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Rock The Vote

The carefully choreographed image of the Obama administration was mugged today by a mob of hundreds of thousands (maybe more than a million) of tax payers that demonstrated a deep contempt for the ruling class in Washington. The size of the protests has been the subject of varying estimates but, looking at the pics Kim posted, it appears that a lot of people showed up.

I found this via Instapundit:

Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as "Obamacare makes me sick" as they protested the president's health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending.

The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.
People were chanting "enough, enough" and "We the People." Others yelled "You lie, you lie!" and "Pelosi has to go," referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Many protesters said they paid their own way to the event - an ethic they believe should be applied to the government. (emphasis mine)

As I mentioned yesterday, turnout for the 2010 elections will be dramtically different than the 2008 election. Candidate Obama will not be on the national ticket, but President Obama will and the last seven months have provided the electorate some much needed clarity on the difference between the two. Those protestors in Washington today understand that what they were sold last year year is not what the nation bought in November. There is a serious outbreak of buyer's remorse at work in the elctorate. Can anyone say Rock the Vote?


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Comments (39)

Bet there's a lot of libera... (Below threshold)

Bet there's a lot of liberal "WTF!" going on in DC tonight. And the MSM can kiss goodbye to that "it's just a fringe group".

There are beginning to be s... (Below threshold)

There are beginning to be some reports that the Dems may actually lose the House. Dodd is gone. Reid is gone. Can you imagine, maybe the doggie Boxer gone too. Since we the people are deciding to get rid of these parasites, maybe in that spirit we can rid ourselves of a couple of our trolls a well -- recently Crickmore and unrepentant asswipe called most of Wizbang racist because we think the Obama health reform does not contain enough enforcement to prevent giving free healthcare to illegals.

Gibbs said today that the P... (Below threshold)

Gibbs said today that the President "was not aware of a march in D.C."

Marie Antoinette was not "aware" of the mood of HER people either. Oddly, the blade of the guillotine was not aware that she wasn't aware!

"Gibbs said today that the ... (Below threshold)

"Gibbs said today that the President "was not aware of a march in D.C."

Yeah, Baghdad Bobby Gibbs is getting real good at telling big ones. Like Axelrod forgot to tell THE ONE that it might be a good idea to get outta town in case a large number of the 'fringe group' showed up.

If a small number had shown, you can damn well bet they'd be comparing numbers with the crowd they bussed in to see Barry. Ooooops! That didn't pan out, so they just say they were 'unaware'. For a guy who is supposed to 'know everything' Barry sure has suddenly gotten a case of the stupids.

it's poetry night on BeJohn... (Below threshold)

it's poetry night on BeJohnGalt Though I have no talent, here's my latest entry, based on my post above:

Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cake"
Obama: "The Constitution's a mistake"
But to the Guillotine
No matter how they preen,
Every flake looks like every flake!

Check out this super cool t... (Below threshold)

Check out this super cool time-lapse ariel photography video of the crowd...


via instapundit

Whoops, it's linked to in t... (Below threshold)

Whoops, it's linked to in the other post.

Nehemiah... I didn't say th... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Nehemiah... I didn't say that Wizbang were racist...but in videos and photos of these Tea Party rallys today, I did see alot of Confederate Battle Flags, which whe all know is the traditional symbol to community rated health insurance.

"I did see alot of Confeder... (Below threshold)

"I did see alot of Confederate Battle Flags"

Links please. I've visited over 30 sites today that posted pictures of the rally. I didn't see any Confederate Battle Flags.

So post the links please. Not that I don't trust you Stevie. I just don't trust you.

davidt, thanks for the link... (Below threshold)

davidt, thanks for the link. If Olbermann, Cooper, Matthews and Maddow can look at that and say "only a couple thousand people showed up"; it will just show just how full of shit they are.

I did not see a single conf... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I did not see a single confederate flag. I saw many American flags and nearly as many Gadsden flags. Not a single Confederate.

