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AIP Column: Obama's Wednesday Night Health Care Speech

Last Wednesday President Obama gave a speech to a joint session of Congress. It was his effort to sway the American people to see health care his way. I offered my response in my latest column at American Issues Project:

The president has been beaten about the head and shoulders regarding health care reform the last few months. The American people don't like what they have been hearing and reading about a public option because they know full well it would steer large portions of the American public already insured through private insurance companies toward a government run health care plan. They know that in Canada and the UK the government run health care systems ration services and discourage technological advancement in order to cut costs. Not wanting to be strapped with similarly bad systems, they are revolting against Obama's plans. Americans saw big government encroaching into their health decisions and were showing up at town halls around the country to protest.

You would think that when a president faces an overwhelming push back against his defining policy initiative that he would take that as a sign that he's moving too quickly or that he should reconsider his methods if not his policy all together. If this were any other president, this probably would have happened weeks ago. But we're not talking about any president. We're talking about Barack Obama, who believes he is such an outstanding and evocative orator that he can sway anyone to see the world from his point of view. So instead of recalibrating, President Obama came out swinging in his strongest push for his health care plans in a rare joint session of Congress. Before the speech, many pundits characterized it as his last ditch attempt to get some kind of bipartisan compromise. Rush Limbaugh argued that the speech would be a plea to the Democrats in Congress to save him from a huge embarrassment and work together to get health care reform passed. Instead, we got an antagonistic, aggressive, and partisan screed.

The president came to Capitol Hill and wagged his finger and said, "what we have also seen in these last months is the same partisan spectacle that only hardens the disdain many Americans have toward their own government." This would be funny if it weren't so blatantly hypocritical. He was the one who stoked the the flames of disdain toward our government when he called the Americans who peacefully protested the government takeover of health care "angry mobs" whose anger was "manufactured." Last night he talked out of two sides of his face. He acted as if he were the reasonable one who had to referee a school yard fight while he simultaneously took partisan pot shots at Republicans in Congress, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and the Iraq War. His call for bipartisanship was a charade.

It's amazing how much chutzpa Obama has. The American people have been trying to tell him that they don't like the direction he is taking this country regarding health care. He did not listen. He came out even stronger for his big government solution to health care, which isn't a solution at all. Obama's ideas will turn the greatest health care system in the world into nothing short of a cluster.

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Comments (17)

I really do believe that th... (Below threshold)

I really do believe that the emerging ACORN story is going to significantly impair Obama's ability to advance Obamacare.

I just got in from the Springfield, Missouri, Tea Party event as was excited to see so many people out and actively voicing their opinions on taxes, reform and the role of government. The ACORN story was still all the rage, a la "Advance the Cause of Child Prostitution? YES! WE! CAN!" at



It's not that Obama is not ... (Below threshold)

It's not that Obama is not listening to the public. He doesn't care. He is arrogant, and has the attitude "I will do what I want, when I want, where I want and I don't care what anyone thinks. I have the MSM and the Dems behind me, so who's going to stop me?" With an attitude like that, I would have been fired from my job as would most other people. He thinks he's better than us. He has another think coming. He is BELOW us. We have morals, a conscience, and the ability to be humble when necessary. He does not know what those words means. Joe Wilson is right. He is a liar. Unrepentent liar at best, criminal liar at worst.

But..but...Kim. Barry is T... (Below threshold)

But..but...Kim. Barry is The One. The Chosen. The Obamassiah. He can do no wrong. He knows all. All who oppose Him are racist! They do not comprehend the vastness of His mind.
Besides, no one tells the Narcissist in Chief, "NO"!

He is omnipotent! Just ask SAUD.

Madalyn is right. He doesn... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Madalyn is right. He doesn't care. He is an ideologue and does not ever doubt that his ideas are right. He has surrounded himself with people who think identically to him and he considers anyone who disagrees to be of lesser intelligence, evil or both.

His history (particularly in the Illinois Senate) has shown that he will vote ideology over the will of the people consistently. He will not be dissuaded by protests, he will continue to double down until he either gets his way or it becomes clear that he cannot win by force.

Should it become clear that he cannot win then people will go under the bus at an alarming pace.

Being a huge SciFi fan, I w... (Below threshold)

Being a huge SciFi fan, I watched Serenity the other evening.

Obama reminds me of the assassin - cool, calculating, unemotional, driven, convinced of his goal, willing to use any means necessary, undetered by reason. As one character terms him "He's a Believer".

I think Obama is a Believer. He believes that his cause is just and worth any price.

We shall see.

Obama's countdown ticker is... (Below threshold)

Obama's countdown ticker is going. He is firing blanks now plus two more days of television will convince the remainder of the doubters that this guy loves himself. He has no humility. ww

i just read an article at H... (Below threshold)

i just read an article at Hot Air who said exactly what i was thinking---Obama's speech on Wednesday was 'giving the finger" to the American population!! As we well know--he has flipped the bird to Hillary (literally) as well as many others but he simply told the American people to go Scr__ yourselves!! Does ANYONE on this planet actually believe the line--"I will not sign any bill that adds one dime to the deficit." ???? Have we EVEH had a bill signed into law that was actually FREE?? EVEH!??? YOu gotta be kidding me.

