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When A Girl Wants New Boots...

When you think of a typical 16-year-old cheerleader -- especially a blonde one with a fondness for tie-dyed T-shirts -- and what she might do for fun, what comes to mind?

Let's see... shopping, texting with her friends, cruising around, going to parties, killing alligators with a crossbow...

That's one girl whose father probably doesn't have much to worry about...


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Question: Is she adoptable?... (Below threshold)

Question: Is she adoptable?

Or at least available to tutor my two daughters?

Well Daddy can't be there a... (Below threshold)

Well Daddy can't be there all the time. That's why I taught mine how to shoot.

Not too surprising really- ... (Below threshold)

Not too surprising really- I meet plenty of girls in college who are pretty hot but are just as demented/crazy as guys. Those are the best kind of women

She used a crossbow because... (Below threshold)

She used a crossbow because it is not Lady-like to kill them with your bare hands! Great for her, I bet her father is so proud.

Sweetie, meet a little grou... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sweetie, meet a little group named PETA. And are you familiar with the word "scapegoat" at all?

Just your typical SC teenag... (Below threshold)

Just your typical SC teenager.

LOVE IT.... (Below threshold)


Yessum! My kinda girl.... (Below threshold)

Yessum! My kinda girl.






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