Perhaps you are confusing the American flag since you are sooooo quick to see racism all around you.

Crickmore-What you... (Below threshold)
jim m:


What you said was, "I know this is old history, but the reality of 2009 is that the majority of whites and GOP voters are unwilling to accept a black and bi-racial president"

and you said it in response to people saying hat Rep Joe Wilson was correct when he said that Obama was lying.

Spin it any way you wish, but you played the race card immediately in response to people making substantive criticism of the president.

I did see one Confederate f... (Below threshold)

I did see one Confederate flag on the march route, hand made, on the front of a pickup truck that had an Obama sticker on the back. I wonder which side gets photographed?

Crickmore, why are you post... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Crickmore, why are you posting on an American site? You're not an American. No American uses the plural with a collective noun.

So go fix/screw up your own country.

The is a great day for Amer... (Below threshold)

The is a great day for America.

Crickmore, you and your ilk are down to just saying "racist" because you have no agrument supporting Obama. ww

Buyers remorse is huge. My... (Below threshold)

Buyers remorse is huge. My friend's friend works at hair salon here in AZ. Most of the hairdressers voted for Obama as did much of their clientele. But the tide has turned. The day to conversation in the salon has changed to "WE LOVE OBAMA" to "OMG, what did we do?" Many of these folks cannot stand to listen to his voice. They want him off their TVs. I can promise you that there is a very large contingency of Obama voters who will return to the ballot box next year but this time, they will ensure that Obama loses his majority in the Senate and Congress.

I've looked at CNN, NYT, Wa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I've looked at CNN, NYT, WaPo, Wa Times and other sites. Not a single confederate flag.

I can only assume that Crickmore is out of his tree.

Beyond that, even if he could come up with an isolated photo of someone in DC today with such a flag, so what? The fact is that it would represent far less than 0.001% of the 1.5 million people who were there.

I suppose for the libs one such flag would indicate that everyone there was some crypto bigot.

Losers. Maybe you could actually try defending your positions on their so called merits.

Reports are there was ZERO ... (Below threshold)

Reports are there was ZERO trash left behind, compared to the mess from Obama's coronation.

Well Stevie and SAUD have a... (Below threshold)

Well Stevie and SAUD have a problem with numbers just like their Lord and Master, Obama. Stevie sees ONE flag, that's MANY. SAUD finds one guy who's racist and complains about Obama, ergo ANYONE who complains about Obama is therefore a RACIST. SIMPLE concepts for SIMPLE minds. All ya need is a bookmark to whitehouse.gov to get your talking points each morning and your set for life. Like I said, simple.

Plenty of confederate flags... (Below threshold)

Plenty of confederate flags, plenty of Nazi/Hitler/Marxism references.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157622224474669/

It's as classy as you would expect from angry, ignorant people.

As far as numbers...ABC reports that they have been consistently misquoted and they estimated crowd size to be 50-60K. Nice try though!


jp2 - In that whole bunch o... (Below threshold)

jp2 - In that whole bunch of pictures I see one seemingly abandoned confederate flag.

I will, however, sympathize with you one the whole Nazi/Hitler thing - anyone who knows their history should more closely associate Obama with Mussolini than Hitler.

I dunno, Crickmore. The imp... (Below threshold)

I dunno, Crickmore. The improper use of Hitler images just might be a trademark violation, the rights to which probably belong to the Democratic party. Seems like I recall that a year ago, "Nazi" was the favorite complaint from you guys. We don't hear that charge any more now that Chimpy McBush/Hitler has left the scene. Now it's somehow offensive to your delicate sensibilities.

It seems to me that one of the significant differences between 2008 and 2009 is the replacement of "Nazi" and "Fascist" with "racist" in the liberal lexicon, even in the media. The only folks not obsessing about racism are conservatives. Ever notice that?

No, I guess you guys wouldn't. When your only tool is a hammer, pretty much everything that comes along starts looking like a nail.

As usual jp2 is a FOOL.... (Below threshold)

As usual jp2 is a FOOL.