What's interesting about Ob... (Below threshold)

What's interesting about Obama's health care plans is the fact that while he states he won't sign a bill that increases the deficit (yeh, right), He will not talk about how much this bill will raise taxes on everyone (not just the top few percent). The government is broke and he knows it, but obviously doesn't care. It's all about his "legacy" which is going to end up far different than he is imagining.

KIM, PLEASE TO SPEAK FOR ME... (Below threshold)


What is wrong with the peop... (Below threshold)

What is wrong with the people who oppose healthcare reform????

My representatives in DC have a govvernment-provided, single payer system, courtesy of our tax dollars. They have the best healthcare in the US...why shouldn't all of us have the same????

The US is the only western nation without a goverment-provided option FOR ALL.not just our lawmakers and elderly.

Shame on us.


To stephanie's point, refer... (Below threshold)

To stephanie's point, referring to the "American People" as if the majority of people are against it is an egotistical fib. If anything the people are divided.

I'm amazed at the number of personal attacks on the president above. Would be the ones who didn't mind Bush pushing his policies on us not caring what the rest of us think, such as the wireless tapping? I applaud Obama for taking the time to speak before congress to appeal for unity on this bill.

I urge all of you to actually read the bill and make up your own minds before becoming mouth pieces/sheep for the right extremists.

re:11Ha Ha Ha Ha</... (Below threshold)


Ha Ha Ha Ha

Great satire. I mean, you really have been reading all the comments for the past three months on health care here, right?

Obama needs to expect he wi... (Below threshold)

Obama needs to expect he will be openly challenged in any speech to the Congress or Senate. He should not have a free ride that gives the impression that everyone present supports his position just because they do not speak up. Representative Joe Wilson leveled the playing field, something Obama did not expect but should expect every time he speaks in the future.

The so-called facts in your... (Below threshold)

The so-called facts in your article are the standard right-wing talking points which are continuing to try to de-legitimize this president. Basically, you get nothing right, but it would be a waste of life to list the distortions in your so-called "column". You refer to the "American people" as if you have the whole country standing behind you and your 19th century mentality. You don't, and you never will. Those days are over.

In his statement to reporters, Joe Wilson said that he was told by his party leaders to apologize to the President and he followed their instructions. That is NOT an apology. THEN, in the same interview, he proceeded to explain why he thought the President was a liar.

Joe Wilson, an avowed racist who is a member of the Sons of the Confederacy, needs to do far more than apologize to the President. He needs to apologize to the Congress and to the American people, not only for disrespecting the office the presidency and the House in which he serves, but also for attempting the derail health care reform by piggy-backing a controversial aspect of the illegal immigration issue on top of it.

His remark during the President's address implied that the President is trying to sneak free health care for illegals past the Congress, which is patently absurd. It is sad that a man of this type has been able to win an election and acquire power and influence in his state. Then again, these are the same people who voted in Mark Sanford.

JohnR08, keep drinking the ... (Below threshold)

JohnR08, keep drinking the kool aid.

All of a sudden the Democrats are 'concerned' that HR3200 DOES NOT have an enforcement provision to preclude illegals from getting government funded health care. GOT THAT JOHN?

Got that John? Understand it? Or do you want some more kool aid?

Have you read even one of t... (Below threshold)

Have you read even one of those "enforcement provisions"? Or do you just enjoy parroting the usual right-wing mantra? If the bill says that no undocumented aliens may receive federally subsidized health care then it is self-evident that the administrator of the system would have to set up the verification of citizenship or he would be in violation of the law. What the Republicans tried to do was piggy-back national ID cards and other highly controversial immigration issues onto health care reform, knowing that those things would NEVER be acceptable. This is called 'bad faith negotiating' and it was a sloppy and transparent attempt to sabotage any health care reform at all. But you're so drunk on your own brand of kool aid that you can't understand that. In any case, Obama's speech was NOT about either of the bills currently being considered in Congress. It was about the plan that he wanted out of Congress. So calling him a liar was plainly stupid.

Hey John... IN What ... (Below threshold)

Hey John...
IN What part of Obama's speech did he disclaim all the currently written bills and proclaim a new one with "the following provisions..."? How come AFTER joe Wilson called out Obama the house went back in and revised the bill to make sure illegals weren't included...Why are you so sure of Obama's 'openness and transparencies," "any bill must be online' ___ days prior to a vote", "I will not hire lobbyists", etc...We are all supposed to believe him--but based on WHAT??? I am NOT calling the president names, anymore than Joe Wilson was calling him names--we were/are just calling him out! Stop whining--we (conservatives) put up with 8 years of BUSH HATE and haven't complained half as much as you guys do if poor Pres Obama gets one or two factual criticisms thrown his way.






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