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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

World War II (a particular fascination of mine) was, in brief a "photographer's war." Arguably, it produced the most iconic photos of any conflict -- so many amazing, astonishing, gut-wrenching, inspiring, horrifying, terrifying, and just plain memorable images that are permanently engraved on our collective unconscious.

Recently, someone got the bright idea of putting together a collection of photos of Normandy, France and its surrounds from the D-Day invasion and aftermath, then recreating the photos in modern times. In brief, to examine the photos, precisely locate the subject and the photographer's vantage point, and re-take the photo.

The results are, in a word, stunning.


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Exactly. Very cool photos. ... (Below threshold)

Exactly. Very cool photos. Thanks for the link, Jay Tea.

Thanks Jay!... (Below threshold)

Thanks Jay!

Gorgeous photos. Man, what ... (Below threshold)

Gorgeous photos. Man, what a socialist hell-hole! Cobblestone streets smell like high taxes. (Hyuk!)

You can still see Canadian flags all over the place in the Netherlands and western France, not just on American tourists' backpacks. Juno Beach was perhaps the toughest beachhead on D-Day, and the Canadians acclaimed themselves as well as at Vimy Ridge. Those who we liberated haven't forgotten.

Not only do the French that... (Below threshold)

Not only do the French that were there remember us, they aren't shy about expressing their gratitude. I can't count the number of hugs and kisses I've gotten from the people who live around the beacheads.

Hyper...what? Are ... (Below threshold)


what? Are you trying to make this a political thread? I think we all agree that the photos are amazing and show that life can recover after so much destruction.

What socialist hellhole are you looking at? And why the cracks about Canadian Flags? Just because they have socialized health care doesn't mean they are socialist hell holes. The problem in the US is that Healthcare isn't the only thing on the agenda.

Nice find, Jay Tea.<p... (Below threshold)

Nice find, Jay Tea.

Past destruction aside, looks like the buildings have all been kept faithful to their original forms.

Neat stuff.


Fabulous photos. What dete... (Below threshold)

Fabulous photos. What determination to rebuild, instead of tearing down.

Simply incredible photos. G... (Below threshold)

Simply incredible photos. Great find, Jay Tea.

Absolutly positivly NO CHAN... (Below threshold)


I was just kidding, Russ, a... (Below threshold)

I was just kidding, Russ, and poking fun at some conservatives' knee-jerk dislike of everything European.

Some of the buildings remind me of Quebec City, Old Montreal, or Charleston, SC. In other words, beautiful, especially compared to the architectural dreck that the 20th century gave us.

And can't a guy express some pride in his country and its military achievements? There's a reason a Canadian flag stitched to your knapsack will get you a better rate than advertised in most Dutch and Belgian hostels.

Hyper, you don't know how t... (Below threshold)

Hyper, you don't know how to poke fun.

JT, very cool. Each one. ww

An amazing collection of gr... (Below threshold)

An amazing collection of great significance. Thanks Jay Tea.

God bless the liberators.

How about some then and now... (Below threshold)

How about some then and now pictures of the USA: say, the factories, steel mills, boatyards, and military bases that made D-Day possible?

Do you really want to see b... (Below threshold)

Do you really want to see before-and-after pics of the Rust Belt, epador? That's some depressing shit right there.

Wow, I um think that WAS my... (Below threshold)

Wow, I um think that WAS my point. Was it too obtuse for you?

I guess you'll have trouble... (Below threshold)

I guess you'll have trouble finding shots with Maple Leaf Flags flying from the crumbling ruins, however...

Why someone would want to l... (Below threshold)

Why someone would want to look at photographs documenting the decline of their own country, is beyond me.







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