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John Kerry, Racist

I always wondered...

Baucus health care bill falls woefully short

Finally, the nation got to see details of the Max Baucus plan for health care reform Wednesday, and the most telling thing about it was the number of fellow senators who stood with him for the big announcement: none.

Baucus, the Montana Democrat who heads the Senate Finance Committee, stood alone, a sure and depressing sign of scant support for his long-awaited bill. If splintered Senate Democrats can't fix it and rally around an amended version, hopes for reform could be in serious trouble.

Health care liberals such as Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., declared they couldn't support the Baucus bill. Rockefeller objected to its omission of a new government-run insurance plan to compete with the private market, while Kerry criticized the bill's funding mechanism.

Pitiful. The Democrats put a racist on the ballot in 2004.


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Comments (8)

. "And He may have served ... (Below threshold)

. "And He may have served in Nam!"

Now that teddy is gone, who... (Below threshold)

Now that teddy is gone, who do you think pulls the string on the kerry puppet?

"while Kerry criticized the... (Below threshold)

"while Kerry criticized the bill's funding mechanism."

I wonder if he critisizes the funding mechanism when it comes to asking Turaysa for his allowance?

Baucus and 5 other Senators... (Below threshold)

Baucus and 5 other Senators hammer out "a plan", yet when presented he's standing there all alone. Baucus then says "It's a STARTING POINT"? I thought the Gang of Six was going to put together a "bipartisan" plan everyone could support. Now we're told "it's a starting point"? Sounds like someone got caught with their pants down.

This is a stretch-a real st... (Below threshold)

This is a stretch-a real stretch. You propose to suggest that one of the first people to endorse now President Obama for president in 2007, is a racist. The same Senator Kerry who is a champion for the people and for those who are less fortunate than himself. Frankly, your post does not fit the image of Senator Kerry at all. To even suggest this man is a racist demonstraties a real ignorance of the facts. Go educate yourself about Senator Kerry.Don't just make things up and slander this fine man.

Don't GET IT do you George.... (Below threshold)

Don't GET IT do you George. Fucking RACIST!

George - Check your pate, i... (Below threshold)

George - Check your pate, it may have a couple skid marks as the premise of this post and others sailed straight over your empty skull.

No, I do get your post. It ... (Below threshold)

No, I do get your post. It makes no sense to me to attack Senator Kerry and call him a racist.
Why don't you explain you position to me? Do you really have one? Or are you just lashing out at thin air?

OH, AND I AM NO RACIST. You throw that word around like it has no meaning what so ever. It is deeply felt and painful for many people. Don't you care about that? I resent your slander toward me- someone you do not know at all and you think nothing at all of accusing me of racism.






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