One only has to look at the pictures to see the HUGE number of people that marched. These pictures are similar to the ones taken when MLK spoke in DC. But little jp2 thinks 50-60K. She hates so much she is blind.

The Ronald Reagan Building ... (Below threshold)

The Ronald Reagan Building is seen in the traffic cam photo labeled: "14th and E St NW)". The other end of the photo is where the main stage was: the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

The walking directions to the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial from the Ronald Reagan Building total just over 1.1 miles.

The crowd continues to enter the starting point of the march long after many have reached the destination...and they FILL the distance of 1.1 miles at a density of over 4 people for every 10 square feet (the accepted norm for crowd estimating). Considering the route is well over 70 feet wide the entire way, you get more than 40,600 "4 person bubbles" on that route at any given time.

OVER 160,000 at any moment...and they move thru that distance for a LONG time, completly covering it! And that doesn't count those who came directly to the Grant Memorial from every other direction.

Any estimate below 500,000 is bullshit

P.S - nice try to the cens... (Below threshold)
Unrepentant Democrat:

P.S - nice try to the censor.

Dear "Still An Unrepentant ... (Below threshold)

Dear "Still An Unrepentant Moron" (ok, "Democrat"...same thing)

GarandFan (you said: "GrandFan"...but you might want to look up what a "Garand" is, before pissing the man off) said no such thing.

he was pointing out that morons like Y-O-U equate ANYONE disagreeing with "The One" with racism.

Simple minds, like yours, are easily confused.

I agree that the racism car... (Below threshold)
Sreve Crickmore:

I agree that the racism card is not being used by politically astute conservatives (or those that participate in their blogs), but there is some pandering to their base and what a crazy base it can be.

More significant and more widespread, is this constant harping on Obama being 'the thin edge of socialism' even communism.

Yes, Obama could be criticized...for some of his moves.. but more for propping up Wall $treet, without demanding much in the way of accountablility. Anyone looked at the stock market in the last four months or the makeup of his economic team? Frankly, I wish it was more populist and egalitarian, instead of being dominated by the usual revolving door of Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve officials.

As for the health care debate, I think unless they work in the private health insurance industry, Americans want to have more money in their own pockets, by lowering the hugely expensive premiums and costly useless overheads their present system entails.. even if this means there is a viable public option and their taxes go up slightly.

I have seen two pictures of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I have seen two pictures of confederate flags out of 1.5 million people attending. Yes I believe that figure.

Even if you only call the crowd at 60k you are talking 0.00003% of the group.

I recall anti Bush protests where the nazi references looked to be more than 10% of the signage.

How many left wing sites do you see that routinely have references to conservatives as nazis? Virtually all.

How many racial slurs do you see here or elsewhere. Virtually none.

The racism is in the liberals who see it at every turn. They are like the bigot who defends himself by saying, 'look how many black friends I have!'

..."even if this means ther... (Below threshold)

..."even if this means there is a viable public option and their taxes go up slightly."

OMG! Stevie had a lucid thought! "AND THEIR TAXES GO UP SLIGHTLY."!

Welcome to the real world, but you can get rid of that SLIGHTLY. It's going to be one hell of a lot more than SLIGHTLY.

Confederate flags??<p... (Below threshold)

Confederate flags??

There nowhere to be found... Just like Barry.

I will ask a question that ... (Below threshold)

I will ask a question that anyone could judge for themselves whether it is fair -- yes, even asswipe.

To admin, I would propose that how seriously this question is treated by the time wasting trolls be be taken into account on whether they should be given their dismissal:

The question: Did Joe Wilson say Obama lied because Joe Wilson is simply a racist and for him anything that Omoron says is a "lie", or did Wilson have grounds to think that illegals would end up receiving coverage NO MATTER HOW THE FKING BILL IS WRITTEN, AND THE WHOLE CITIZENRY, INCLUDING our "hermanos" know it? Or are our particular liberal asswipes here the only ones who think that NO ILLEGAL will receive care with this "airtight" bill? Now isn't that the real question, really? It's not whether there is a confederate flag at a rally of 2 to 3 million, which for them disqualifes everyone present, right?

