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Coincidence or a twist of the knife? While the exposure of Obama's one-time employer ACORN as facilitators of forced prostitution and exploitation of young immigrant females grows broader every day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Vienna speaking at the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe.

VIENNA -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warns that human trafficking is flourishing in the shadows of the global economic downturn.

Clinton gave a video address to an international conference in Vienna examining the scourge of forced labor, sexual slavery and other forms of exploitation. She says urgent steps are needed to crack down on traffickers.

Lord knows she doesn't get much press and has been delegated to the back bench by Obama, maybe this is her way of landing a subtle little jab on the Community Organizer in Chief.

Being a mayor is a lot like being a community organizer, except you rarely get caught on camera running afoul of RICO statutes and offering helpful pointers on exploiting 13 year old girls.


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Holder? Holder? ERIC HOLD... (Below threshold)

Holder? Holder? ERIC HOLDER? Where oh where has our Attorney General gone. Hi boys and girls, can you say RICCO? How about aiding and abetting TAX FRAUD? How about aiding and abetting child slavery and prostitution?

Oh, it's only ACORN. Nothing to see here. Time to MoveOn.org..............

Will Hillary! name ACORN as a 'trafficker'?

With friends like the... (Below threshold)

With friends like the Clintons...

But seriously, this whole ACORN thing is igniting a flame under the right wing of the nation, I think.

The ACORN story (along with the Obamacare debate) is doing much to inspire the conservative portion of the nation to take to the field of battle in the ongoing American culture war.

I think that there are a growing number of conservatives, particularly from a Christian perspective, who are simply fed up to a point where they are approaching the breaking point. They are wondering aloud, in increasing numbers, "Can a Christian even vote Democrat?" as posted at http://firebreathingchristian.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/can-a-christian-vote-democrat/

For non-Christians, this might seem like pure right-wing crazy talk, but for a large number of active voters in America, it's a question that, while often thought, is being asked aloud now more than ever.

Food for thought.

A When it comes to standing... (Below threshold)

A When it comes to standing up for women's rights, Mrs. B.J. Clintno does not have much credibility. Oh Mrs.B.J. give lips service to a few platitudes. However Mrs. Clinton has consistently supported here sex abusing and rapist husband, and always will.

"afoul"I luv it!</... (Below threshold)


I luv it!

Hillary who?... (Below threshold)

Hillary who?






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