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Sowing The Seeds

It looks like the tide is finally turning on ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now! With the release of the video -- I'm sorry, videos -- of ACORN employees helping a self-confessed pimp and prostitute plan to set up a bordello of underage illegal alien sex slaves, it might be the final straw as ACORN (or, as they desperately tried to rebrand themselves, "COI" or "Community Organizers International") finds itself just a wee bit too tainted for some of their staunchest supporters.

When the first video came out, my initial analysis would be that it would be no big deal. Such tactics have been used against Planned Parenthood, when an actress pretending to be an underage girl would confess to being pregnant by a much-older man -- and, instead of obeying state laws requiring that the statutory rape to the authorities, they conspired to plan the girl's abortion so that the police or her parents would never know about it.

In that case, it didn't do a damned thing. For the critics of Planned Parenthood, this was just more affirmation that their opposition was justified. For the supporters, this was just one (or two... or three... or seven...) "bad apples" who let their compassion for the victim before them overwhelm their obligation under the law and their better judgment. In the end, no minds were really changed.

I thought the same principle would hold for the ACORN videos. What I apparently didn't take into account was what I believe was a key element here -- the utterly unsympathetic nature of the actors' characters.

With Planned Parenthood, the people caught breaking the law on tape could say they were acting to help a terrified underage pregnant girl. With ACORN, though, the people they thought were helping were utterly despicable -- a prostitute and a pimp with political ambitions, who planned to set up a brothel and bring in underage girls from Latin America to work in it.

Now, President Obama has no problem throwing individuals under the bus when they prove too embarrassing. Individuals, but not organizations -- especially those that played such a huge role in his election. He's almost as indebted to ACORN as he is to the SEIU.

But the heat from the videos grew too much for the Census Department, who had planned to use ACORN to gather data for the upcoming census next year.

And that could be a body blow for their long-term goals.

Just why would ACORN be interested in working on the census, anyway? And how does it relate to their extensive record of voter registration fraud?

Now, this is just speculation. I have no deeply-placed sources, no secret documents, just a bunch of imagining and drawing together tidbits of data and a healthy dose of paranoid analysis applied to commonly-known facts. But, as Yogi Berra famously said, "you can observe a lot just by watching."

ACORN, just in the last general election, submitted millions of fraudulent voter registration forms. There were so many that it beggars the imagination that it was accidental or coincidental or inadvertent. No, that many bogus forms -- especially concentrated in urban areas and closely-contested districts -- has to have been deliberate.

This, then, leads to the next logical question: why? Why would ACORN (or anyone) want to flood the voter rolls with false registrations? What would be gained by doing that?

The simplest answer just isn't plausible: to steal the election. To have people show up on election day, claim to be the voter named on the forged form, and cast a ballot. That is just too much work at too much risk. All it would take would be a few of them to be caught and tell where they got the false identity information. Such a scandal would destroy the organization, and quite possibly destroy the political party that benefited from it.

So, why do it at all? What would they gain in exchange for the legal risks and the public disgrace of the scandals?

Simply put, they are planting seeds for future actions.

Josef Stalin famously observed that "those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

ACORN's plan raises Stalin's observation to a meta level: what do those who count the voters decide?

Let's say that in one close election, ACORN's candidate loses in a district where they submitted 5,000 fraudulent voter registration forms. (This is not so far-fetched. In Lake County, Indiana, in 2008, ACORN submitted 5,000 forms. Election officials checked 2,100 of them without finding a single valid one -- so just dumped all 5,000 of them.) The bogus voters will be counted as having not voted, meaning they have driven down the voter turnout -- cheapening any mandate the winning candiate might claim.

Further, should ACORN or the losing candidate choose to accuse the winning side of "voter suppression," that low turnout will be cited as evidence that voters were kept away from the polls.

This explanation ties in perfectly with ACORN's interest in helping run the census. The main purpose of the census is to determine congressional representation.

While the Senate is apportioned equally to the several states (two each), the House of Representatives is divided up among the states by population. Ideally, each representative will have the same number of constituents. It ends up getting tweaked a bit, as states can't have fractional representatives and are guaranteed at least one seat (hello, Vermont, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska).

Right now, the population in the United States is shifting. The current projections are that several traditionally Republican states will pick up seats, at the expense of several Democratic seats.

This would be bad news for ACORN, as its "roots" are in traditionally Democratic strongholds such as inner cities, and their agenda is quite liberal.

So, what could they do about it?

Well, it would certainly help if there were a whole bunch more people reported as living in inner cities and other urban areas. Whether or not they really exist doesn't matter -- they'll be "real" enough on the census forms, and that will help shape the House of Representatives for the next decade.

As shown above, a dozen seats are likely to change states after next year. With ACORN doing the counting, they might have been able to save a few of those seats for the Democrats.

In that context, this also explains the recent "gotcha" videos. Getting that pimp and that prostitute to buy a house (presumably in the city) and bring in up to a dozen of underage illegal alien girls to work as hookers would create a "household" of over a dozen potential voters -- and a couple of people in a lucrative line of work who will be indebted to ACORN in helping them get their enterprise up and running.