I see what you mean, Crickm... (Below threshold)

I see what you mean, Crickmore. One can see the blood in her eyes and spittle all over her chin. Obvious loon, like all the rest of the dozens of teabaggers that showed up in Washington. The authorities should have quelled this violence and rounded them all up for re-education.

Truth to tell, there is something to be said for the charges that this Congress and His Excellency are Socialist. You know, where the government assumes control over the means of production, micromanages the economy, and makes "necessary" changes to personal freedoms. But maybe it's just Fascim. I dunno. Semantics, I guess.

Unfortunately, our betters in Washington have absolutely no competence in fundamental economics. They seem to misunderstand the role of money supply and monetary policy and treat the US Mint as a vending machine. They seem to ignore the stifling effect of tax increases on the economy, unemployment, innovation and productivity. They seem to think that massive government spending is the answer to every problem. They seem to have no concept of long-term inflation and the corrosive effect it is dead certain to have on the strength of the American economy.

But then again, you don't seem to see it either. Are you so naive that you believe that the recovery in the stock market is a leading indicator of economic recovery? Have you considered that the value of the dollar has fallen about 12% in the past six months because of the reckless and unprecedented printing of money to loosen up the economy? If you really think so, go all in and bet on the stock market. Go ahead. I'll hold your coat.

"If Olbermann, Cooper, Matt... (Below threshold)

"If Olbermann, Cooper, Matthews and Maddow can look at that and say "only a couple thousand people showed up"; it will just show just how full of shit they are."

Yes, that would be a lie. But a much smaller one than is being told by the bloggers calling it 2 million.
Obama's inauguration and the months of logistics planning that went into that was for less than 2 million attendees, if you want to judge which of these 2 lies is more ridiculous.

"It's not whether there is ... (Below threshold)

"It's not whether there is a confederate flag at a rally of 2 to 3 million, which for them disqualifes everyone present, right?"
32. Posted by nehemiah

That's insane on a number of levels. First of all, of course fringe elements discredit the entire attendance. I'd direct you to the right-wing blog of your choice to find any other type of coverage of protests under Bush.

Secondly, why on earth would you claim there were only 2-3 million when clearly 52 million is a much more persuasive BS figure?

Decco,Why, oh, may... (Below threshold)


Why, oh, maybe because 52 million is wrong?

nehemiah, libs ain't too pa... (Below threshold)

nehemiah, libs ain't too particular about truth or numbers. 47 million, 45 million, 30 million. Hell 1.37 TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS means nothing to them.

Hey Decco, you get instructions from Goebbels?

"Hey Decco, you get instruc... (Below threshold)

"Hey Decco, you get instructions from Goebbels?"

No. From Rommell

"Obama's inauguration and the months of logistics planning that went into that was for less than 2 million attendees, if you want to judge which of these 2 lies is more ridiculous."

If I want to protest marxists like Obama I dont need logistics and planning.. I just show up and the yellow One flees town with His tail between His legs.

"Why, oh, maybe because 52 ... (Below threshold)

"Why, oh, maybe because 52 million is wrong?"

Yes it is nehemiah. Any ideas why I might have mentioned a ridiculously inflated figure nobody anywhere had claimed attended while quoting you doing the same thing?

"If I want to protest marxists like Obama I dont need logistics and planning.. I just show up and the yellow One flees town with His tail between His legs."

Or more to the point, you can stay at home and someone will claim 6 of you were there.

"Or more to the point, y... (Below threshold)

"Or more to the point, you can stay at home and someone will claim 6 of you were there."

Im here am I not? Participating some 1500 miles away from D.C.

Barry was hiding in the Target center some 208 miles from here and I was'nt even aware the "colored myth", was in town until after it was less embarrassing for him to sneak home.






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