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The City The Unions (Un)Built

OK, that's probably unfair (a little), or at least a bit of a stretch, but there's a grain of truth to it.

On the other hand, this is probably the sort of thing that has environmentalists saying things like "I'll be in my bunk."

Anyone else having a Jurassic Park "Nature will find a way" or "Life After People" flashback?


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The Victorian brownstone (5... (Below threshold)

The Victorian brownstone (5th from the top) breaks my heart. That ought to be a $1M dollar home ... (*sigh*)

How beautiful and yet, how ... (Below threshold)

How beautiful and yet, how sad.

But... but... we're dztroyi... (Below threshold)

But... but... we're dztroyingz teh plnetz! Plnetz cnt srvive!

Planet does just fine on it's own, thanks. Always has. Always will.

What do you expect in a cit... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What do you expect in a city where the city council tells white people to leave and that they aren't wanted. A city where projects are denied because they will employ white people and white people are excoriated for even speaking Barack Obama's name.

Racism thy name is Democrat.

The city is going to hell. Let it.

To be fair, while the union... (Below threshold)
jim m:

To be fair, while the unions destroyed the companies that were the engines of prosperity for Detroit, they did not destroy the city.

The credit for that should be laid at the feet of the Democrats who have driven business out of the city and out of the state.

The last line from this Detroit News article says it all:

Nobody can help Detroit if voters again elect a City Council composed of separatists, clueless dowagers and the apparently insane.


Liberals are feral - a once... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Liberals are feral - a once enlightened people reverting to the dead pagan state of old.

The odd part is if you cros... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The odd part is if you cross check the addresses of those houses to the voter registration records you'd see that each of those houses had an average of 12 registered Democrats living in them who voted in last Novembers election...

I live in the Detroit subur... (Below threshold)

I live in the Detroit suburbs and I see this simplistic reaction a lot from fellow conservatives. in all fairness, Detroit itself is a shithole largely created because the white population fled to the suburbs (many for good reasons). This is a metro area of 4 million people and there is still a lot of wealth here, just none in the city. And a lot of it is middle-class union-built wealth as well.

The city is run by batshit lunatic racists, but I have some sympathy for ordinary Detroiters. How do you maintain a city when half the population gets the hell out there and the tax base disappears? Businesses follow the people, and after the riots businesses didn't want to take the risk on Detroit again. This isn't the fault of the ordinary (non-criminal) Detroiter.

At least these photos show that there can be some beauty in nature reclaiming the city. At least this way the liberals can have their green city.

It's the fault of the ordin... (Below threshold)

It's the fault of the ordinary Detroiters to kick out the corrupt and inept politicians running the city. Instead, they have been re-elected year after year, and every revelation of corruption and ineptitude are met with accusations of 'racism'.

Sorry, but IT IS the fault ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but IT IS the fault of the average Detroiter.

They elected the imbeciles, and allowed them to run wild. Imagine if there were Tea Parties 20, 15, even 10 years ago?

Libs always say they do a better job of running things. Detroit is proof what happens when yu let libs run things for too long.

I think that's actually unf... (Below threshold)

I think that's actually unfair, too. It's true that Kwame was reelected (thought he lagged in the polls until the very end, when an influx of last-minute cash from his suburban millionaire friends (Karmanos, Moroun, Illtch) let him plaster the airwaves with race-baiting ads.

And they elected Conyers once on name recognition alone (what lib wouldn't vote for that name?) but this year they made the smart decision to elect a suburban businessman to run the city and gave the boot to Conyers and Martha Reeves.

Dave Bing seems like he might be a closet republican! That said, the voting population in Detroit is relatively uneducated and easily swayed by recognizable names. But that doesn't mean ordinary, non-criminal elements in the city aren't decent people. In my job, I have met a lot of decent ordinary people from the city and this tends to go against what many of my friends and neighbors think and say about them. I think there's a lot of blame to go around when it comes to Detroit: Detroiters, unions, democrats, real estate agents, racists, and suburban republican politicians. It's just to bad everyone on both sides is always pointing fingers.

City politicians need to un... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

City politicians need to understand that people vote both with their ballots and their bucks. Detroit is a city where politicians and the electorate never learned that lesson or didn't think it was important. It's the same mentality of those who don't understand why Tea Party protesters, most of whom are alleged to get a tax cut, protest against higher taxes on the alleged rich. The Tea Party protesters know that no one works for a poor man. Detroit is still learning that lesson.

The people of Detroit voted... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The people of Detroit voted based on Party and skin color. They never looked at ability and ideas.

Likewise, nationally we are urged to do the same thing. Vote for the first black president so we can make history. Well we certainly will. We have the first black president and he will mke history by running this country into the ground at a record pace.

Love the "Firefly" referenc... (Below threshold)

Love the "Firefly" reference, Jay Tea.

I look at those pictures and think of Atlas Shrugged, when Dagny Taggart drives through Michigan with Hank Reardon. In the ruins of a building she finds the remains of a machine that could provide cheap, nonpolluting electricity. It lies abandoned in the rotting heap of socialist Michigan.

Gives me goosebumps, it does. Thank you for the link.

People get the government t... (Below threshold)

People get the government they deserve. How many Blacks voted for Barry just because he was Black? How many Blacks continue to vote for Maxine Waters or that dingbat Watson, just because they are Black? Has life in LA improved under these two women? LA is turning into a 3rd world city. People can point fingers at whomever they want, ultimately that finger better be pointing back at them. These idiots were ELECTED.

Kalifornia is Detroit on a state, not city basis. The loony left has done everything they can to drive business out of the state. The legislature spent BILLIONS of extra tax dollars in 2003-2006 and now finds itself with a 43 BILLION DEFICIT....if you can believe their numbers. Yet these same idiots (DEMOCRATS) are re-elected year after year.

As a famous cartoonist once noted; "We have met the enemy and they is us."

Are these photos of the hou... (Below threshold)

Are these photos of the houses Obama wants to bulldoze to clear the way for a wave of new federal housing projects?

The people good or bad deci... (Below threshold)

The people good or bad decide the fate of a city. Detroit, Boston, or California continue to believe that the democrats will come in with the fairy dust and unicorns and everything will be fine. They hear the same stories every election cycle and buy it even though they know that they are being lied to. They won't fight for morals, justice, or freedom and they deserve what they get. The people choose to be lasy and not pay attention to the policies or the people they vote for and they look around and find their pockets emety and their law, property, and society in the dumpster.

"We built this city. We bu... (Below threshold)

"We built this city. We built this city, on hope and change. Bilked this city..." (to the tune of Jefferson Starship "Built This City (on Rock & Roll)

Major flashback to "Life Af... (Below threshold)

Major flashback to "Life After People." 100% myth making that mankind's impact is forever.

I think the comments for th... (Below threshold)

I think the comments for that photo essay article were interesting. Lots of wistful sighing and sadness, as if the ruined houses were the result of some natural disaster that just sort of happened one day when no one was looking.


Actuall Oregon it IS the re... (Below threshold)

Actuall Oregon it IS the result of nature. ie That things go to hell naturally when illiterate, corrupt, racist sh*tbirds are in charge. (See Zimbabwe)

As I look at these pics I hear Monica Conyers yelling "Shrek".

"As I look at these pics I ... (Below threshold)

"As I look at these pics I hear Monica Conyers yelling "Shrek"."

Actually, Monica is probably saying something like "So how much money you gonna give me?"






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