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The Massachusetts Way

Earlier, I wrote about how the Massachusetts Democratic machine is pretty much whatever it can to keep Ted Kennedy's Senate seat firmly under Democratic buttocks. (Sorry for the image, folks.) And in pursuit of that, nothing will stand in their way -- law, morality, principle, common decency, integrity, or anything.

Keep that in mind, folks. Because if there's one thing you can count on Massachusetts Democrats to do, it's to find new ways of expressing their utter scumbaggery.

One of the earliest announced candidates for the seat is state senator Scott Brown. He's a leading Republican politician in the Bay State (which very much embodies the concept of "tallest midget" -- there are barely a dozen Republicans who hold elective office at the state level or higher, contrasted with over 200 Democrats). Brown is a lawyer, a member of the Army National Guard (for nearly 30 years), and last got some national attention when his daughter, Ayla Brown, made it through several qualifying rounds of American Idol.

Well, one part of that resume' has been poked at for a preliminary test of Brown's vulnerability. And care to guess which one? (Remember, these attacks are coming from Massachusetts Democrats, so the scummier, the better.)

That's right, his National Guard service.

Senator Brown is also Lieutenant Colonel Brown of the Judge Advocate General's office. And a member of the governor's staff (Democrat Deval Patrick, known locally as "Obama Lite") put in a call to see if the law permitted Brown to seek federal office while serving in the National Guard.

What's playing out in Massachusetts is very familiar. Constantly rewrite or reinterpret existing election laws to put Republicans at a disadvantage (or exclude them altogether) (hello, New Jersey!); find ways to get opponents off the ballot entirely (hello, Obama rivals!), and abuse government office to discredit or destroy your opponents (hello, Joe the Plumber).

To be honest, Brown doesn't have much of a chance. His only real hope is if the Democrats who will fight for their party's nomination beat each other up so badly that the eventual winner is so damaged that he might squeak through. And that's presuming that the legislature doesn't just undo the law they passed in 2004 to keep then-governor Romney from appointing would-be President Kerry's successor and put the power back in the hands of the governor.

Whose staff is trying to get a leading Republican off the ballot before there's even a primary.

Ah, Massachusetts. You do such a wonderful service to the nation, showing just what happens when one party -- especially the Democrats -- are given complete and total political power.

My mother would have been proud. "Everyone has a purpose in life -- even if it's just to be a bad example."


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Comments (12)

I'm just relieved having re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm just relieved having read the post that it's not yet another injustice on the scale of the Amirault case.

I suppose it's a bad sign w... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I suppose it's a bad sign when the standard is set at imprisoning a man for 14 years on a baseless charge and having the State Supreme Court rule that despite his manifest innocence he should remain in jail because it would be to painful for society to revisit the case.

You know...put in that perspective, this just isn't that bad.

Ma repubs really should qua... (Below threshold)

Ma repubs really should qualify for the Endangered Species Act.

But as to why Ma is so heavily democratic, I do not know.

This story is so much like ... (Below threshold)

This story is so much like Chicago politics I can almost smell the stink of Gary, Indiana. Is the wind from Southeast today?

I wonder if there isn't some tipping point where the American people finally wake up from their long nap and put a stop to this kind of thing.

Rollo Tommasi just left the room, laughing his ass off.

Didn't one of the Senators ... (Below threshold)

Didn't one of the Senators serve in Vietnam? Seems to me that would have been a disqualification in the eyes of the libtards in the Bay State. Oh wait, that Senator is a Democrat in good standing.

Isnt John H F N Kerry from ... (Below threshold)

Isnt John H F N Kerry from there?

Oh wait....Thats right. Hes from Saigon or something?

That was good Jay.... (Below threshold)

That was good Jay.

No 914, actually from Hanoi... (Below threshold)

No 914, actually from Hanoi

Yeah, I'm sure Duval will g... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm sure Duval will get right on that 'investigation'. And IF one is conducted it will be as through as the one on Chappaquiddick.

Has Mass no shame? Can we a... (Below threshold)

Has Mass no shame? Can we ask them to try and act like real human Americans? Why does everything have to be YES, YES, YES to each and every democrat in the state. What a total disgrace as a state of the Union.

scumbaggery</block... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I believe the correct spelling is scumbuggery.

The nude Cosmo pose for Sco... (Below threshold)

The nude Cosmo pose for Scott Brown? This is not about youthful silliness or a starving student. This is about an individual who has shown life-long, consistent bad judgment, and a willingness to do anything to get ahead.

In the recent past Scott Brown used his office as state senator to gain access to students at King Philip Regional High School under false pretenses. Brown claimed that he had received complaints from constituents about a teacher who, he alleged, had been speaking in support of gay marriage in his classes. Brown opposes gay marriage.

Brown approached the school and said he wanted to present his views on this subject. The principal refused to provide him with such a forum, so Brown went over the principal's head to the superintendent of schools. The superintendent overruled the principal, probably in deference to a senator. Would you or I have had the same success? I doubt it.

Once Brown gained access to the school and had a group of young students together in an assembly, he went on a tirade about "abusive" emails his daughter had allegedly received from several students at the school. According to adults present, Brown yelled and swore, including using the f-bomb to this captive audience of young people.

In other words, Brown gained access to the school under false pretenses by using his position as a state senator, then used that access to pursue issues that pertained only to his own family--issues that had nothing to do with gay marriage.

Think about it. First, had it been true that a teacher presented a one-sided view of any subject, that was an issue between parents and the school administration, not an issue in which a state senator should be involved. Second, Brown's daughters attended a private school, so he had no parental standing at all to be there, never mind presenting any "opposing view." Third, Brown's behavior at the school was completely inappropriate, self-indulgent and insulting, especially to the vast majority of students at the assembly who had no connection to the emails in question.

Yet to this day, Brown doesn't get that. He brushes this very serious incident aside, claiming that the foul words he used were only quotes from the emails his daughter had received from one or more King Philip students. Somehow he thinks that that made the whole thing OK. I saw him do exactly this for myself in a candidates' debate Brown was in at Attleboro City Hall in 2008.

Clearly, a person with Brown's lack or integrity or moral compass has no business holding any office of public trust, never mind that of a U.S. Senator. The voters should reject him, and I have no doubt that they will.






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