Again, just speculation. Just trying to find an explanation for tying together disparate facts. Just an attempt that unifies ACORN's actions (which seem incredibly stupid and self-destructive) into a long-term gain for them.

If there's an alternate explanation, one that explains why ACORN has been doing what it does, I'd like to hear it.


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Comments (26)

I wonder if Barry has calle... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Barry has called the Director of the Census in and explained to him that HE, Barry is the only one who gets to throw someone under the bus. I look forward to seeing Barry reinstate ACORN as 'a vital and necessary grassroots organizational connection between government and the diverse and disenfranchised minority populations of our inner-cities, working tirelessly for the betterment of society as a whole.' (Crap! I should be writing for Gibbs!)

You got right Jay. The gove... (Below threshold)

You got right Jay. The government depends on the census numbers for many of it's program spending(our tax dollars). The fact that these ACORN "workers" get paid by our tax dollars galls me to no end. And, I might add these workers that were fired are probably getting a healthy severance package to keep their mouth shut and to find other work on the public dole. Who knows? I know one thing, they aren't going away. They helped get a clearly inept, socialist, anti-American politician get elected that, had he been just slightly more truthful, might not have been.

ACORN wasn't going to gathe... (Below threshold)

ACORN wasn't going to gather Census information. They were one of 80,000 partners that still includes Walmart, John Deere, Coke, State Farm, etc that will help promote the census. I could give two spits about ACORN, but my wife and I will probably be census takers, and the last thing I want is misinformed public thinking I'm from ACORN. The job has enough hazards as it is. A job that requires a background check, fingerprints, testing and other qualifications. I appreciate your writing, just take the time to get it right.

This is nothing new. It wa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is nothing new. It was obvious from the outset that the whole motivation for involving ACORN in he census was to game the system and dramatically increase the number of 'citizens' counted in traditionally democratic geographies.

ACORN is almost exclusively in big cities and primarily in those from blue states.

Not only can ACORN by gaming the census skew the distribution of house seats to blue states, but they can also skew the distribution of seats within a state toward the urban areas that trend more democratic.

The purpose of involving ACORN in the census was no less than a systematic attempt to disenfranchise rural and more conservative communities. In so doing urban areas would effectively have more representation per real actual citizen and rural/conservative areas less.

I remember Lani Guinier, who Clinton nominated for Asst Atty Gen for Civil Rights. She believed that blacks votes should count for more than one vote. She justified this by saying that it was a way to compensate blacks for past discrimination.

ACORN, by skewing the census would accomplish a similar end. They would make urban/liberal votes count for more than 1 vote and rural/conservative votes count for less than 1 vote.

This is by no means over. Obama signaled his intent to game ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS by his bringing ACORN into the census. He will not give up. there will be further attempts to game the census and skew the reapportionment of house seats.

There is much more work to do.

Guess conspiracy to commit ... (Below threshold)

Guess conspiracy to commit tax fraud and engage in human slavery is no longer against the law.

Holder? Holder? Anyone seen Attorney General Holder? Oh, that's right, the Baltimore DA is looking at pressing charges against those who made the video. Perhaps she can get some Black Panthers in to vouch for the integrity of those ACORN employees.

Drake, if you think for a m... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Drake, if you think for a moment that ACORN was not going to be directly involved in collecting census information you are deeply deceived.

"Anyone seen Attorney Gener... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Anyone seen Attorney General Holder? "

Holder doesn't care what you do to illegal aliens as long as they vote democratic.

If there's an alte... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
If there's an alternate explanation, one that explains why ACORN has been doing what it does, I'd like to hear it.

ACORN is made up of liberal nuts, and as such they are driven by emotion and the need to control other people's lives, some by good intentions, but control, nevertheless. Principles as well as laws are for others to obey, the elite (themselves) serve a higher purpose (themselves) and are above such laws.

Someone will point out, as ACORN has, the only a few people in the organization have been shown to violate laws and they have been quickly fired. That's like a waitress giving you a bowl of soup and when you complain about the flies floating in it she spoons them out and says now it's OK. How many would accept that and eat the soup?

As with ACORN and the soup it's the environment created by the people in charge that results in criminals in ACORN and flies in soup. The criminals and the flies are but symptoms of fundamental problems with the people in charge.

ACORN is a fundamentally corrupt organization and the more Democrats cover for ACORN and defend ACORN the more the American people will associate Democrats with Chicago style political corruption. 2010 is going to be bad year for Democrats.

It's simple. ACORN is a cri... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

It's simple. ACORN is a criminal conspiracy, basically a political mafia. They want what all criminals want, money and power. They understand what they need to provide a corrupt Chicago politician to get both and he understands the cost of those imaginary votes. Both are quite satisfied with the bargain so far and the census bureau will be overruled once the noise dies down.

Obama will pay off those who are useful to him unless they're too hot to handle. ACORN is too hot right now but by next year they'll be there with their snouts in the trough.

