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Roland Burris, Racist

Another Democrat racist.

WASHINGTON -- Illinois Sen. Roland Burris served notice a short time ago that Democrats might have problems other than the Republican variety in getting health-care reform legislation out of the Senate.

Burris, a Democrat, announced that any legislation lacking provisions establishing a public entity to compete with insurance companies would not get his vote in the Senate.

Given that the new legislation unveiled today by Sen. Max Baucus lacks the so-called public option in favor of less controversial cooperatives, Burris's decision could signal trouble from liberals in the Senate as well as in the House.

Here's how Burris put it:

"I firmly believe in a public option and will oppose any bill that does not include one. Illinoisans have seen their insurance premiums skyrocket, while more and more families lose their coverage every day ...

Why does he hate black people?

Yes, I know... now go sit on the bench that says "I don't get obvious sarcasm."


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Burris can't be RACIST! He... (Below threshold)

Burris can't be RACIST! He's all for the importation of child sex slaves from South America. The man believes in giving opportunity to others.

.... (Below threshold)







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