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There's Just No Pleasing Some People...

I have a work-neighbor that I'm moderately friendly with. This is a tremendous achievement for me -- "Alicia" is not just a really nice person, but also very attractive.

"Very attractive" being polite-speak for "so insanely hot, she makes me want to sit up and howl at the moon."

Anyway, being friendly with her is so remarkable because she's half my age. Had I known her when I was her age, I'd have been far, far too intimidated to even speak to her.

But back to the topic at hand. I spotted her outside her workplace (we were both taking a brief break) and she looked unhappy.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, this customer chewed me out."

"Huh? What the hell?"

"He was all upset and called me a 'stupid bitch.' I told him he could leave."

"That's a terrible thing to say!"

"Thanks, Jay."

"I mean, you're not stupid at all!"

And for my show of support, I got a wincing glare.

Which was still absolutely adorable.


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Comments (12)

Especially, if they're libe... (Below threshold)

Especially, if they're liberals.

Last week, my rather large ... (Below threshold)

Last week, my rather large neighbor and her husband came over for a bbq.

Upon their arrival, the woman asked me for a hug, to which I politley responded, "my arms aren't long enough".

Her huband and my wife, both, damn near passed out.

For different reasons I suppose.

Half your age?So t... (Below threshold)

Half your age?

So that makes her about 35, right?

Let me get this straight...... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight...you're still single, aren't you.

LMAO! Years and years ago ... (Below threshold)

LMAO! Years and years ago I was attending San Diego State (early 70's). One morning I had to run from the parking lot to the Business Admin building in a downpour. I heard running footsteps behind me and saw a young woman headed my way. I held the door open for her. As she got close she said "chauvinist pig!", so I let go of the door, just in time for her to run right into it.

GarandFan,When I w... (Below threshold)


When I was about 17 I held the door open for a lady walking into a store, late 1980's. She told me, with a smug look, she was capable of opening the door by herself. I told her she had a fat ass, which by the look on her face must have ruined her week. Stupid, petty feminist movement.

Good comeback JT. Some peop... (Below threshold)

Good comeback JT. Some people just don't appreciate humor. Especially the vain ones. ww

You could have added that s... (Below threshold)

You could have added that she's not bitchy all the time, either -- only on days that end with a "Y".

I hope you did the 'rimshot... (Below threshold)
Mikey NTH:

I hope you did the 'rimshot' after your last comment to her.

Why the crack on her in the... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Why the crack on her in the first place? There's no indication of bitchy behavior in your piece, so why the jab? I don't get it. Did you say it just to be an asshole?

Sigh...Bruce, I di... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:


Bruce, I did it for the best reason of all:

It made her smile.

Here's a bit of a lesson in applied psychology for you.

As I said, this young lady (just turned 21) is insanely attractive and exceptionally nice. She is used to men hitting on her or otherwise treating her special. For a guy to just treat her like a "buddy" has to be very rare.

Further, it was the patently absurd nature of my remark that brought the humor to the situation. She is in absolutely on way a bitch; my casual inference that she routinely was was the exaggeration that was the source of the humor.

For the record, had I been present when the initial remark was made, I would have at least told the guy off, if not smacked him. Nobody deserves that kind of abuse, her least of all.

Yes, I am fond of her. It does my male ego no end of good to have an insanely hot young lady as a friend. That she's also nice and smart makes it even better.


Ah liberals. Always ready ... (Below threshold)

Ah liberals. Always ready to take offence on someone else's behalf.






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