stop and think why it was called the "white house?" It was for whites only. Hell we all know that except for you.

The obvious answer to lay t... (Below threshold)

The obvious answer to lay this controversy to rest is to allow Barney Frank to assess her gender.

If he can't determine whether she's too far on the male side of the male/female scale no one can.

The ACORN story is truly am... (Below threshold)

The ACORN story is truly amazing! And in so many ways...the sheer horror of it, the corruption, and the utter lack of coverage from mainstream media. The post "Advance the Cause of Child Prostitution? YES! WE! CAN!" is at http://firebreathingchristian.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/advance-the-cause-of-child-prostitution-yes-we-can/

I think she's vaguely remin... (Below threshold)

I think she's vaguely reminiscent of the first lady.

No wonder Barack has to stay in line.

I mean, think of it. How else can you explain her shoulders?

Dave, The ring fing... (Below threshold)

The ring finger compared to index finger size is indicative of how much testosterone you were exposed to in utero. Mine are the same length, but I am VERY female (delivered and breastfed 3 kids).

Meant to say that having th... (Below threshold)

Meant to say that having the kids were just 1 example of my femininity.

I've heard that Caster Seme... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

I've heard that Caster Semenya hangs out with Pat from Saturday Night Live.

sherri: <a href="http://shr... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:
With no womb, [s]he'd have ... (Below threshold)

With no womb, [s]he'd have no period. Surely by 18 (or however old [s]he is), [s]he'd know something was up.

It's really a sad story.

Dave, I don't know who you ... (Below threshold)

Dave, I don't know who you have been going out with ( or should I say
what?) but I have had 3 children and am clearly a female whose ring finger is longer than her index finger. I also called several of my friends
who have had children and asked them to measure, and guess what?
Apparently someone has been putting you on!!! LOL






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