Census Bureau public affair... (Below threshold)

Census Bureau public affairs specialist Shelly Lowe elaborated on the hiring process in an interview with FactCheck.org, saying that "partners help us recruit by promoting the fact that we're hiring," but they have no say in the actual hiring. The agency will need a whopping 1.2 million temporary workers to go door-to-door, Lowe said, but it isn't hiring everyone who walks in. "There's a test, an FBI background check and a fingerprint check" that every applicant must go through, Lowe said. "We look for language skills, and we need people in every community."

Yep, ACORN won't have anyone from their organization involved in the census.

"partners help us recruit by promoting the fact that we're hiring,"

So an organization being investigated by 15 states for election fraud would not dare try to have "their people" get temporary jobs with the Census Bureau?

Sounds like someone also believes in the Tooth Fairy.

ACORN has been BADLY... (Below threshold)

ACORN has been BADLY damaged all right...yup,
they're gonna have to order a boatload of new t-shirts with "COI" on them. Oh, and hire a graphic artist to come up with a koool logo (aren't "coi" some kina fish??)

Then the SAME criminals committing the SAME crimes will go right back to being financed by all us taxpayers!

If only the United States Constitution called for having someone who could investigate and prosecute crimes such as these...inter-state crimes to boot! Some kind of General...or an Attorney...or some such.

...my wife and I w... (Below threshold)
...my wife and I will probably be census takers...[a] job that requires a background check, fingerprints, testing and other qualifications.

Which is more than was required of Obama to get elected President.

OregonMuse = THREAD WINNER!... (Below threshold)


A computer background check... (Below threshold)
jim m:

A computer background check and fingerprints...

Big deal! I can run that same background check off my laptop in under 2 minutes. All these are for is to check for a criminal history.

There isn't anything there that cannot be gamed. If ACORN employees are willing to help promote and fund a prostitution ring bringing in sex slaves from foreign countries do you really think that they will be deterred by a questionnaire?

OregonMuse, are you saying ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

OregonMuse, are you saying Obama is not qualified to be a Census worker? Post #12 is too funny. Good Job.

I dont think community orga... (Below threshold)

I dont think community organizers have any backgrounds to check. They are pretty shady characters as a rule and always involved in administering other peoples charitable giving 's. Barak is the exception, He administered to Himself and Wife all the charity He could allocate.

Let's not be naive. The est... (Below threshold)

Let's not be naive. The establishing of ACORN by Wayne Rathke in 1970, was the first step in eventually making sure that the Democrats would gain complete control of government and would remain in control until the progressive changed us from a republic into a socialistic country.

SINK THE ACORN WAS THE BATT... (Below threshold)


Drake - "A job that req... (Below threshold)

Drake - "A job that requires a background check, fingerprints, testing and other qualifications. I appreciate your writing, just take the time to get it right."

While I'll note you should be commended for taking part in the 2010 census, assuming you're not full of BS, I fail to see a requirement for fingerprints to be taken on the Census Bureau list of requirements.

Oddly, I do see it's not a requirement to be a U.S. citizen to participate, what's up with that?

This certainly sounds like ... (Below threshold)

This certainly sounds like a plausible theory. When I started reading it however, what first came to mind is a somewhat related but different form of cheating.

If ACORN conducted the census, they'd have access to all the information they'd likely need to submit absentee votes, wouldn't they? Why risk showing up at the voting booth, when they can mail in hundreds or thousands of false votes from valid names and valid 'return addresses'?

Your making the assumption ... (Below threshold)

Your making the assumption that eggkorn workers are intelligent street savy hustlers like Obama.

Dont give them any ideas Mike.

Hah! They caught ACORN ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Hah! They caught ACORN New York in the sting, too. That's three major cities ... so far. I'll bet there are more.

BigGovernment.com has the story.

The thing about stories lik... (Below threshold)

The thing about stories like this is that they get conspiracy theorists all riled up. Just because a few employees of an organization made a mistake doesn't mean the entire organization should be at fault. I don't think ACORN is out to take over the world, one inner city at a time...

Kyla - "The thing about... (Below threshold)

Kyla - "The thing about stories like this is that they get conspiracy theorists all riled up. Just because a few employees of an organization made a mistake doesn't mean the entire organization should be at fault."

Yeah it just had to be a coincidence that three widely separated offices of ACORN got caught doing the same thing. Right?

No conspiracy to see, move along, right?

Excuse me but.... you're an idiot.

It could be that ACORN cons... (Below threshold)

It could be that ACORN conspires to:
hire amoral idiots.
criminally minded fools.

Fill in the blank.

Tell ya what, Kayla: at wha... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Tell ya what, Kayla: at what point would you concede that this isn't just a few rogue idiots, but operational policy?

To clarify: how many ACORN offices would have to be shown offering assistance to these undercover journalists despite their incredibly heinous stories before you'd acknowledge that these ones on camera are the rule, and not the exception?

I'd recommending picking a number higher than three, because that's how many they've busted so far. And they refuse to say how many more tapes they might have.







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