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Obamacare 2.0 Details Released, Question Them And You're A Racist

Senator Max Baucus of Montana, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has released the first draft of the committee's reworking of Obamacare, entitled America's Healthy Future Act of 2009. The PDF is available here.

Remember, if you criticize this new plan, which supposedly is now "the one" favored by Obama, you're a racist...


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Um if facts matter to you, ... (Below threshold)

Um if facts matter to you, Obama isn't into Baucus' plan.

Just saying.

Facts don't matter to anyon... (Below threshold)

Facts don't matter to anyone in Washington, Jim - especially the fact that we're $12 TRILLION IN DEBT, AND THIS IS GOING TO INCREASE IT HORRIBLY!

Oh, wait - do you have a gold-shitting unicorn in your back yard? Maybe a money tree? Because that's about what it's going to take to fund all this crap.

Mirror - unhinged.... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Mirror - unhinged.

Just saying.


Fact is that nobody is real... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Fact is that nobody is really interested in Baucus' plan. Neither the GOP or Dems are happy with it.

Jim,A test. What ... (Below threshold)


A test. What is Obama's plan?

Oh, right. He doesn't have one.

So we debate the plans out there while the Leader of the Democrat Party tries to figure out how to lead the unwashed masses where they don't want to go, namely the poorhouse.

OTOH, the left, which has the votes to ram throught this pos, caterwauls about the (imaginary) racists and evildoers of the right - which seems to include a mojority of the population now - rather than vote their beliefs.

Which is actually quite okay to me. Frankly, calling me names lost any power to intimidate me in about the third grade and the use of the "racist" label has devalued and demeaned the term to the point where it is nearly worthless.

That, I think, is a true tragedy and incredibly ironic.

Using the logic of the left... (Below threshold)

Using the logic of the left, SAUD, VIC, jim etc are all RACISTS!! They oppose the political party of Michael Steele (who is BLACK), ergo they are racists!

Yes, wasn't that the plan t... (Below threshold)

Yes, wasn't that the plan to begin with...it was to distribute all the wealth of the rich..and you know, Hollywood people have all their lawyers so they don't get hitched (pay high taxes) so who is left, we, the middle class...so then we barely make it...Well, we can think who??? You guess!!! Tax increase by our lovely government. Thanks a lot.

This is an emotional issue ... (Below threshold)

This is an emotional issue for many Americans. Obama's health-care promises are being exposed by the details of the actual legislation, and we WILL see costs rise.






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