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Obama's "He's A Jackass" Audio About Kanye West Surfaces


Wizbang Pop! has it...


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About the only time I've ag... (Below threshold)

About the only time I've agreed with our president since he was elected.

Does that make me bi-partisan?

No Darby but you do get a d... (Below threshold)

No Darby but you do get a day-pass to not be called racist for use anytime between tomorrow and the end of the month.

I think they both are jacka... (Below threshold)

I think they both are [email protected]@'s. Oh well! I guess I don't get my day pass. Darn!!

The 2009 Showdown betwee.Mr... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The 2009 Showdown betwee.Mr. Teleprompter vs. The Jackass! Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmblllllllllle!*

*Where's Maureen Dowd, Jimmy Carter and Rep. Johnson? I'm sure they'll find something racist in that.

So, jac asses do come in al... (Below threshold)

So, jac asses do come in all colors?

They are both pointing at t... (Below threshold)

They are both pointing at the problem with this Country.

Even more pathetic is this ... (Below threshold)

Even more pathetic is this nitwit invoking his mother's death as some type of excuse, what a turd.

Listen to the fawning media... (Below threshold)

Listen to the fawning media in that audio. What a bunch of servile, kissass lackeys.

Kanye has a shot at a Beer ... (Below threshold)

Kanye has a shot at a Beer Summit... but Joe Wilson? Not so much.

Well the party line has bee... (Below threshold)

Well the party line has been clearly identified by none other than the 'won'.

So nice to see our presiden... (Below threshold)

So nice to see our president so involved in things that are truly important in this nation.

Oh, and such class.

Except that comment was sup... (Below threshold)

Except that comment was supposedly 'off the record'.

Obama has controlled what he says and the ever compliant MSM has covered for him since the day he ran for the US Senate. They would never allow an 'off the record' comment to be known, unless he authorized the 'off the record' comment.

It's his way of saying something to counter his Gates comment fiasco, but being able to say at the same time that it didn't count since it was 'off the record'.

Obama should not apologize ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama should not apologize for limiting his adjective of Kanye West to just Jackass as I'm sure there are many more adjectives that could be chained together to better describe someone who would steal a once in a lifetime moment from another person.

Still, does he get "rebuked... (Below threshold)

Still, does he get "rebuked" by congress for telling the truth?

Even a broken clock that ha... (Below threshold)

Even a broken clock that has stopped is right twice a day for a brief instant. A very brief instant. Very, Very brief instant.

With our government about t... (Below threshold)

With our government about to spend us into oblivion, why are we even talking about this?

Sorry Kanye, you're no long... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Sorry Kanye, you're no longer 'useful.' So much for 'off the record.' It's too bad Connie Chung wasn't there for Obama to whisper in her ear.

This is the most intelligen... (Below threshold)

This is the most intelligent thing he's ever said!

This whole "off the record"... (Below threshold)

This whole "off the record" "comment" was orchestrated. It allows the one to make up for his Gates fiasco while still giving him an out that he really didn't want these comments published. I mean really if the President wanted it off the record there is no way someone in the press would release the audio. Especially if they thought it would make the one look bad. If people started denigrating the one for his comments that audio would have never found it's way to the internet.

Why is this even an issue? ... (Below threshold)

Why is this even an issue? What's the controversy? Once in a blue moon Obama gets one right?

Is that it?

Notice ladies and germs bot... (Below threshold)

Notice ladies and germs both have microphones in front of their faces right out there where their pieholes are






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